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  1. @ Che, it's in English, but the main character is a young Somali woman.
  2. Salaamu alaikum everyone, I'm joining boards this one and other's of communities of interest for the purpose of a novel I wrote about the subject of same sex love, this moral conflict will tell a narrative from the perspective of a Muslim character. As a Muslim and as a Somali I am well aware of the views on this subject, and I am not interested in the haram and halal debate. We are Muslims and the deen is clear. What I want to do is tell a human story, about a soul that harbors a love for faith and a love that faith forbids, and the choices people make while staying in the fold of shariah as a writer. I found that to be a powerful moral conflict and I have not seen it before in literature. I haven't published yet as I am still working on it, but that is my hope InshaAllah. At the moment I am interested in people's feedback from the different communities presented in the story. So as Muslims and Somalis from all over the world what are your views on this topic and would you read a story like this? I do actually have a blog with 17 chapters of the story already posted, among other posts. I did not find a writing section on this forum and was not sure of the rules so I decided to post the question to all the members. Please remain respectful and don't make this about me, but about the topic. From experience I understand that is very attractive for some people. And If you are interested in the story, the link to my blog is listed under my profile and I am happy to send you a link if you are unable to find. Waad mahadsantahiin.