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  1. The Somali model was found wondering in Brussels by herself after she was reported missing on Wednesday. She was taken to a hotel only to escape a few minutes later. It's no doubt the cocaine addicted Dirie is losing it. web page
  2. Paul Muite is irrelevant in Kenyan politics. He is nowhere close to the influential people that matter. Just a greedy guy hoping to get some from the Landers. He's a great business man though. If anything, that "country" might benefit from his deals. I know you'll argue it was a whole delegation. Maoka Maore and Patrick Ivuti are regarded as dunderheads in the Kenyan parliament. I bet they couldn't find the right people to take on that mission. Just don't get your hopes high with such useless politicians.
  3. Maybe Ethiopia was wrong in invading Somalia in the first place, but all the so called insurgent attacks lead to more blood. This is no different from Iraq. America made a mistake but they can't leave now. Even the most radical Arab (level minded ones) is praying for them to stick around. What happened, happened. Ethiopia should stay. I don't think Somalis will or can solve their own problems.
  4. OK, can someone send me that damn email. I'll tell you what she is.
  5. I am shocked how some folks here seem to enjoy the video.
  6. Ha...they thought it was Kenyans. I wish they knew, only we are capable of this shame.
  7. ...when you sitting at a coffee shop somewhere in North America or sitting in a Bar for those living in Europe. But it ain't easy when your behind is being blown off with nowhere to hide. Whether you support Mr. Yusuf or not, let us have a government. I could care less if an Ethiopian ruled us.
  8. Originally posted by J.Lee: Ina adeer, you'd do well to concentrate on yourself rather than question the reason why these girls are attired this way. It's between them and their maker; you aren't even in the equation sweetheart. Its called a FORUM. Spit your piece and move to the next thread. You must be the ladies am referring to here. Do us a favor young girl, take off that tight jeans or remove the Hijab. Don't make me repeat this.
  9. Ok now, why would anyone stick their booty out but have the audacity to cover their hair in respect for their religion? Or is it just a bad hair day?....every day?
  10. from a blog: 1. Gerry Frederics Says: at 1:10 pm Blacks are incapable of organizing. Any organisation of blacks for as far back as one wishes to go, was engineered by Jews or shabbas goyim, never a black man. The closest they came is the Black Muslim organization and they are utterly ineffectual within the black community. Blacks lack the capacity to think ahead - they react on a primeval level - witness the various riots, during which they invariably burned down their very own neighborhoods! They simply lack the ability to organize an attack, to forge a plan. They are simpletons who, at the first opportunity pillage and rape, get high on drugs and sleep it off somewhere, sort of like a street dog, with the exception that a street dog doesn´t pillage, he forages and he doesn´t rape, but merely ####s a willing female. Ergo, dogs are on a far higher plane than the monkeys amongst us. Gerry Frederics 2. CELTIC WARRIOR Says: 2006 at 8:52 pm Good show Gerry; I couldn’t have said it better; I concur with your statement . 3. CELTIC WARRIOR Says: 2006 at 9:57 pm I agree; frankly one day I want so bad to ask the Lord why do they exist at all? Really!! I know there is a God and yet I cannot answer this question and the only explanation the Bible gives is they are cursed and did something so horrible that God got ticked off and marked them Black!!!
  11. AIDS in the long run might be GOOD for the motherland. They claim Sub-Saharan Africa constitutes 11% of the world's population...and they are growing, really fast. Something like 300 to 750 million between 1975 to 2005. They will click 1 billion in 2020. This growth is nothing but a liability to the rest of the globe. Why? ..Who will feed these people? ..Who will stop them from wars? etc... We all know that continent is and will remain stagnant in all aspects. Population reduction or at least stabilization is necessary here. The only way to achieve this goal, is through diseases, wars and natural disasters... since Family planning couldn't be drilled into the Africans. Therefore, AIDS comes in handy here.
  12. other then that u need to grow up watch your language! [/QB] The little boy is ticked off. Why the rage? Oh..and thanks for the marketing lesson. Did you try using that for a better cause? Let me know, I might have a gig for you.
  13. Go chat with those who majored in that marketing you mentioned (including whites chicks), then comeback and post.
  14. More like Arabic world is living in backwardness.
  15. Somali women have this thing where they only listen, take orders, advice, whatever... from non other than, fellow Somali women. Its obvious they are not yapping about Soaps, their kids grades or daughter's piano lessons. They chat about what? guessed it right, HUSBANDS. Most of these women lie to each other, painting a rosy picture of their lives and making the other one look bad and hopeless...whatever. Before you know it, husband and wife are into it, about the other husband and wive's new (paid off) Honda van or lovemaking skills....whatever. Do you smell DIVORCE here?