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  1. The whole point of my thesis is not to 'make up my mind' about the subject - I already have my own views on female circumcision - but to simply let women speak for themselves, instead of being told what is good or bad for them from a Western perspective, or by aid agencies. All I am after is the reasons why women are for or against it, and to determine how widespread it is. Thanks Browny, if you could email me the links I would be grateful.
  2. I am writing my BA Anthropology dissertation on female circumcision and am desperately looking for women's opinions on the subject, so I can assess whether campaigns against it are justified or ethnocentric. If anyone is interested in giving me their opinions - and also if you can let me know how widepsread it is, especially in Europe or America - please email me on garbagebeauty76@aol.com Thanks, Farrah