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  1. Playing as extra curricular activity or just for fun yes, but as your main goal? No, I would advice you to do you education whilst playing your sports, and just in case things don’t work out you always have your education to fall back to.
  2. I’m not into exercise at all, I get bored so easily alhamdulilah though I don’t have anything hanging extra out but I still would like to be fit. Just because one is skinny doesn’t mean they fit, so care to share ways to motivate me to do some work outs?
  3. man who owns you miyad tidhi? ileen qof baa ben kushegay huno :rolleyes:
  4. TopGirl


    There is goal i set for myself every year and once I finish that goal another one comes along, is never ending cycle. this year something very important is happening for me, two actually. this is it. i cant look back after eight months. so i set myself a little goal inshalah i will succeed in that goal. pray for me all
  5. TopGirl


    ^ udaa it helps them boost their self esteem.
  6. good question dabshid. for educated people in 21st century we believe stup!d culture stuff. you do know there are other ways girl's hymen to break without any sexual act. learn science my brother. :rolleyes:
  7. ^ so does it help with scars? deep scars? because i got scars on my legs, i wonder if it helps with that. i wont you use for my face becaue my face is quite sensetive.
  8. does it really work, because i tried using it and al i got was spots, i used it for the face
  9. i'm very shy person and i act that way towards men. maybe is shyness what you suffering and nothing big deal?? also maybe someone very close to has been hurt my men, you get all defensive and snopish around because you dont to get hurt??
  10. TopGirl


    ^ same goes for him
  11. TopGirl


    you people dream so much i just couldnt help laughing whilst i was read all your 'must she do this, must he do that' damn i think im from different world. what about if we do things together? i cook he cleans, i wash, he irons, i help him take his shoes off, he messages my head, i will hug him with big smile whenever i see him, he has a flowers for me. i submissive in bed but he must show all he got. i will give him all the babies in the world but no second wife. see we can work together. patners in crime. bonnie and clyde
  12. wow that brought tears to my eyes. we have British Somali hereos who would go that exta mile to help anyone in need. allah will give him biggest ajar than this.
  13. Is degrading and very low for a man to talk about a women’s virginity like that, to describe it in those words, those terms. What ever happened to hard working, soldier like gentlemen in our community? Guys these days became women, they talk about s!!l and boobs just like women. What ever your friend told you should’ve kept in, you don’t discuss strange girl’s virginity in public forums. saying that though I wouldn’t want to marry a non virgin, so I would understand where is coming from.
  14. I’ve been betrayed badly by one of my closest friend, she back stabbed so much I was so stupidh and dumb I didn’t realize it at the time, she used to back stab me when we were best friends. I only find this out after I moved out of the city I originally lived. To find out that your best friend, the only one who gets your jokes before anyone else, she knew how I think and I know how she thinks, if she was going to do something I guess it before she even does it, and she’s like, girl you know me too well.. Damn I stood up for her more than once occasion. We are from different family life, both Somali but mine are bit more religious, but when my relative used to see me hanging out with her, they’ll be like why you hanging out with ciyala suuq, they only her call by that term, because of the way she dressed. But inside she was 10 xs better some so called religious girls I know. I thought she was better. i always used to say to them she is a nice girl god will lead her to right path inshaalah. Anyways long story short, I found out all the dirt 2yrs after I moved to another city. It hurts me to know someone so close will talk about you like that, I had a year to get over it, I did Alhamdulillah, I’m never going back to that route of being close to someone like that. I hope she got all the happiness in life.
  15. when your friend said "if they weren't so lazy with maintaining their appearance" in what way did he mean? i mean does he want us to wear tight *** skinny jeans and tank top 3x smaller than us? what? ask him to define 'their appearance' for us please.