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  1. I don't relate to Somalis either. We are, generally speaking, an arrogant and superficial group.
  2. Hi SOL nomads, salam aleykum My problem is two fold. One, I deal with passive aggressive co workers. I seriously do not know how to deal with them. The work gossip has gone to a ridiculous level that the manager had a meeting about it. The response? More gossip. How did I find out? A passive aggressive comment, of course. This one was directed at me and suggested that I am the tattle tale. Meanwhile, I know there has been talk about me but I don't care enough to address it. I don't value these people's opinions. Which brings me to my second problem, how to live with dignity. I am an anomaly. I am also familiar with bullies, and being different then the crowd but as an adult, there is the expectation to treat situations and people like a sensical, capable adult would. Anyways, without going into detail about my life, I feel like I do not belong in this world. I feel like a stranger wherever I go and this feeling is so pervasive it is affecting my health.
  3. fb man, calm down man, no need to get heated. *presses emergency button for reinforcement*
  4. ^^^ r u serious? im not being facetious btw, i just want to know if yre serious to properly gage yr response.
  5. i support this, but live on the other side of the pond. i like that they challenged the law altogether.
  6. thats why i get a super high when i gets my pay cheque... no one on the corner got swagger like us!
  7. are the pirates behaving like the rappers we see in the popular hip hop videos?
  8. winnie

    first night

    ^^^ plz dont hurt me actually re reading my reply, i do sound like a know it all. i have to stop doing that.
  9. ^^^ u ddnt answer my question abt the pirates? they gonna hurt u?
  10. i dont think the poster is racist, though alot of the criticism this guy is getting is rooted in racism, including the claim he is a socialist. the term seems to scare americans witless (sweden is a socialist country, among many other european states, and is very clean and has one of the best health care systems) in part because of the cold war, and therefore rings in the uneducated minds as something un-american or undemocratic, and even anarchistic (anarchaic? ) i mean, look at the "birher" movement.