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  1. Apophis;935497 wrote: I hope it doesn't come back; it'll be horrible to read a banal quote or see a stup1d pic every time I read a post. We're not in 2001 people. :-*
  2. Showqi;935476 wrote: if we get it back. I will use my Qabiil as a signature:D Lol , I don't think they'll allow that
  3. I am not asking much admin, please bring back the signature thing without signature, SOL is boring for me, And I think there are other people who think the same So please, bring back signature
  4. wyre

    Learning Swahili

    Coofle;934786 wrote: Thank you Raula......Hali is arabic in origin . now that is easy to remember. So its acceptable to say Hali or mambo to everyone irrespective of their status ...even with odayga Soddoga! kkk Apophis ...coast, you mean mombasa to zanzibar. Now how do I say.. (((I have been trying to construct sentences using google translate but it had got me in trouble before and I am avoiding that))) What would you like to drink? utanywaje or utakunywaje Let us go and eat? ((Kula is again Arabic in origin)) twende tukale or twende tukakule do you mind if I speak somali? je, nikiongea kisomali Somali is a beautiful language lugha ya kisomali ni lugha mrembo There are many who can speak better than me like raula, malaika, Oz and much more, I hope they will help You can also go to this thread if you wish to sxb, http://www.assatashakur.org/forum/open-forum/7068-unataka-kusoma-na-kiswahili-you-wanna-learn-swahili.html
  5. Jacpher;934676 wrote: Seriously, if you are that weak to read words on a screen and resort to ignore list cuz you couldn't tolerate words on a screen, shut the blank computer off. What are you Kenyan? maxaa kenyan lagu arkay lol
  6. Ma qamiiskaad aniga iigu maleysay maba xirto qamiis ninyahow
  7. Wanaagsan oo wacan In Somaliland being your boss is owning a meherad yar ee qaadka lagu iibiyo dhinac gabadh yari shaah ku karineyso, more than 40 oday oo ilko daadsaday isugu yimaadaan halkaas "hebel baa saa yiri, riyaalaa soo noqon baa la yiri, siilaanyo ma ogolaa la yiri, hunuu hunuu iyo bajaa bajaa"
  8. The guy in the interview who says, "they shoot us you some of our coleages are dead" is Habashi
  9. *Ibtisam;934056 wrote: SalamAlikum. I feel blue and restless- it wont stop raining, the mosquitos are attacking me endlessly, I have tons of work and I feel like a hostage in place full of crazy and deluded men pretending to be important officials. Even the arrival of my long awaited reward only cheered me up for 4hrs before some good for nothing official ruined my high! Alhumdulilah cal kuli xaal as my dear edo says. So how is everyone! We miss Rain here in KSA, Ask NORF I think shalaay buu ka joogaa waxa meeshan keenay
  10. N.O.R.F;933969 wrote: Just as I was thinking about the shouting/slanging matches I see/hear on a daily basis on Jeddah roads I hear a 'beeeeeeeeeeeeeep' and tyres screaching behind me. I was absent minded and didn't indicate as I was parking. I won't repeat what was said (none of it from me). you know today for allah's mercy I am posting here, coz few hours a go i would have been in the hospital or dead, ninyahow meeshaan darawallo kuma haysanno
  11. lol it's funny but I don't know if it is fact
  12. Haatu;933930 wrote: wyre, do you want him to be ditched after two weeks of her arriving? I heard a story of an old man who married a bahyar in Africa and brought her to the UK. He ended up killing her first night here. Wadani is not old dee, He can satisfy her sow maaha
  13. Malika;933939 wrote: wyre - is this the business venture you had in mind, marka aad tirii 'am looking for a best friend'? heh Lol, you people are serious
  14. I would have preached him if I was near to him
  15. ^^Why don't you preach him, tol lagu khasaaray baad tahay ninyahow
  16. Wadani, kis yaroo kuusan diyaari call na isoo sii anaa kuu habeynaayo mid labo visa oo europe na diyaari, dee mid waa dillaalkeyga midna iyadaad ku dhoofsani wherever you are Lambarkeyga waxaan kuugu soo tuuray inbox ka ka akhriso
  17. A mixed-race British mom, Kylie Hodgson, gave birth in 2005 to twins, one of each — one black, the other white. The odds of such a birth are about a million to one, experts said. Although occurrences of this nature sometimes occur when a woman conceives twins fathered by two different men, this was a much rarer case in which a single pairing produced twins with distinctly different physical attributes (e.g., skin tone, hair color, eye color) rather than a blending of their parents' characteristics. The parents, Kylie and her partner, Remi Horder, are of mixed race themselves, both having been born to white mothers and black fathers. Their twin girls — Kian and Remee — were both born with blue eyes, with Remee having blonde hair and Kian having black hair and somewhat darker skin than her sister. Since then, Remee's skin tone has become lighter, while Kian's has become darker and her eyes have turned brown.
  18. Apophis;933232 wrote: I hope nothing bad has happened to Wyre. He's the most innocent and gentle person to post on these boards. Keep your chin up bro. Thnx yaakhey sheikh apo
  19. NGONGE;933406 wrote: ^^ Anna waan kaa shakiyay! (got your PM but how do you expect me to do it with no..eeen..een..een..address?). I sent you the address dee and am gonna send you another time now
  20. Alpha Blondy;933356 wrote: wyre, i see you're still angry even after my apology on the cantarbaqash thread. see below, please. Apologies accepted Juxa alxmdulillah for everything, what happened did happen Oday JB maxaa ka shakisay
  21. SOL farahey ka baxday, I think SOL Section should be changed like this Kids forum where all kids should write there cantarabaqash things, some people think cantarabaqash is a beautifull word Dreamers forum for those who dream everyday waayeelada isku dhex yaacay forum for JB and his likes and akhyaarta forum like NORF and many others
  22. Im not from mogadishu infact i am from one of the three places you have mentioned to be changed the capital to, but believe sxb, xamar was the capital of somalia and it will be forever, hadda la joogana qurux iyo baaxad xamar wax ku gaaro sedexda meel eed sheegtay ma jiraan dadkaaga dhinac ka raac sxb