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  1. A 12-year-old kid beat us SOLers to it! http://www.somaliaonline.com/community/showthread.php/21510-Writing-a-book/page3?highlight=writing+book
  2. She's really pretty mA. I think Somalia taking part in these contests is like Israel competing in Eurovision. Take a chill pill, folks. Ilaahey carab nagama dhigin.
  3. Jazakallah kheyr dear sister! May God reward you for your efforts.
  4. So Haatu, you were still 14 when you joined SOL in 2009? You're such a baby! Now it'll be hard to take you seriously
  5. The mother is being unreasonable. On the other hand I fully understand her; 19 is young. Too young these days in the Western world. But asking a young couple to wait for 1,5 years is slightly risky. If I were a mother I would never encourage my children to date - especially after they are in love and comfortable enough to marry each other. Adoonyo laga daba cararaayo one is unintentionally opening the door to zina and temptation. So my advice? Keep working, time flies, dec '13 will be here soon enough iA.
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    Bizarre incident today

    Maybe because nimanku have right over women. A woman cannot tell a man what to do, but it's a man's duty to tell the woman what to do. Maybe that gives some men the confidence to go up to any female and say whatever they feel like saying. And because men usually do not tell each other what to do (because men give orders, not take), these (some) men are oblivious to how they themselves are. Thankfully the overwhelming majority of men are nothing like this.
  7. I wasn't necessarily hinting that Ngoge & Aphopis are the same person. Just that someone who's been on this forum for less than six months can hardly be a veteran, unless! he's been around longer.. Sherlock who? 4hdwall.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Scooby_Doo_cartoon.jpg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
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    Bizarre incident today

    Apophis;901580 wrote: That is a bizarre behaviour. I have never told nor have I been told by a random Somali to stop doing something "sinful". I'd have to be a pretty self righetous to tell a random stranger something as banal as "cover your hair". That's the thing! Bal hadii aan madax feednaanlahaa that would have made more sense. But apparently to this guy who was wearing old jeans, qamaarka gadaal laga xiraayo is not a qamaar. Even hadii uu scarf wrapped around the neck. But yeah, as someone said, no big deal. Yaab un.
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    Bizarre incident today

    Haha no somali philosopher, that wasn't my point at all! I edited the long rant into a short to-the-point sentence! Nothing wrong with Somali men, just maybe the worn-out jeans users, Al-Shabaab supporters who live in the West.
  10. Long and boring rant* Point short & sweet: We Muslims can be hypocritically and ignorantly judgemental of not just non-Muslims but also each others.
  11. You're a sick and twisted man. And you're trying to mess with the completely wrong person. I can see right through you. If you think I'm like you,the type that does fake nice in public, think again. I don't need your fake smilies and bullshite. What I need is you to let me be. You lost, I beat you in your own game (when you still called yourself Marx and made that silly thread) accept it and MOVE the fc:uk ON.
  12. Originally I wanted to comment that with that wording, you just gave yourself away. But then I thought 'why care?' and decided to make a joke out of it
  13. Apophis;901551 wrote: .. the game over here is played differently; so let me, a veteran, school you on the how... If you're a veteran, then Ngoge is a fossil.
  14. Haha Aaliyyah, maalin waan in aan casuumaad kuu sameeyo Maalin uu walaalkeyga guriga asna joogo... cough.