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  1. Kool Kat Yes, they do hail from the barren puntland unfortunately. But I don't represent any particular region or group, I'm a free agent.
  2. These people are power hungry and always bring shishiiye to somalia and they stank.
  3. ^ I am not one of those brothers adeer. I'm puntlander, I have a lot of relatives in galkacyo. Which clans did I insult adeer?
  4. E-General Duke Adeer, I'm not a mole, I'm puntland royalty.
  5. war bal amarkaan arka, kuwaan waxay ka sheekaysanayaan "let's imagine people doin it" sidii caruur teenagers oo kacsi dilay. dadka qarkood ileen weligood ma weynaadaan.
  6. Duke Runta sheeg adeer, you would like to see Hargeisa burnt to the ground, non?
  7. Originally posted by Abdinasir Kadawo: kk nacasnimo iyo adiga iskuma fiicna. waa sida liin iyo caano oo kale. ee ka joog bahasha, just ask qalbi-adayg lol qalbi-adeyg. bahasha nacasnimo ma ka qaaday saxiib, dad badan oo isticmaalay ayaan nacasnimo ku arkaye haye adiga hadaa bahasha isticmaalin, marke, nacasnimadaada iyo mangaabnimadaa, iyo caglixumadaada maxaa keenay? Suaashaas ii jawaab ina daanyeer
  8. Nabad My parents and ancestors are from puntland, but I have no interest in that desert region.
  9. Originally posted by NABAD x 3: quote: What about the kidnapings, burcad budeeds, human traficking in puntland? Or the khat chewing, election-rigging, killing the oppositions in somaliland? Sir QA, still much better than the southerns hellhole, no comparison what so ever. war i dagayso, south somalia is the breadbasket of somalia, hence it's more desirable then the desert you call home. Give me jilib, beleteweyn, kismaayo, mogadisho any day over qardho, bossaso and the rest of your desert tuulo's.
  10. Abdinasir Kadawo Awowegaa la gubyahow, maxaa ii daba socataa sidii daanyeer dhan la'aan ku dhacday?
  11. war, you were probably born in southern somalia like most of us, is there a genetic deformation with you chief? What about the kidnapings, burcad budeeds, human traficking in puntland? Or the khat chewing, election-rigging, killing the oppositions in somaliland? You people have your own problems as well, like all somali regions. Allah bless south somalia and no one else.
  12. ^ How is "khat-land" any different from 'pirate-land' or any nonsense the landers spew here? if anything, I just like to be direct instead of masquerading my insults.
  13. ^ odayga libaax-sanka-taabte la dhaho oo meeshaan isbaaro ka digtay already edited my comment chief, ee naga jooji the fake sense of righteousness.
  14. Originally posted by sheherazade: ^LoooL. I have to say, if I were to choose I'd go for weed. Few puffs and done deal. Waxaan kale ee maantoodhan la ruugayo is too time-consuming. Things to do, you know. LoL. lol, yup, weed is the working mans drug. istaqfurallah, I'm the devil incarnate, kids don't listen to me, drugs are bad mmm kay?
  15. Che, and General Duke Please take your righteous indignations somewhere else chiefs. I stand by my comments. What's with the sensitivity, we are all somali people and I'm sure somalilanders have thick skins.
  16. Originally posted by Abu_Diaby- Al Zeylaci: I once saw a polish man chewing, lol. qalbi adeyg; anything else u would like to recommend? How about a bit of crack and B on the side with a hot british cuppa, eh? Weed, or high grade skunk which is what is actually smoked by most uk ppl, seems good for first time..users.......but after a while they become addicted to it and they can't wake up a single day without smoking or going to sleep smoking skunk..................... That's the problem with weed, it kills your ambition if your not strong willed, and it makes you very lazy. I haven't smoked it in a long time. Like everything, you gotta do it in moderation.
  17. I'm starting to understand why saudi arabia doesn't allow women to drive. But the worst drivers are the elderly.
  18. please refrain from insults and attacks [ March 16, 2009, 11:25 AM: Message edited by: Libaax-Sankataabte ]
  19. I've never tried khat, but I've tried weed/marijuana and I recommend it to everyone, you feel good and relaxed, it's kinda like a sedative. Khat produces the same feelings, I'll try it soon, but it takes awhile to get a high.
  20. Aight, let's not give these xalimo's any ideas. jikadooda haku mashquulan, I kid
  21. I don't user JSTOR, but i was forced to use engnet base, Ei compendex and other databases and I still have access to them as of this year and JSTORE. I've used JSTORE to do my own research on somali history, there is a lot of good articles there, but too many articles from that british author: I.M Lewis etc. I prefer reading journal articles written by somali's, although these have biases in some cases.
  22. Majumbo ladies Penye urembo ndipo penye ulimbo
  23. ^ I'm just bored and teasing her/he. Nothing more.