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  1. Originally posted by AfricaOwn: quote:Originally posted by Supremacist: Hateful people, what do you expect from them? especially when one of their 'politicians' once said "a kid from ethipia is closer to me than one from mogadisho". Hateful people? And we think you guys are deceitful people, small-time crooks over at pirate-land...Lets call it a day. A tit for tat. Must we go through this routine everyday? Just think of my comments as constructive criticism, nothing more.
  2. Originally posted by Sophist: I am always elated with glee to see a fellow nomad doing well. As many before me penned down, Alhamdulilah, Jamal isn’t unique or nadir in our quest to make something of ourselves in the West. Having said that, it is sad that material wealth and more importantly attendance at highly regarded institutions do not equate a true emancipation from our age old shackles that is clannism- we are all victims of this to certain extend; it is almost as though the disease is genetically passed on. However, experience thankfully points to another direction. The culprit seems to the socialisation of the individual. In my experience, I have met handful Somalis who don’t suffer this illnes. The only common denominator is that they seldom socialise within our community. Anyhow, good luck with the brother and I hope he inspires many of our young through his educational/material success inspires other- specially I hope they think "if a man who holds such rudimentary views politically can graduate from an Ivy league college, it is not beyond me". Sophist PS: Kaftan: Red Do you know where the most prominant Somali in the International arena comes from? I am not talking about Omaar! Let me give you a hint. It aint Hargeisa homie! His last name is Yusuf Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, the new member of the ICJ I believe he was a puntlander, reer bari? ulqawi_ahmed_yusuf_somalia_elected_to_the_internat px But, one should be proud of one's own accomplishments instead of trying to take credit for other people's accomplishment with the reer hebel nonsense. Somali's need to drop that mentality.
  3. Originally posted by Qudhac: MMA its funny how this "article went traight to somaliland, not muqdisho where the there slaughter and massacre, not kismayo not bai**** not all those other places where unspeakerble crimes are commited against the weak and poor. but hargeisa where there thousands upon thousand of refugees fleeing that same massacre of somalia have found peace and shelter. walee xaasidnimo iyo cuqdad ayaydaan meel ku gaadhin. If you want to see cugdad and xaasidnimo, this is how the somaliland governments treats their fellow somali's. Somaliland's disputed independence has left hundreds of Somalis ineligible for UN aid and unrecognised by Somaliland's government. Hundreds of Somalis fled recent fighting in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, taking shelter in the relative safety of Somaliland. According to the UN, fighting in Mogadishu has displaced about 400,000 people. An estimated 40,000 of those have fled to Hargeysa, Somaliland's capital, with thousands of others scattered in other settlements throughout the territory. Fatuma Abdullahi, one if the refugees, told Al Jazeera: "I fled from the Bakaara area of Mogadishu during the heaviest fighting in April. It took me 16 days to reach Hargeysa. I am here with some of my family members while others are still in Mogadishu." "There is no going back for me. I am here to stay," she said. Breakaway republic In Hargeysa, many Somalis gather to be registered, but they have encountered a problem: in Somaliland, the UN does not regard them as refugees and the Somaliland government will not recognise them as internally displaced people. In May 1991, Somaliland declared itself an independent state, but its independence was never recognised internationally and the breakaway republic continues to exist inside the borders of Somalia. The Somaliland government wants those fleeing from Mogadishu recognised as refugees who have crossed international borders, but UN agencies and other aid organisations say the Somalis are people displaced within their own country. UN organisations say, identifying them as refugees would be tantamount to recognising Somaliland as an independent state. As a result, the lives of those fleeing Somalia are in limbo, with UN officials saying they can do very little to help. Fidelis Swai, the head of UNHCR in Somaliland, said: "Unfortunately, our help is limited in terms of resources. The lasting solution for these people is for them to go back to the place that they came from or for the government here to give them land to start their homes again." Those arriving in Hargeysa, fleeing drought, famine and war in southern Somalia, live in makeshift camps - the Somaliland government does not want any permanent structures to be built for them. They face isolation, caught in a political dispute many of them care nothing about. Al jazeera
  4. Originally posted by AfricaOwn: quote:Originally posted by Protocol: History has been kind to us, that much is fact. So continue to cry for international attention and see where it gets you, you britsh lackey. Are you implying that you will never resort to crying for international recognition for pirate-land? In another thread you were trying to follow Somaliland footsteps(yet again)in walking away from the union. No, I was just pointing out a solution. If we are gonna carve up the somali republic, then might as well carve it up completely. Recognition will not be a reality for somaliland or puntland for that matter. Recognizing somaliland or puntland would set a bad precedent in africa, so I don't think it will happen.
  5. Originally posted by AfricaOwn: quote:Originally posted by dhulQarnayn: You assume I 'hate' you, because I won't tolerate the sour echo of your secessionist flapdoodle. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California Ya Small-time ***** from the land of the pirates... . You know the hate stems from somewhere else...I wont deny it I have the same hate for you as well. [/QB]Calm down homie, no one hates you. Hate is a strong word, and it takes a lot of energy to hate. There are better things one can do with their time than hate others. Somaliland unfortunately was built on clan hate, instead of the hate, you should just focus on developing your regions and try to be part of the solution instead of the problem. [ November 25, 2008, 12:49 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  6. I'm good, I actually recite ayatul kursi before I sleep most of the time.
  7. aaliyah salaams, how are you? second, I don't think, it's that serious. I have a lot of disturbing/crazy dreams/nighmares, it probably just means I have a vivid imagination and nothing more than that. But thanks for that anyways.
  8. [ November 25, 2008, 12:44 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  9. Originally posted by Ms DD: Walle waa cajiib. I am not comforted to know about the new generation of our country, if politics section is anything to go by. Hala xishoodo..Lets us think of what is best for our people (all somalis). Lets fear Allah. Qabiil/Tol aint our hogaan. There is nothing wrong with defending your people and regions, it's part of being human. Qabil/tol is what being somali is all about. It's the reason somali's survive the hard conditions in somalia. If anything, we should be continuing promote qabil to younger generation so they don't forget. I tell my younger siblings that they're from royal blood and they are among the chosen ones of somalia.
  10. Originally posted by Suri: ^^it means....tHe Angel of Death is comin' after u you tryin scare me lil lady? :mad:
  11. I had a dream awhile back that I was the angel of death, and I was going around killing people. What could that mean?
  12. The 77 war was lost mainly due to the incompetence of the military regime that is it was lost on the dipolomatic front, but when it comes to actual fighting, somalia was not defeated.
  13. The solution is simple, divide somalia into three separate states: Puntland, Somalia and Somaliland. Everyone goes their separate ways, like the balkans. Nobody has any real interest in a central government unless their people have the most influence in the said central government. Ideally, I'd like to go back to the days of the somali youth league where all somali's were part of the government and there was real somali unity and democracy. But that's impossible at this point in time, so balkanization is the way forward.
  14. ****Let us, please, respect the rules of the site and stop the insults and the personal attacks.******* [ November 23, 2008, 08:01 PM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  15. Originally posted by M.M.: The bro. has done a great job and accomplished alot and congrat him on that. Nonetheless, he is a prime example of how none of us somalis, none, even the best & brightest isn't save from this mental disease: Qoys iyo qabil. Unfortunately this is too true. Being educated does not make one any less 'prejudice' and biased, especially somali's where qabil is everything.
  16. lol. Alright, as fun as it maybe, it is time I stopped raining on your parade my delusional secessionists friends. Keep singing 'Somaliland way dhaqaaqday'... hopefully that will make you all feel better. Clearly you people are blind to reality and you will continue to ignore the facts. Good luck.
  17. Originally posted by RedSea: Reer hargeisa are the majority of the folks that went to IVY league schools. Got any statistics to back up that claim?
  18. Originally posted by RedSea: Protocol, You are not using your head when you say that Somaliland parties are divided along clan lines. I challenge you to name the #1 and 2 for each SL party. Then we can talk about if they hail the same. If somaliland was divided clan lines, then how do you think Rayaale got there? Kulmiye with selanyo, he represents the people of burco and that's where the majority of his support comes from. Riyaale and those behind him are majority from one clan. The people of awdal have no interest in this somaliland nonsense and riyaale is a corrupt man who only represents himself. You are forgetting this is the same man that supervised the masscre of reer hargeisa while he was in the NSS. Who does the famouse waraabe leader of UCID represent? a man who said 'a kid from ethiopia is closer to me than one from mogadisho', are you telling me he has no clan followers? And also called for the genocide of somali's in SSC. Sorry, with leaders like that it's very difficult to take you seriously when you start talking about 'democracy'.
  19. There was a hong kong ship that was hijacked near the gulf of aden, the pirates could very well have been from khatland. Nonsense is your forte oldman. But try as you might to spray perfume on the feces that is somaliland, it is still feces. Somaliland is a corrupt clan enclave where innocents are jailed and killed for protesting. You see there might be 'human trafficking' in bossaso, but certainly no government officials slaughter innocent demonstrators like they do in hargeisa. Bossaso port earns more revenue than berbera, even some of your own people use the port because of the massive corruption of the 'somaliland' regime , creating an environment that is not conducive for business. Rigged elections are not something to be proud, jailing opposition and critics of somaliland is not something to be proud of, nor should you be proud of thief's you have/had for leaders like former egaal and today riyaale who's only purpose is to steal what meager remittance you people send back home. Somaliland is a rotting carcass, and anyone can smell the foul odor emanating from it. You're not fooling no one.
  20. Originally posted by Oodweyne: = ****** Edit : Some folks are convinced that the Pirate-land has something on Somaliland (be it peace or even democracy, not to say nothing about rule of law, where kidnapping and human's trafficking are fact of life that happens on a daily occurance in that neck-of-the-wood call Puntland )... One wonders what some folks are smoking in here... khat-lander , wasn't there some somaliland pirates who hijacked a hong kong ship carrying 'wheat' of all things. even when it comes to burcad badheednimo you lot are far behind. I can't believe a people who fight over ethiopian donated wheat have the audacity to talk about being civilized. I suppose pro-longed use of khat can make people delusional. This is peaceful hargiesa: -Hargeisa-Cause-Death-and-Injuries.html
  21. baalshit bropaganda, some secessionist convinced him to do this. Bossaso is safer than hargeisa today. And somaliland has no democracy, unless you consider vote rigging to be essential part of democracy. Somaliland is an ethiopian proxy, they can' do anything without the blessing of ethiopia. The so called 'somaliland' parties are divided among clan lines, so it's nothing more than clan alliances masquerading as political parties. At least with the TFG and the 4.5 system, it's direct clan representation and no smokescreens.
  22. Bella Princess Good for you, I don't like people who try to be 'politically correct' all the time. Speak you heart out lil mama.
  23. lol. Expect a barrage of insults coming your way from the ladies here. But to be fair, somali girls are also some of the most religious girls. Those minority few just give them a bad name. I've noticed xalimo's are either really religious type or need 'dhaqan celis type', nothing in between.
  24. If the president is not another reer puntland or the next transitional government does not adequately represent reer puntland, I doubt puntlanders will be supporting it. If it turns out to be another useless government like the TNG, then it will not have any support from puntland. Yey's departure could be a blessing in disguise for puntland and the people can concentrate on the work and development that needs to be done in puntland instead of worrying about mogadisho and the south.
  25. Check out this fatal sky dive accident, these professional sky dive jumpers flew into each other, one of them was killed. Not that this will happen to any of you. Looks like a fun way to go if you ask me. =related