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    Abdi Kuus

    ^lol, yes, Cayilku waa gaabsha qofka, waa Abdi KUUS oo xooga cayiley
  2. secessionist are praying this conference fails, so they profiteer from the disunity of SSC
  3. Som@li

    Abdi Kuus

    Armuu isagii yahay ,oo xooga yara cayiley, lol
  4. Saalax;768417 wrote: Som@li The Zack's group claim to be majority in that area they should have a confidence in the voting and not worry about other groups right in that Somali Galbeed region? kkkk. I understand what you saying, don't worry about ONLF, would you not welcome a referendum in the SOMALI region in Ethiopia, and work on how you get your fair share in the newest country from the SOMALIS.
  5. I think it is obvious where Saalax and likes will vote in the referendum, will choose to be with Meles
  6. Saalax;768400 wrote: Interesting. I think if Somali Galbeed breaks off from Ethiopia in a referendrum, Somaliland should make it's move and incooperate ethnic Somalilanders lands in Somali Galbeed into greater Somaliland empire. Why, Cuz you trust and willing to be with Meles than ONLF?
  7. FreshPrince;768389 wrote: This is so not fair. Just like 1992/1993, the people will be paid, the elders will be paid and the VOTES will be fraud and the result of the Referendum will be "TO BE PART OF ETHIOPIA". A blind, mentally retarded child could see and understand that Somali Galbeed is deemed to be part of Ethiopia for LIFE. If the people choose to be with Ethiopia (Which I doubt will ever happen) in a fair referendum, so be it.
  8. I was shocked when I saw DHOODAAN oo MELEZ sacab u tumi, Cajiib! I like 3. A referendum has to take place in the Og'aden on whether the region should remain a part of Ethiopia or become independent.
  9. ^have you been admitted to institution? and looking for comfort from the video? What are you suggestions? You can not just let "mentally ill" untreated?
  10. haye, U gonna get the newest country in Africa? or what? South Sudan has been enjoying that title for long
  11. KH2 is here, and it is good the SSC people finally deciding their faith.
  12. Narniah;768129 wrote: looks yummy, can i have some?
  13. ^Dirty ina Jaad, U are not welcome here, Dad waa wayn baa wada hadli,
  14. Xaaji Xunjuf;768317 wrote: Where do you find such a remarkable man but keep in mind Somalis in the 1500s were not like the Somalis of 2011 so it was much easier for the imam to lead the Noble Somali Muslims at that time. very true, and even Somalis before 50-60 years ago were much better, less corrupted, less clannish. The Sooner we realise that we been digging our grave for over 30 years, we will not get out, seccession and running away from the problem is not the answer either. How come we reached this low, that Somali leaders became the stooges of Meles and dirty Habashis? Awake Somalia, Somalia Toos
  15. Very bad move, and will not stop the SSC movement. burahadeer;768326 wrote: why puntland is againest khatumo? I thought somaliland would be more concerned. Actually the pirates are more concerned and worried about the outcome of Khaatumo.
  16. ^Don't shoot the messenger? does it matter if it is owned by Puntland or not? What do you think of the message from Karkaar?