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  1. Aaliyyah;766929 wrote: yeah showqi mashallah alle haku siyaadiyo wixi aad damacdona alle haku sahlo in aad gaadhid. I still cant believer 2011 is almost ending? it is like where did all the time go...maybe its just me but i feel time is going a lil faster than usual lol...anyhow, alhamdulilah Allah swt has blessed me and there are many things I have achieved and there are more things I would like to achieve like I would like to complete my education and settle. anyhow, alle muradkayga ha isiiyo idinkana ha idinku simo muradkiina. Waan idin ducaynaya. salaam Time goes a bit faster as we grow older, get used to it. Wish u a happy and successful next year..
  2. Showqi;766910 wrote: Officially I have nine more days to go til I can say goodbye to 2011 but I can safely say I survive second year for having my own business Alxamdulilah. It's been two years that I am making my own pay cheque every month. I put all my time, my energy, and my money in this business. Hopefully I will buy my own house next year, or maybe the year after insha-allah. 2011 was a good year, ilaahay baa mahad leh. Masha Allah, Congrats, and wish u more success. What a year it was ,Somalia is also slowly reshaping to more positive. and wish more for next year,Peace, development, no more hunger, wars, looking forward to Elections, New leaders, Personally,It was a very good for me as well, Masha Allah, May Allah shower peace and prosperity on all humanity.
  3. The secessionist will not get my vote
  4. lol , i think it is a poem
  5. Racism is not only about race, but religion, ethnic, color, political orientation, and many more, so sadly, u don't even now what is racism, so how can u tell if one is being racist. Waa ka baxay.
  6. ^It is sad to see that you can not see and blindly supporting the injustice done to the peace loving people of Awdal by the racist regime in Hargaisa, let them live in peace and decide their political faith, the same thing you want for your people, that is simple ,it is very easy if you are not a racist! And forget about what you saw, online, Search the truth, and see the true aggressors in the region, i.e SOmaliland
  7. ^Maxaa rabtaa, The president of Awdal has spoken, Awdal is not the one butchering the innocent in broad day light,
  8. lol. Sabaayad , Kibis, Kimis, la qooshayo eebe nama tuso. I am not a cook or own a restaurant, in the future maybe,lol, but enjoy and love cooking.
  9. ^Are u sure they taste the same? lol, Maybe I like to complicate things, I even used to make home made pasta, bread Most of the Somali foods are simple to make, these days I like more the Asian food. Check this one , I am not sure if it is originally Somali, but surely this dish is very complicated,
  10. I have been browsing it thru , it is a good website, simple and nice, It is better if they prepare the pastry themselves for the samosa, than used frozen one.
  11. beef sirloin, that is expensive cut,
  12. ^I am more concerned what the pirate chief may request next? Somalia does not this endless sh1t conference where $100 of millions are spent, with no outcome, they will never address and touch the grass roots of the problem. Somali conference by the Somali people for the Somali people funded by the Somali people that is what i have in mind.
  13. These pirates have no respect, and scared of SSC taking off, more scared than SL, I believe. Viva SSC
  14. lol, funny, Putting the cart before the horse, Salaadba waqtigeeda la tukadaa, get a recognized country first. You are still part of Somalia.
  15. They have been brainwashed from young age, and I don't think they are differnet what secessionists feed their kids now. Kim Jong-il: the myths * Kim Jong-il was walking when he was three weeks old and talking by eight weeks, according to official records. During his three years at Kim Il-sung University, he churned out more than 1,500 books as well as six operas which are "better than any in the history of music," says his authorised biography. * According to a Communist newspaper, Kim Jong-il's tracksuits are a global fashion phenomenon. His status as fashion icon has also been bestowed on his son and heir, Kim Jong-un, whose haircut is said to be all the rage in Pyongyang. * An avid film fan, Mr Kim reportedly ordered the kidnap of South Korea's most celebrated film director, Shin Sang-ok, in 1978. The director said he was paid to make seven films, including a Godzilla-style action movie called Pulgasari, before he escaped in 1986. "James Bond was a favourite and he liked Rambo also, and Friday the 13th and Hong Kong action movies. But he doesn't know what fiction is. He looks at these movies as if they were records of reality," Mr Shin later said. * Every grain of rice served to him was reportedly inspected for perfection, according to his former sushi chef, Kenji Fujimoto. * The North Korean leader inherited his father's fear of flying. Kim Jong-il preferred to travel by train and took his luxury carriages all the way to Moscow in 2001, when he reportedly had roast donkey and fresh lobsters flown to him every day.
  16. This is very dangerous discussion, and I don't think it will end good!
  17. , Odaygu naag hore ma lahayn miyaa, mise daaqada buu ka saarey, Inkastoo ku arkey Wadoma badan sida Kenya oo laba laba sadex sadex guursada, Christian na ah