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  1. The number 1 spot should be given to their supporters, who blindly follow them, without a question, cuz without them, we would not have those bad leaders.
  2. Is this the sign of desperation after 20 years of exhaustion of WAA DUUSHAY, and looking for the illusive recognision, Good to see the hardcore seccesionistss are finally realizing there is no where to run.. Lama huraan waa cawska jilaan, Somalia will NOT be divisible! Euphoric, in Denial, Depressions, Sadness and finally acceptance.
  3. 'Liibaan';769565 wrote: " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> LIVE FROM: Taleex, SSC-SOMALIA Burbur xoogan oo ka Muuqda Dhismayaashii Daraawiishta ee Degmada Taleex These are national treasures, and should be restored, and preserved. Should be in the UN heritage list
  4. It could be linked with the on going violence in our home, and breakdown of all institutions, I don't think any TV broadcasts will change anything, it will take time, u can not teach old dogs new tricks, we should train the young ones. The other day, I was shocked to see a mother cheering for her son, for bullying another kid, Waa fariid, Geesi ah, la iskuma doon doonto.
  5. The Zack;769560 wrote: The world is more than ever determined to create a stable Somalia. They want to setup Some kind of governance. It is not because the world has all of the sudden fallen in love with Somalia, it is because the world now thinks that Somalia's problems have started to affect others. The two main drivers are the pirates and Shabaab. Based on that simple analysis, I think that AMISOM will create some kind of government that will get the country out of this chaos. Ethiopia is not and can't be as influential as it used to be once. Once the TFG reaches all these areas, they will simple be told to go away. It is this option versus leaving Shabaab on the helmet. Where do you think the country will be in 10 years if Shabaab are let to stay? I am sorry to say this but AMISOM is the best bet we got right now. Would I love to see Somalia free from foreigners, ***** yea! Is this feasible right now? HELL NO! Maan riyoonaa mise runtaan isu sheegnaa? Zack, Ma laba daran mid doora, Do you believe that the ends justify the means? One can not look for justice, and peace through an injustice, even it is very small.
  6. I agree, Somali Kenyans are very polite and civilized, and generally they are more educated, that could be the reason.
  7. To find the answer, look closely how Somalis treat each other, and that is from young age, We call names , Madoobe, Laan gadhe, Gaab, Cawar, when one get out of home, does not change, I have also seen similar behaviors among Arabs. where it is stereotype that some ethnics,like Indians are weeker etc or it is cool to be tough, and insensitive. The ethics and moral codes of the society has collapsed,and bad ethics spread ,and propagate it is nothing but shallow.
  8. Che -Guevara;769476 wrote: Jacpher...It's more of cleanser thread ninyahow to mask the shame and humiliation. Absolutely, Yes,
  9. Somalina;769471 wrote: Jacpher, I left them in the politics section, now they follow me here with their nac nac. It's ridiculous to see grown folks who have nothing to contribute to SOL but at every turn can't stop whining and waffling non stop on every positive thread. ^how many innocent were killed this week alone? how girls have been raped in Hiiraan by Ethiopians? while you cheer for them, and post these so called positve news from Hiiraan? to mask the reality in Hiiraan.? Priorities got wrong?
  10. the newest Ethiopian colony looks good
  11. This is very sad topic, and can not believe a Somali would ever feel that low and humiliated, Sh1t, Submit kulahaa,. Mate, Ethiopia is nothing, they can be done easly, we did it before, and now 3 millions Eritreans kick their as$. If you love ur country, if you love freedom, if you love ur people, like Eritrians, Somalis can do it.
  12. Most of these spicies have no origin in Somalia ,as they were usually imported from Arabs countries, often Somalis use Arabic names, or sometimes enlish, italian etc. Oregano-Sactar Cayenne Pepper-Basbaaska Saffron-Sacfaraan Basil Paprika Mint-Nacnac, Geed Xamar Dill Seed Chile Pepper Parsley-BAQDOONIS Curry Powder- Xawaash curry-Buddo Ginger -Sanjabiil Nutmeg -Jows, ama Budadaa Jowska
  13. ^or could it be they were used and robbed, on agreeing more than half of the Somali people's land missing.
  14. Taariikh ninba si u akhrisay,
  15. there is no privacy issue breached, these belong to the public domain? Jacpher, meesha ma Puntland baad mooday?
  16. seriously, it is very strange for Ummal to be at conference with Kenyan Defence minister on Kenyan's invasion of Somalia
  17. lol, war naagtu xagee wax gelisay? and used a hook or what? cajiib