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  1. 250 million so from 2 trillion till 1.7 trillion mark we will be getting 10%. After the 1.7 trillion mark is reached all our 2 Trillion -250 million ??? Anyway, the debt is without interest? and if there is interest? how much?
  2. Dr_Osman;768239 wrote: Please note that all the investment, exploration, studies and so forth Puntland hasn't paid a cent, so the production agreements first must pay off all the costs the resource companies paid into the project which Puntland will still get its royalties but the real cruncher begins after the initial costs is paid off and were talking profit oil that is where the real money is!!! In the quote above thats what cade muse signed, but farole amended it saying Puntland was getting ripped off because in general production agreements with other nations after the initial cost of oil is recovered and paid back to the resource companies they sign 80-20 agreement on any profit oil with other governments. I think that what farole signed in the re-signing of the production agreement. He might of amended the royalties a bit higher but I doubt it will be that high untill the initial costs are paid off. Either way on bad deal which was cade signed that was the statistics I posted and Farole said he wanted a better deal so it's only going to get better but as of yet their is no information available on what exactly those figures are!!! So put it this way the initial exploration, drilling, production assets will probably total 250 million after all is said and done. Puntland will recieve a royalty of 10% while that is happening and after those assets are paid off and we enter the profit oil margin we will have 80% of whats recovered!!! So 19 billion barrels in place you can imagine how quick 250 million will be paid off and how much money will still be left over for Puntland And how long will it take for the initial production cost to be paid with interest by Puntland? before Puntland gets more than 4%? Dr Osman?
  3. lol, what a rubbish, Waal waalatoo haday CARABTIINA barya ula tagtey, what happen the recognition would come from WEST? and The QUEEN? Exhausted?
  4. ^Agree, plus building the biggest mosques, the most beautiful mosque, does not make a better mosque nor a better Islam, these Arabs are obsessed with status. Hundreds of millions was spent on this mosque alone, while millions of Muslims starve!
  5. Somalina;767885 wrote: Do u enjoy these pics? or want to do the same ?Ya Somalina?
  6. And this.. Puntland Soldiers' Convoy Targeted in Bosaso Four Soldiers Injured in Blast From Land Mine By DAHIR AHMED HASSAN 12/14/2011 An explosion hit a convoy carrying Puntland soldiers in the port city of Bosaso, in Somalia's Bari region, today as it passed Nawawi School, officials said. "It is true that a land mine targeted the vehicle, but there were not any casualties except for four of our soldiers who sustained injuries," Ali Farah Nuur, a Puntland official, told Somalia Report. "We are investigating what caused the incident," added Ali Farah. Other sources suggested the device was a remote controlled IED targeting an Africa Oil convoy, but local officials denied the oil company was targeted. Calls and emails to Africa Oil went unreturned. Insecurity in Puntland has skyrocketed in the last several months with cases of assassinations, targeted grenade attacks, pirate fights, and clan clashes almost daily. Puntland Email This Post © Somalia Report 2011. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Somalia Report content, graphics, photographs and web site image is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent from .
  7. And did u miss this news? AFRICA OIL CONVOY TARGETED IN SEMI-AUTONOMOUS PUNTLAND, 3 DEAD A Toyota truck which led a convoy by Africa Oil came under landmine attack, killing at least two officers and one soldier, and wounding 7 others, 40 km from Bosaso City. The convoy left Bosaso in the morning to deliver logistics and other material to an area, where Puntland forces and opposing militia fought earlier this year over mineral and oil exploration firms authorized by Farole administration and disliked by locals. Although no one claimed responsibility of the latest attack, it has been expected since Puntland President, Abdirahman Farole pressed ahead with his oil production scheme in the semi-autonomous Puntland state. Area residents strongly oppose Puntland inviting foreign, predatory firms like Saracen International, Africa Oil, Range Resource, amongst the many smaller energy scavenging companies. These firms received free license to operate within Puntland. Local inhabitants took arms to defend their respective regions. At least, similar conflicts perpetuated by an illegal energy contracts caused loss of live and property in three areas during the past 5 years. President Farole opposed his predecessor Adde Muse, when the later signed an oil deal with an Australian Firm, Range Resource in 2006. Farole, himself a naturalized Australian citizen has on the record denounced Adde Muse received cash hand outs from the then Range Resource. “It’s illegal to sign an undisclosed contract with a small company, unknown to us,…and its the job the minister of energy to negotiate such contract, President Adde is in clear violation of Puntland constitution,” Farole told an Australia based radio in 2006. Abdirahman Farole was elected as president in 2009. During his presidential bid, he repeatedly promised strong reforms in many areas including ‘energy,’ in particular mineral and exploration rights. However, president Farole never fulfilled his commitments and brought more energy hunters to Puntland, an act people believe exposed Farole’s hypocrisy and deceit. Today’s events remind us, Farole and sons sponsored firms and their militia recruited from Farole’s clan, will continue to suffer in the hands of the ferocious locals, lest Farole changes his aggressive tone and removes these missionary firms.
  8. I think German will be a contender for some time. Somalia xagee kaga jirtaa
  9. win all or nothing approach will not work, have to come into negotiation table if he cares abt Somalis/Somalia.
  10. I think the reason is to do with the few possitve developments recently in SOMALIA, plus a vast country, untapped, unexplored, and some see opportunity hthere. IT is not only Turkey, Uk, but CHINA, US, India, and more coming soon
  11. sh1t happens, as long as u not promoting it... Few years ago, there was a lesbian case in Bosaaso, both arrested and sentencend to death, not sure if it was carried out
  12. burahadeer;767617 wrote: when Syaad was in Buurdhoobo one of his drivers asked,"Mr.president you should have built great cities for our clan to run to in times of crisis..see where we are today". Siyaad responded,"will do that when we recapture Mogadishu..I mean shining cities like N.York." and he added,"tell company X & Y to encircle the city,I'm coming tonite at 8". companies that are now platoons or don't even exist!! Abtigiis have same DNA! First it was we crush you. Then you crumble by urslv. Then we divide you. Then there r 2 landers againest somaliland! the bar is getting lower & lower & lower. How is that thing going in Garowe? You seem to be very oppsessed with the Late dictator (AUN) , and what certain group of people do, Let me ke remind you, the old dictator is DEAD, six feed under, so don't be afraid.
  13. What gifts did u get from Santa? Waraa JB, Ma masiixi baa la noqday?
  14. ^Haday wax ku heshiiyeen waaba fiicantahay, a good step forward. Laakin naciib daro baa haysata Soomaali
  15. They could have done a better job, But it is good they raised and discussed core issues like -Illegal fishing, trawlers -Damping of industrial toxic wastage -desperation from the the Somalis, No life,so not worried about the risk of piracy,lawlessness I didn't like how he used his family, and they appointed him as Sultan, that part was stup!d. I like the part where he talked to Geedi, and shown his mansion. lol
  16. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;767177 wrote: How will it be allocated without census? Will a large gobol with less population receive more allocation than a small gobol with more people? Simply, another reason it won't work. . Absolutely, with fair democracy, one man one vote, each region must get the number of seats based on the number of people living ithere, BUT How can you share seats on regions when one does not know how many people living in each state? It is the right way, but of course not feasible now, as you have to have proper censor first, plus also monitor the movement of the population, as the population changes between states, so as the representators of that state, It is a long way ahead. Many also forget that why Sodare, Cairo,and all the conference before Arte failed, Somalis could not agree on anything regarding power sharing. One should not also be excited or be afraid on the concept of sharing power thru regions.Having many regions does not necessary mean more seats. This conference will not yield anything, and Puntland will not able to hijack. I too like the 5.0 over 4.5.
  17. ^Alla yarhamu, Samir iyo IMan