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  1. Information, Information, Information, Management and Service. There is a great need for this in Somalia, and a huge potential of money to be made.
  2. I don't know about the faith, but its a blissful, happy and peaceful life.
  3. ^Its all good bro, all will be good insha'allah. Let's hope and pray for the return of sanity, peace and prosperity for the well being of our people.
  4. ^That's the way you want, but I'm afraid reality is otherwise according to the evidence on the ground both nationally and international. You can have your own interpretation for everything and all you like, but we are all the national of the same country.
  5. I think SL is daydreaming and out of touch with reality. Raisal Warahaa is right, Somaliland is asking for what is not legally right. Somaliland has not achieved recognition, not from the International community nor from the Somali government. Therefore, to demand to sit together as two different and equal countries is absurd. Somaliland officials are not realistic and genuine about these talks. Instead of asking the impossible, why don't they just say we are not interested in talks.
  6. Political pundits and speculators suggest that the loss of Maay and Yaxalow parties is due to dialect differences. We are hearing the news that both parties will hire professional interpreters or bring forward multi-dialect candidates for the next round of elections to better communicate their policies to the wider public. Also, the turnout has been poor and only 3% of the populations voted as the latest reports indicate over 70% would have voted for Alshabaab which the election commissions and high court decided to disqualify from taking part due to their extreme views.
  7. What's with the plural 'Somalis' here, I thought the woman was talking about one family. Its not the woman, or the system is at fault here but the sun newspaper. I know, and I'm talking about personal experiences, hundreds of large Somali families who live cramped up in small rooms and in the most destitute areas of London with the worst of conditions. But, I don't think the sun will bring it to the public eye the plight of those poor refugees. Who cares? right, huh
  8. Duufaan, Ali Galeydh, I have nothing against him personally but the man's behaviors and maneuvering has shown nothing but pure opportunism. He had always claimed to be a man of Somaliweyn above and beyond clans and states. He attacked PL a decade ago purely for that reason and purely for his sinister agenda of political opportunism and claimed to have the same view as Abdirisaq Haji Hussein. Lately the man has succumb to an all time low, spear heading Khaatumo and a sub sub clan state, again for the same political opportunism. I have no problem if he really believed in Khaatumo but unfortunately is using it as a bargaining chip to achieve some political goals. Faroole is in Garowe Sxb, if Galaydh is honest about his Khaatumo he should stay in there, at least most of the time, doing grass root work and spending valuable constructive time with the community there.
  9. Excellent reminder - This is good move by the state of Puntland, we must remind each other to stay on course. Somalidu waxay kuheshiiyaan ama qortaan kuma dhaqmaan - this time must be different.
  10. ^Loool, I'm not laughing because I agree with what you are saying but your descriptive comical way of making a case takes the limelight. So, in your logic, you are saying if the woman had called Faroole a 'pirate', Puntland elders would have made a walkout - now that's hilarious
  11. ^Again you miss the the point, not by a mere meter but miles. Saaxib, I'm not talking about what or who the elders represent but the issue. The issue is trivial and nonsensical and as such the elders should not have wasted much time on it. What did they get now? Raali ahaada, money and macawis in the name of Xaal just because someone said Sakiin, there are other ways to protest and influence things rather than use the full wieght of elders and walking out of a meeting for such trivial matter. Also, must you inject PL into everything, yes they did a walkout in Mogadishu on a national and political matter, and in return got the whole process of the road map rescued, received equal representation and a promise of transparency and equal allocation of political influence from Turkey. But please lets not talk about PL as this is not about them.
  12. Food threads. For some reason I don't like all kind of food threads. But SOL has a tendency to make these kind of threads appear just before and during the Ramadaan month when you least want them. Some of us are in training in preparation for RAMADAN.
  13. I don't know what's he's trying to achieve with the story but nibigaa dream ku yimid kind of stories don't appeal to me. Questionable and hardly believable.
  14. ^Stop applying the silly logic of 'Clan is Everything' in every situation. We know clan matters a great deal to Somalis but this was unnecessary and a foolish move the D&M elders. Wee isceebeeyeen Odayaashan. The last time I checked the duties of a Somali elder, it did not constitute defending a member of the clan from 'Caay' or even worse storming and making a walkout on a Somali conference. That's not the duty and the purpose of a Somali elder. What the woman said was wrong but the action of the elders were out of proportions and certainly not for them to deal with it, and if they decided to deal with it, definitely not in the way they did it. A little bit of influencing others would have been better but to become another obstacle and be begged to come back to the meeting was not the best of ideas.
  15. Abtigiis;840981 wrote: **** united : 1990 Lool, that's more like it, meelkale ha udhafin.