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  1. any1 knows how to design a book that you can open with a click with the mouse (look inside) Any help please
  2. Nin-Yaaban;963163 wrote: Since i have nothing better to do, this is what i found. http://www.somaliaonline.com/community/showthread.php/16782-Somali-Movie-Posters-are-Back....?highlight=Movie+posters Most of the pictures are gone due to broken or expired hotlinks.. :D
  3. somalee;963023 wrote: Been wondering if naming your child David, Abraham, Moses etc is prohibited in Islam. Abraham is the English version and Ibrahim the Arabic one, but the real name of the prophet was neither Abraham nor Ibrahim. Similarly naming a child Guled or Geedi is only Somali and not Islamic. Since we are not Arabs, I might as well name him Joshua (Josh). Its not different than naming a Somali child Sacuud, Jamal etc. Unless of course there's clear proof in the Quran or the traditions of the prophet (Pbuh) that prohibit English/western/biblical names. Are there? The name of the prophet was Ibrahim, Don't talk about something you don't know about sxb, The other Thing, It doesnt matter what you name your son, balse, wax dadka kula af garanayaan u baxso, sidaas baa wanaagsane
  4. Naxar Nugaaleed;962975 wrote: looool@ this thread, i have admit Inaar annoys me for some unknown reason me too, I hate the Inaar thing and it scares me
  5. Soomaaliya mas’uul badanaa Magac dowlo badanaa Maamul goboleed badanaa Madaxweynayaal badanaa Macno xumo badanaa Muwaafaqo darro badanaa! Xaajo murugsan badanaa Qabiil muransan badanaa Musuqmaasuq badanaa Maal xaaraana badanaa Dad is maagay badanaa Miciin darro badanaa! moryaan qaawan badanaa Ruux maldahan badanaa Maan doorsan badanaa Madiidin gaalo badanaa Mus la galo badanaa Qof masaar liqay badanaa! Wadaad mufsida badanaa Diin maroorin badanaa Marin habaabin badanaa Mujaahid beena badanaa Anaa mudiira badanaa Alla mushkilo badanaa! Muqdisho macnayaal badanaa Mowjad kacsan badanaa Miino qaraxda badanaa Maanyo moorto badanaa Marin gooyo badanaa Meeshu qaylo badanaa! Madaxweynuhu dhoof badanaa Waa lay macsuumay badanaa Meelo aad aad badanaa Marti qaad shisheeye badanaa Ninku Maqnaansho badanaa Meelo sare waab badanaa! Hargeysa muusannow badanaa Midnimo diid badanaa Waa nala maagay badanaa Miig baa na laayay badanaa Astaan mariida badanaa Maajaan xorownay badanaa! Garoowe masayr badanaa Madaxdeedu cuqdad badanaa Muddac iyo qaylo badanaa Annagaa mudnayn badanaa Waa nala garab maray badanaa Marmarsiiyo baas badanaa! Reer Mudug xasarad badanaa Magaalo qaybsan badanaa Gaalkacyo Maayar badanaa Nin is magacaabay badanaa Mid kaloo ku haysta badanaa Alla dadku maag badanaa! Kismaayo muran badanaa Anaa marooqsaday badanaa Waan maali jiray badanaa Madaxweynayaal badanaa Magli xanaf leh badanaa Gaal maqiiqan badanaa Amxaar muraadle badanaa Kiinyaati muun ah badanaa Musefeeni baahan badanaa Soomaali meyd ah badanaa Magaalo dunsan badanaa! Soomaaliya maal badanaa Xoolo miyi badanaa Geel mawjada badanaa Lo’ la maalo badanaa Mooro ari ah badanaa Haddana macaluul badanaa! Maanyo buuxda badanaa Webi ma’wi ah badanaa Mallay bilaasha badanaa Ceel macaan badanaa Dhasheeg meersan badanaa Mar kalana oon badanaa! Baardheere masaggo badanaa Afgooye muus badanaa Babaay miiran badanaa Bariiska Mugaambo badanaa Mareerrey sonkor badanaa Dalkuna macaluul badanaa! Maanyadeennu dherer badanaa Maraakiib shisheeye badana Tuug mulfinaaya badanaa Milatari qalaad badanaa Moryaan badeed badanaa Halaq mareen badanaa! Alla meeshu muran badanaa! Muran Badanaa
  6. I don't know but Soon i'll join you guys
  7. Gaanjibada video-gan comment ka bixisay waa reer SOL, I'm afraid it's Abo hiloolow
  8. wyre

    Best Friends

    define best friend?
  9. N.O.R.F;961217 wrote: Morning Val. Wyre, just looked at Daallo flights online. All full for July?? I want to talk to you about how i should leave here, when shall we meet?
  10. people are going back to somalia, and I am looking for to resettle in Uk, Germany, Norway and other places
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    Need some help

    ^^ Here my friend http://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090116233720AAOR2Eu
  12. A fact about me, I didn't like somali folktales while i was young
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    Need some help

    never mind, found it
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    Need some help

    Just put some of my useful documents in one in the computer at the job in one folder I would like to secure it with password, I searched from google on how to do it, but could not find any good help any help is appreciated Thanks
  15. wyre

    Maxaa uraya?

    war odaygan cantatabay ee isku dhex yaacay ee waxa uu sheegayp isaguba garaneyn meesha ka saar
  16. Lol, dheg weyn aan ahay , si kalaan u fahmay
  17. what did you want them to do? take guns and fire the south Africans, or take a machete and torture them?
  18. video-gan baa isoo jiitay ila daawada
  19. though i have never heard of the people you mentioned, except keynaan this is what i have found from wikipedia about french montana https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Montana French is also often reported as being of partial Somali descent. Asked about the rumors during a phone-in interview with Nomad Radio, a UK-based Somali radio station, he indicated that both of his parents were Moroccan but that he has Somali ancestry as well.[8][2] In 1996, French emigrated with his parents and two younger brothers to the Bronx in New York City
  20. :D Alxamdulillah, not as hot as yesterday
  21. raula;959097 wrote: wyre we umempatia computer yako nani na leo umeomba kisom wapi walalo ala yaani imenichukua ma dakika kusoma za juu ama ni mie tu. damn ulikuwa unafikiri mi sijui kisonjo
  22. wyre


    Annaga waxaan sumad ahaan u leenahay labo alif iyo deel geel dhaqatana waan nahay in kastoo marki dambe reer magaal kusoo hoobanay
  23. Malika;959044 wrote: Generosity Loyalty - more so when a midst non -Somalis. Sense of familiarity. I adore the Somali bus drivers in London, they probably sense am a 'freshy' in the city - they tend to be extra nice...dropping me where there are no bus stops just so to help..lol ps. If only Kibir wasn't haram - I would say, I love that characteristic too. pss. Their resilience, bravery and courage and more so their sense of being 'fearless' ..this admire.. psss. Their devotion to their belief - their outlook on life and death - dimashoo wa xaq! - psss. Did I mention how Somali women are just awesome, tough and gorgeous...as for the men, illahi baa uu maqaan..lool hakala reebin dee hadduu alle Inoo maqan yahay wuu inoo wada maqan yahay, Hadaba dumarka soomaaliyeed dahab iyo doc ba wey isugu jiraan, ragguna sidoo kale, In aan la is falan qeyn soo ma haboono Malika