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  1. RaMpAgE;838055 wrote: Damn I missed out marka, I am not from london.... Genius, I think my resume is not what does DR stand Yes, what does DR stand for....
  2. Carafaat;775926 wrote: Lately I am in to Maay Maay languate. its nice language wich you speak with a friendlier and softer tone.. Agreed, Maay Maay is so beautiful. I may be biased though as it's my dialect
  3. Rampage, depends where you are. If you're in London - hand them over to me
  4. MashaAllah I love the idea. I was actually recently contemplating the idea of setting something like this up..
  5. Rose


    To Fail to Plan is to Plan to Fail.
  6. Rose

    My Intuition?

    Asalamu alaykum brothers and sisters. I hope inshaAllah you are well and in good iman. So recently I happened to be in close proximity with a certain someone and I had this good feeling come over me concerning this peson. I felt a strong urge to get to know this person because of the positive energy/intuition. I have had this happen to me before and all praise to Allah this feeling or intuition (about the person concerned) proved itself to be right! So I'm wondering if this happened to anyone else? concerning a person or an incident? Please share. I would love to hear from you and how you went about things.. JazakumAllahu khairan!
  7. I just come accross this guy-Looks Somali. Writes good poetry..check him out he's really good!
  8. people change others. whether it is someone getting married or simply the bad influence of people.
  9. what should be wrong with somali guys? you cant control who you fall for.
  10. omg is it really you? masha allah... you know i was introduced to your blog a couple of weeks ago by a lebanese friend of mine who was believe it or not looking into somali food, she passed the link onto me but i somehow lost it. Us girls who dont know how to cook have NO excuses now lol thank you so much hun for sharing this and welcome to our forum. hope you enjoy your stay inshaAllah ur blog is great and ur kids are adorable masha allah.. xxx
  11. Originally posted by Sherban Shabeel: I'll play the Eastern European sailor who is held hostage and develops an enriching platonic relationship with his captors, transcending all cultural and religious barriers, causing the audience to burst in tears at the end of the movie when we are all killed in slow motion by an American missile launched by Tom Cruise, who had to make the "tough choice". Lol.
  12. Nope haven't heard anything of the sort.
  13. Rose

    Shisha Joints

    *sigh* some things never change..
  14. Rose

    Being a Muslim

    JazakAllahu khayran for the beneficial reminders.