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  1. Hello Ladies How are you lovely ladies doing? Don't let ibtisam control you, be your own women.
  2. Kool Kat Congrats on the job.
  3. Sad story, may allah help ghabdha miskiinta ah.
  4. With everything if you do it to extremes, it will affect your life negatively. Drugs,jaad, alcohol should all be taken in moderation and you'll be alright.
  5. Originally posted by Paragon: ^Maya. The promiscuous and tempestuous life of youth has no appeal to an aged fella like me. I am qunyar socod; tranquil bliss does the job. Besides haddaad is qasbo xitaa I'll end up becoming seef la bood amid drunkards. ninyahow waa na ceebeysay, somali men are known for their virility. You'll see oday 80 ah who still chases young girls. New Zealand aad, and Iska raaxayso adeer.
  6. He should name her shankaroon in honor of shankaroonland. p.s children are nothing more than a burden, why have them?
  7. Originally posted by Blessed*: I've brothers, been through this phase many times. I wish I took photos to document it. Once you get passed the show, it's actually cute. LOL@ sadex xaas. See, men who could have xaas(as) don't fantasise about it online. Been ma'aha. Sadex xaas baan leeyahay. Mid waa latiin american(Bah Burrito), mid waa somali(Bah Canjeello), mida kale waa shineese(bah dim sum).
  8. Never mind. This is turning into a female gossip corner.
  9. Originally posted by Blessed*: LOL@ C&H. SQalby-Adayg is at that age when they suddenly discover their manhood. He even wants to fly all the NZ to see how it works. Full disclosure. There are open minded people in the world. Ragnimida waa lo dhashaa, lama barto. Bal adiga, see ku ogtahay da'deyda? Nin affartan jir ah baan ahay oo saddex xaas leh, adiga hadaad rabtid inaa kugu daro, pm iisoo tuur, mid afaraad baan ayaamahan raadiniyay. Waa bilaahi towfiiq.
  10. Indhoos We are muslim people, of course a man should be concerned with the purity of his future wife and mother of his kids. Pure women give birth and raise pure kids as the adage goes. As for double standards, well that's part of life, we can't have the same standards for everything and treat everyone exactly the same or else their will be anarchy. Originally posted by chocolate & honey: quote: That's because I'm a man, and I'm suppose to dish and your suppose to take. We have difference purposes in life. Gosh, how old r u, 5? You remind me of little bro whom when defeated or caught used to scream " I'm a boy. You're a girl" . Love him to bitz. That's our trump card. You can't beat it.
  11. ^ saxiib xaasid ha noqonin ee ii caawi in my quest to be among the elite of fadhi ku dirirs( reading a book and hobbies waa arimiha gaalo iyo gaalo raacda, naga daaf qashinkaas). Adiga, word on the street is you are feared in fadhi ku dirir circles, ina duke. Besides, to be a somali politician one must be good at fadhi ku dirir or you'll be eaten alive.
  12. Yes, you're right. I need a few days of observation before I jump right in. I find there is also a lot of yelling and crude jokes, I need to practice that. Also, my somali is not that great especially when it comes to verbal fencing. I need to learn better somali insults.
  13. Originally posted by Paragon: ^You can take Ducaysane with you too. It'll be good riddance summer in SOL. Why don't you go yourself aswell? adiga gardheer maa tahay saxiib?
  14. If you go into any coffe shop in all the big cities in the western world, you will no doubt notice middle aged and older somali men and in rare occasions women engaging in what is known as fadhu kudirir. Being a young somali and an aspiring future warlord, I feel I need to learn the art of fadhi ku dirir. The proper protocol as it were in engaging in verbal clan battle and insults to defend the TOL and make my enemies fear me. General Duke, Jacaylbaro, Oodeweyn, Abtigis and Tolka, Ibtisam, and other champions and experienced fadhi ku diriryaal. I would like some advice on how to best engage in fadhi ku dirir and the etiquette of fadhi ku dirir, what is allowed, what isn't etc.
  15. Kulmiye needs to start violent riots. This is unacceptable, this is second time they've been cheated. Silaanyo needs me as his political adviser.
  16. I'm off to new zealand this summer. p.s I want some opinion from the ladies, what do u think of this article? Come on, don't be shy.
  17. Dating culture is dead - instead, young New Zealand women are regularly getting drunk and cruising around in packs looking for men to have sex with. That's one of the findings of a TVNZ Sunday investigation into the sexual behaviour of New Zealand women. The programme makers did the story after Kiwi women last year topped the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey as the world's most promiscuous. They are reported to have an average of 20 sexual partners, double that of their Australian and British counterparts and almost three times the global average of seven. TVNZ Sunday correspondent Janet McIntyre said there was anecdotal evidence from the five women on the show that the Durex survey findings were valid. "There's a new kind of mating ritual sex is the point of entry into the relationship." If the first-up sex wasn't any good women weren't prepared to waste their time progressing the relationship. "There's no dating culture any more." In candid interviews about their sexual experiences some of the women who are all in their twenties felt empowered by having sex and wanted to celebrate and enjoy it. McIntyre said all the women who had experienced one-night stands had been affected by alcohol, a term described by at least one expert in a report as "getting pissed and hooking up". Men are also feeling the impact from the new sexual tactics being employed by women. The Sunday Star-Times' Being a Bloke survey last year found that 29% of the 5000 men surveyed felt they had been pressured into having sex or had had sex unwillingly. nz/national/295808
  18. ^ Cara Stop discouraging the ladies from posting here.
  19. *shakes head* Ms DD waa lugugu qasaaray, xishood baro eedo. You want to inspect men? ceeb, waxaas somali dhaqan ma'aha. Inspecting a woman makes sense, you have to make sure she's virgin, and has no disability of any kind. At the end of the day, remember it's a mans world.
  20. It's worth it especially at this time, try to find a masters degree that has an 'internship'/placeme nt aspect to it, instead of just research. That way you get some experience as well. I know for engineering degree's they have those(Meng). Good luck.
  21. Originally posted by Ms DD: You can dish it but you cant take it SirQ. GEt ready to be inspected, if you want to inspect urself. Ma soconeyso intaas baan ahay! That's because I'm a man, and I'm suppose to dish and your suppose to take. We have difference purposes in life. Besides what are you gonna inspect?
  22. What kinds of disability is not noticeable in plain view? Lazy Eye? no Tourrets? No Was she born a dude and got sex change? Goiter?- No that's noticeable. Obese- That's definitely noticeable. Facial hair? Maybe she went through chemotherapy and is permanently bald and wears a wig. Hmm, maybe it's a behavioral/psycholog ical disability? perhaps she's addicted to pain killers, maybe she used to be a sex worker.An alcoholic? Perhaps she has bipolar disorder? Maybe she's a fan of George Michael?
  23. It's tough out there, I know a lot of recent graduates who are having a tough time finding work even for so called stable careers. i'd think about doing graduate school or supplementing your education with a practical degree/diploma from a community college or something if I were you.
  24. Good morning Ladies How's everyone doing? Think of me as charlie and you as my angels.