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  1. Originally posted by chubacka: :rolleyes: @ Sir Q. Can you plz make your own tread of annoying thoughts *if thats wot you call them* Sorry, I have claimed this thread as my territory. p.s why do u call urself chubaka, are u hairy?
  2. Silaanyo needs to respond to this gardaro, it will set a bad precedent if he doesn't.
  3. Originally posted by -MARX-: I do feel superior to other races I have to admit! The fact that you're SOMALI, should be evidence enough that we are not superior to anyone.
  4. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: Contrary to the title of this thread, the audacity of Habar-lover, without a single decent village in the land, to take the helm in Hargeisa is rather breath-taking. They are not fighting Awdal, they are facing the king-makers, the other habar. Where the mighty gaashaanbuur failed, the lover mother is trying to storm into. Stand up and cheer her up for her guts! lol@habar lover. Who would've thought habar fights could be this entertaining. I expect silaanyo and the habar lovers to start rioting soon, for it semes they have been duped again.
  5. Originally posted by chocolate & honey: No, Sir. Lets talk about the disturbing, skinny trend of Farahs and the bulging bellies of the older models :eek: Leave haweenka alone, will ya :rolleyes: Um, this is a male free zone. We can only talk about haweenka and haweenka issues. Get with it.
  6. My name should've been El-Diablo instead it's a typical somali name.
  7. Hello Ladies How is everyone doing? Let's the talk about the overweight issue of somali women, y'all need to take it easy on the canjeelo and hilib.
  8. Originally posted by Nephissa: Hey, to each her own, but wouldn't you think after husband number TWO, she'd want to sit down and re-evaluate herself and the choices of men she marries? I can't understand how in God's name these women who've been divorced multiple times manage to find guys gullable enough to marry them. Life is just so NOT fair, some girls can't even get married once! @Ibty's cousin. Raggeedii walle. She slept with SEVEN men..uhhhh..uh..!!! Applause to her forthis great courage.. She must've been one horny woman. Ibtisam If your cousin is divorced again and wants to have another go, holla. As for the topic, i dunno if it's valid or invalid. Most somali marriages are an excuse to have sex, isn't better just to have sex without going through all the necessary bullshit of a marriage that will not last more than 5 months.
  9. Originally posted by -0-: ibti.. Kastuumo kaa weyn baad so xiratay,..Kuma qurxoonid iska siib kastuumo ibstisam ka weyn majirto.
  10. Ibtisam At least be creative, don't be monkey see monkey do.
  11. Good morning ladies How are you lovely ladies doing? Let's talk about pants that make your butts too big.
  12. It says 30 people were killed in the reuters link, where did you get 800?
  13. How's it going ladies? Welcome me in your sanctuary. What are we talking about now?
  14. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: Qalbi-Adeyg I gave you a 1, the night you said you was going to rape women in Burco, and no we are and never will be cool. :cool: is that so? When did I say i was gonna rape women, ileen lying and being a misinformed blonde aad isku darsatay. Take my advice and stop being such a lil stuck up girl. Since posting on this topic, 5 people have rated and each gave me 1. Damn, I must have some enemies here.
  15. A piracy school for professional pirate training needs to be set up in Somalia. .
  16. The only mentoring somali kids need is from a good stick or belt, kids are not beaten enough anymore.
  17. Ibtisam you're one evil girl. Why are you giving me 1? I thought we were cool.
  18. Who's the guy in the orange vest that's always in his cartoons? Is it suppose to be him?
  19. Originally posted by Cara: ^I can't. The rating system only goes down to 1, no negative stars I will have you woman, resistance is futile. :cool:
  20. Yup, we're back to square one it seems, i'm guessing the next somali president will be selected in kampala.
  21. Val Nah, I like to have things out in the open. Cara Forget the mad man, abtigis and tolka and rate me.
  22. Originally posted by Abdinasir Kadawo: since yesterday, i rated 6 ppl. 3 got 5s and other three got 1s Damn you, so your the one who gave me the 1 and put my rank of 5 down. I hope you know, this means war. I have given the following people a rating of 1: Ibtisam, Abdinasi kadawo, Abtigis and tolka The following people I have given a 5: Kool kat, Aaliyah, Adam Zaila.
  23. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: Geelljire Not to mention, the entire foundation of today's Xamar is based on the seclusion of other Somali tribes-ones that get expulsed and left volunterily in 90s. Well those people are not native inhabitants of hamar, so it makes no difference if they are secluded.