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  1. it is like a white supremacy kid, who fully supports the racism,lives, and eats and drinks white supremecy ideology, and then says i am not a racist, it was my forfathers who started it and I don't have a choice, as I was born to it. Carafat, You always have a choice. Don't support this racist clannish agenda!
  2. They share the Somalia National Police logo, they secessionist may change that now.
  3. ^True, plus those who try to sell secessionist agenda thru the agony and destruction of Mogadishu.
  4. ^You are not making sense at all, so give it up, mate.
  5. ^THere is nothing wrong in the video, the problem could be you? what do u feel?
  6. ?^I looks like a sniper gun, Anyway, Djibouti-ans, Welcome home,Thanks, They should have come long time ago.
  7. Thanks carafaat, Dad badan baa ka ooyi, oo ka nixi runtii Sawiradan aad soo gelisay, oo 20 sano ku faaneyey burburka iyo Jabka Xarunta Umma Soomaaliyeed.
  8. it is good that mosques can add this service, it is not new, Good luck to them.
  9. They totally misunderstood democracy, and multi party system. This is more of appeasing Melez
  10. Has anyone seen this docu?
  11. Che -Guevara;766103 wrote: I think we are failing to see bigger picture-the man was mouthpiece neacons who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds thousands of people. He went out of his way to advance this cause. That should be his legacy. Whether he believes is beside the point and matters little now. agree, the guy was a poison, what he believed is beside the point.
  12. ^Good question, It is just a number, pirates alone could contribute more than that,How much money is spent on Presidential expenses? Ministers, what are the size of public sector workers? average income?
  13. It is like ban the alcohol, Forget about the oldies, the parents should teach their kids to be aware of khat..No banning will stop from the addicts.
  14. The sooner they get rid of the illiterate, the better for Somalia. But That dumb got over 1000 lives.
  15. Somalia;765124 wrote: At least 70% should be Puntland. Every agreement should be disclosed to the Parliament and be shared with the public. Secrecy, nepotism etc, it is not looking good and is totally indefensible. :mad: I swear this oil might cause more trouble if we are not united. Are you guys naive or what? 80%, 70%? how much money did Puntland/Somalia contributed on cost? No country gets that amount when 100% the risk/cost is on foreign companies, I will be surprised if Puntland/Somalia is given more than 10% as royalty.
  16. Som@li

    Beautiful GIrl

    ^true, Bal gabadhaas sida ay ninkaas u gashay, that is why Islam prescribes modest dress.
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