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  1. Originally posted by peasant: Money man you should try munching on stakes while at the same time taking a big dump .... wtf? lol
  2. ^ Ottawa is at least 5 hours away from toronto, they don't necessarily have the same weather, but it shouldn't be that much different.
  3. Yea, I remember the canadian racist scum torturing the somali dude in beleteweyn. Were they ever sent to prison? Anyways, this is kinda of the reason why we need muslims in western armies, so these kinds of things don't happen.
  4. I'm pretty sure it can grow in the south- jilib, jamaame etc, but not in the north. You need a tropical climate.
  5. Tyrone biggums I have no interest in listening to that nonsense. Listen you son of an isbaaro operator, Puntland people are civilized people who have built a prosperous region, while you people are uncouth savages selling each other and killing each other, marka wipe that smirk off your face. Puntlanders are way ahead of you.
  6. Tyrone Biggums Perhaps if you weren't busy selling yourself for some crack, you'd do better tuugyaho. Same here man exams have been brutal, but I'm all done. Adiga, i'm guessing you majored in moryanimo/billiqo studies. How's that going for you? No one is lower than the coward al shabab and their supporters.
  7. Kashafa aka tyrone biggums Where have you been hiding, you crack fiend. The al shabab are tuugo moryaan extremists, and no sane somali will accept them. Deal with it.
  8. Abuu Mansoor looks like inuu qubeys ubaahan yahay, despicable human being that he is and all" lol. layzie G you're one cold lady.
  9. lol. I actually like their ambition even if it's not completely grounded in reality. They can't control mogadisho, and they are talking about alaska.
  10. lol ibtisam you're very stubborn. I'll leave you be. Red sea. okay
  11. Ms Burco aka ibtisam C'mon what's there to hate about the dusty village called burco? And please stop writing somali, when it comes to the somali language, you are the weakest link. In all honesty, you have no real views, like a headless chicken you're all over the place, at least other SL secessionists are real and don't hide their secessionism.
  12. ^ okay, ibtisam I will let you off the hook this time, because you seem like your a nice girl, laakin don't be a hypocrite and hide your views. We can now return to our regular programming of somaliland iyo burco ' waay duushay'. btw it's tuug intaadan tuug dhihin buu tuug ku yiraahaa.
  13. Now now ibtisam, you said this: Originally posted by Ibtisam: I am connected to Burco because my interest (family) is there. I cannot say I have a vested interest in anywhere else. How's that any different from what I've said? you only have vested interest in burco and somaliland, and don't care for other somali's. And she says she's not a reer burco supremacist. As the somali old proverb goes, tuug la qabtay talo ma leh
  14. ^ yea, but it's a good to place to search for academic papers, anyone in university should have access to academic papers through their libraries.
  15. ^ spoken like a true secessionist burco supremacist ... waa iska caadi, everyone loves and defends their people, it's the somali way.
  16. ibtisam marke hore, hadaad somali ku hadlaysid, luqada ha jajabinin.You are always butchering the language. Second, you're being evasive again, you are a diehard somaliland supporter and reer burco supremacist, drop the 'neutrality' facade.
  17. ibtisam instead of being evasive, why don't you tell us if you support somaliland or not? What are your views? also, realistically speaking although 'burco' maybe a diverse city like all somali cities, isn't true, the majority are from one big clan?
  18. Any somali's or other muslims ever thought of joining? They give you a nice signing bonus for joining if you have a university degree, and it would be a great experience. What's the islamic view of joining western forces? not necessarily to fight overseas' but as part of support forces.
  19. Mintid Anecdotal evidence is not facts, bossaso port earns more revenue than berbera. A long coastline, not to mention, possible oil in puntland. Puntland is more than capable of being an independent country, but I don't think the will is there for puntland citizens, because they still feel connected to the somali republic. Unlike somalilanders, puntlanders have no ill will towards their fellow somali's and would like to see all of them succeed. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed: if i may answer for him, red sea, the answer is simple, and i mean that with all honesty. Puntland gave the country a chance to resurrect itself. Not only that, it was the vanguard reason in a sea of irrational, clannish, childish and selfish heblayolands. Puntland focused on its own internal development and spared no resources, both human and financial, in guiding other Somalis to a more equitable and just return to statehood. Somaliland, on the other hand, has been part of the problem. It gave the country no chance right itself and declared unilateral independence. It attacked its neighbor, puntland, instead of working with them to stabilize the country. yeah, i know some might one to get into a long discussion about who attacked who, but if you asking the question in an honest way and in trying to understand the other side, that is your answer. Well said.
  20. No, it's funny, don't mess with the mehicano's. But what does the last bit about anti virus software have to do with kidnapping in mexico?
  21. Africaown- what do you want me to re-read? it's true somaliland main reason for secessionist is rooted in clan hatred, do you deny this? My point was, local/regional governments are always better than a big bloated central government, that has been been a consistent view of mine.
  22. Originally posted by dhulQarnayn: quote:Originally posted by Qalbi-Adeyg: sax! A central somali somali government that every clan will agree with does not seem plausible or practical, so this is the next best thing. To Qalbi-Adeyg: Walaale, I'm of the belief that the prosperity of the people of Puntland depends on the strength and unity of Mother Somalia. I know you are frustrated by the politics of our nation and perchance, erroneously believe, that instead of looking for safety and properity in a federally united Somalia, we ought to break away and become a sovereign entity. However sensible this idea may appear to you, it is nevertheless flawed IMHO to break up Somalia into clan based enclaves. Regardless of our clan differences, the Somali people are descended from the same ancestors, speak the same language, profess the same religion, are very similar in their manners and customs, and ought to stay united forever. I believe our common identity should prevent Puntland from splitting away, lest we turn into an unsocial, troglodytic and jealous clan enclave like the khat-land triangle of burco, berbera and hargeisa. For better or for worse-- ONE SOMALIA, ONE NATION! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California I respectfully disagree adeer, you know they say insanity is repeating the same task and expecting a different result. well this central government concept has been tried for many years in somalia, and it has not been effective, from the TNG to the TFG. It's time, we try what has been effective, which is local and regional governments, the natural step after that is these regions should get independence. This however does not mean, somewhere down the line wether it's economic necessity or otherwise, these somali countries cannot come together. But for now, separation seems like the only solution since it seems no one is willing to compromise for the greater good. Of course whether this 'balkanization' happens or not is up to the AU, UN-and by extension American foreign policy. Sadly, it's others who control Somalia's fate and not us. What good is pointless talk about somali unity and patriotism if there are no actions to back it up, I'd rather be practical. We shall see what happens.
  23. Duke I think it's time to abandon ship, the oday has been outplayed by the souther politicians and now they seem to have the support of everyone. You win some you loose some as they say.