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  1. *********please respect the rules of the site and stop the insults and personal attacks********** [ January 13, 2010, 03:34 PM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  2. I am sure you all know about the Jewish lady who was the prophet’s (SAW) neighbour, this lady used to physically abuse and harm him on daily basis. Despite all of that he visited her when she got ill. So, wouldn’t you say the sunna here is to send our well wishes to the Danish cartoonist and pray for his safety.
  3. hey Urban, you are bringing back some good memories, I vaguely remember the last five. how come u needed a dish to watch majid? Apart from majid, hadaf and captain Rabe7 probably Lady was me favourite cartoon Do u guy remember basbuus the troublesome cat lol, couldn't find it on youtube.


    sick movie, u can watch the whole thing on utube. There is a christian touch to it but u don't have to pay attention to that.
  5. The A350 which is still in the manufacturing phase will be the natural competitor with the boeing dreamliner. Obviously Boeing will have a head start advantage on this one. The highlight of both aircrafts is the reduced consumption of fuel which is down to the high levels of composites used to make them much lighter than ever. Speaking to one of the managers at Airbus UK today I could sense his concern about the dreamliner launch. But he stressed that in the long term the A380 superjumbo is targeting a different market to that of the B787. On top of their rivalry both companies have to contend with delays, cancellation and possible compensation claims from airliners. Also, don't forget that Airbus is already working on a freighter version of the A380.
  6. Better late than never as they say, waa mar la madhay laakiin. Once you go shabaabiya there is no coming bck.
  7. Odweeynow, this coward is not from Djibouti. For if he was, he would have had the good manners to stick a capital D to that blessed name , All he is doing in here is to soil the good name of Djibouti and its people who share so much with us. The truth of the matter is that he is from Ceelberdaale, he has two options either to take up the gun and join the "dhimeneyso" from both camps or have the courage like many other notable men from both sides of the conflict who are calling for peace. These men include Muj.Boobe Yuusuf Ducaale (Gabiley) and Dr Abdulshakur Jawhar (Borama). He instead chooses inuu xagan lasoo fadhiisto baroor iyo ala hoognayeey. Nin maaha naagna maaha ee waa naanaabad lol.


    Originally posted by Norfsky: Dadka ma caruur ayay u haystaan? quote: The defence has argued that the incident was part of an orchestrated effort by Mr Nabulsi and his brother, Ghasan, to drug Sheikh Issa and manipulate events to cause him to carry out the alleged assault and record it in order to blackmail him. The video was released only when Sheikh Issa refused to settle with him, Mr al Mulla said. On the night of the incident, Mr al Mulla said, the Nabulsis asked Mohammed Shah Poor, an Afghan trader, to come to a farm in Al Ain, informed the Sheikh that he had been cheating him, administered him with drugs and “created this scene” with the aim of recording it. “The Nabulsi brothers controlled the medication of Sheikh Issa for quite a long period,” Mr al Mulla said, adding Sheikh Issa was given many different drugs at one time, some of which were banned in the UAE. “Sheikh Issa is saying that he does not recall what is on the tape and he is pleading no liability because he lacked free will at the time that this incident took place.” Bassam Nabulsi has been involved in a protracted legal case against Sheikh Issa in the US. Tony Buzbee, his lawyer, was unavailable to comment yesterday. There is legal precedent for people being found not liable for their actions if they are drugged without their knowledge or will, he said. Sheikh Issa is currently being held in detention in Abu Dhabi. The medication might have been a strong Russian wisky for all we know . Its all PR but I think its a good progress if Sheikh Zayid's son could be taken to court over this.
  9. I have a feeling this guy and peacenow are one and the same. His IP address should be monitored
  10. ^lol Congrats to Adna, she was also awarded an honorary doctorate from cardiff university.
  11. I agee with A&T here, the Afghani dude is full of shit . Whats the point of praying when you have already planned your next sin? it really defeats the purpose of repentance.
  12. waryaa poiuyt, stop hating it ain't good for your heart instead find someone to love. I bet JB wouldn't mind giving you a helping hand lool
  13. Very good read indeed and kudos to their hardwork, thanks for sharing Norf. Although Dr Aw Abdi was born and raised in the UAE. This reminds me of how in school when I mentioned my name as Fulaan bin fulaan bin Aw Abdi the teacher will laugh and ask me to stick with one of the two names. Here, "Aw" in arabic means "or".
  14. Its all about trust n virginty is way overrated. An easy way to test your wife or husband-to-be for STD's is to have your meher in the UAE and may be in neighbouring arab countries. It was part of the meher procedure as far as I can remember
  15. Originally posted by chubacka: ^ Marshallah. Then you can make your own laxoox. No other choice for the time being but its a temporary solution untill da right canbaro steps up to the challenge.