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  1. Beautifull peice there buddy. I swear I missed Somaliaonline and just simply letting my mind wonder freely as it pleases. Great Job
  2. It was sick..Yet hillarious. I give mediate thumb.. I just didn't enjoy the wrestling in the hotel part.. over all it was good...
  3. Another terrible incident.Humans are humans, there are those that are capable of such actions and there are those that aren't.Somali or not, It has nothing to do with racial diffrences just how stable can ones mental status be.Prayers to the sister and her infant that all things get better, And that this monster stays caged away, else where may it be guantanamo bay.
  4. Once upon A time on Blue Night... i came upon the thought of why we need a great leader in the mist of it all, i came to this... image of inexplicable consciousness... scattered peices of my heart intertwined with broken glass... the aroma of this bullshit surrounded my final moments and gasp... this whole dillemmas surreal...i dont remember even how this ordeal came into a play minds absorbed by the gutwrenchin gore... in the depths explored whats been deplored by inner insanity... perhaps this epic got me in captivity without access to clarify past breakdowns... this saga is endless....piranhas roam the trenches... and commit the senseless acts to obtain stupefied status... chewin qad which in turn calms the surge inside their brain... rush sent to the veins could end up wastin days.... beyond from praise....its been a very long time since i last prayed.... i doubt i could ever define my own faith.... confined in alligned gates...never that.. though i search for crumbs and store them.... uniting with others is foreign... when fightings induced by egos.... and peoples priceless speech from hearts ignored... tooken for granted my existance... and im becomin closer and closer to decide to end it... so people take my depression and they dig deeper in the root of it.. torment and name calling they duplicate... not strong enough to begin their own lead... so offended hearts bleed....a blend of lifeform mentally and emotionally in a breed of tainted tears... i feel seperated from all peers...if only they knew my heart was sincere... but thats beyond normal wavelengths and im losin my patience... so I stay sacred,feelin enslaved in chains that cut off circulation and numbs all sensations... ive been implicated without proper evidence... no one seems hesitant to question negligence... they turn the other cheek,while some cheeks come moist with tears.... i cant escape these feelings that have been confined down here for years... someone else witholds the key to unlock and free the constant madness...Who? than again i'm mistooken for that lunatic that preaches..
  5. I felt as if i wasn't nearly done... But yes as always... These political writings, theologies, and reflections Can’t provide no answers nor realize the misconceptions The conception that leads a man to possession Sessions on the how to achieve the gratifications of life greater satisfaction Leave and Let live less aggitation so much lies in the atmosphere cousing mad polution Like thread that never has endings,mass corruption need petition for this aggravation theories that lead to nothing but confusion Dictators have always played on the natural human tendency to blame others and to oversimplify Complicated situations that stir up questions if reversed in vice verse solution by stands and peace ads it's demand, who dare opens pandoras box?
  6. Like Blue i'm marked like distintive moment is this moment clutter as i storm in a heart attack i'm foamin' Preachers sayings stolen, I intinct for this sole an OT for me?Nah ,nearly fallen,yeah captivate and tranform in a poets form an. I really do feel i belong in cage, mind just set mode insane mood in need ibrobrefen see,no optical needed i'm foreighn i glance and i'm formin distinguish this and yes i'm borring chance given,but yes i'm ignoring Hey Blue, wuz up. I digged the Lunatic part when The political writings, theologies, and reflections Can’t provide no answers nor realize the misconceptions The conception that leads a man to possession Sessions on the how to achieve the gratifications Sound like lauryn Hill there for a minute..
  7. What goes up must come down, or was it, What goes around comes around. Either way, I think if it is, in fact a true statement that she had been Through such hardships in her life, Than she has nothing to fear, but falsely To gain political attention or sympathy from the Dutch Citizens by bringing such allegations against Islam and Somalis way of life, than she has a lot to fear. "You reap what you sew" or "Reap What you sow".
  8. Instinct.Poet


    Whoa.. can Any' challenge that? good job.. Snapping fingaz,
  9. I apoligize everyone for sharing this with you, but what inhumane is this?Some of you might see this as a rightous way, but no way in hell is this right,How is it fair?I leave you to judge... Whooo!Whew11 A boy of 16 takes a knife and stabs to death the man who killed his father, as a crowd some 700 strong looks on. In another country, the bodies of murderers, rapists and drug traffickers are strung up in public, a gruesome warning to those who might be tempted to imitate their crimes. Examples, one in Somalia, one in Kuwait, of how two Muslim societies deal out an uncompromising justice. The Somali teenager who yesterday found himself becoming an executioner was Mohamed Moallim. Large crowds gathered at a Koranic school in the capital, Mogadishu, to watch him stab Omar Hussein in the head and throat. Hussein had been convicted of killing the boy's father, Sheik Osman Moallim, after a row about Mohamed's education. An Islamic court ordered, under Sharia law, that Mohamed should execute his father's killer in the same manner that his father was murdered. Hussein was tied to a stake at the school where Mohamed's father had worked, and had his head covered by a bag. He shouted: "There is no god but Allah' as Mohamed stepped up and plunged the knife into his head and throat time after time. One witness said: "It was horrible to watch because blood was splashing over the boy. "But he just carried on stabbing him. He stabbed him around 12 times with a huge knife. "People fainted because it was so horrible to watch. I saw at least two women collapse. Eventually when he realised the man was dead he just stopped and walked away. "He was very calm and had a blank look on his face." Speaking afterwards, Mohamed said simply: "I am happy now because I killed the man who killed my father." Video footage of the execution was quickly posted on Islamic websites and hardline religious leaders warned that the same fate awaited others they convict. Sheik Ibrahim Mohamed Nur, a local imam, said: "The justice of Allah has been implemented and there is no better justice than what Allah recommended." Hundreds of miles away in Kuwait City, the authorities hanged five criminals at the governor's palace yesterday. Then they flung open the doors and invited the public in to view the bodies, suspended from the almost clinically modern gallows. Two of the men were foreigners, a Pakistani found guilty of trafficking heroin and an Indian sentenced to death for killing his employer with a machine gun, robbing him and burying his body in the desert. The other men were all Kuwaitis, one executed for abducting a girl, raping and killing her. He had also raped another girl. A fourth was killed for kidnapping, raping and murdering an Indian woman, while the fifth was executed for two murders. For more than two decades Kuwait had carried out executions at the central prison. But officials decided in 2002 to let the public see the bodies of hanged convicts - as a crime deterrent. Source: Daily Mail, May 4, 2006
  10. D.V... What you trying to do to the girl,? she won't even respond to that,.. Good one though man...
  11. i digged that first one.. good onez..prob's for dat alwayz. ......How i missed spending time in here,.. Got no luxury to spare with ya'll no'more... My luv goes to all ya'll... one...Deep Versatalist(DV)
  12. Excellent reply to that Blue, Mr.Man, good come out on that as well.. Give 2thumbs to both of you,4taking ya time..
  13. Not much intrest in lyrical relaese,see is much of a tention release as my peace fall in piece feeling alot like his-story told over til it bored me threw me off course see blinded eye (I) like sand force see before i can foresee what what made my people divorce see the'culture and the way of nomad before he colonized me.. I'm not as nice as before see anger has risen inside me. And now... 2b con-tin-new.. salaams.
  14. Rainy day...And this is me..Again distanced in the realms of social emotional poverty... speakin the humble words which represent my journey... a never endin stories never left untold... when i spoke i got scolded and emotions was forced to fold... animosity spreading every single detail im stressing... forced into the repossessions of my blessings... and now im undetected people fail to accept me... "This man is haji, why isn't he spreading the words wisely?... first and formost acknowledge me...My ilness is so sick like cancer spreading to the liver completely polished... deliver the last of my knowledge of which i treasure..the depths remain solid... lifes a bitter pill to swallow...still healin from past horrors... so close to death i missed a checkup with kevorkian.... abnormal wits is keep gets me fighting...without it im completely empty.. in my mind i scream obsenitices at my self with maxed intensity... everydays i cycle of dirt ill dig deep eventually... So deep those around me will watch me flinch with ease... im a rare type of species...voice was taught not to exercise... so go and try to intimidate and discriminate me... im hard as cement wall...never fail or fall you fake thugs continue to attempt to degrade me... im ready with war tactics...spittin out the same poison... that ate the...past happy joyful memories.... sometimes i become my own enemy... my flesh and brain began to work as a team to go against me... and this.. is my selfwarinsanity and what i call my nomad expression....
  15. What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us M.Siad Barre Hmm,should i comment on it
  16. damn...nice..piece...I put my self there for a minute War casuallties Make it hard in the west to realize that these actualities really happen in realities...
  17. Did you get my point yet..? I'm responding back to you from the original piece... which went like this.. "don't regret" Originally posted by MsWord: He wants me to Love him Like I would love him as he would love I were he Me and no person can be held accountable for such a giving more than myself Lest he broke my heart How i took that was, She said he loves me alot and he expects the same back, she can't give the same back, cuz her feelings for him isn't that strong, and no one is accountable for and no human can be forced to do such thing.(true) lest(than)he left her.leaving her all alone, now she loves him even more, (cuz is human nature you want what you can't have) or was it(you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone) anyway,than she says, Even then, I won't regret I refuse to regret For love was given freely by no other person than I Who loved freely. Now,she says.. I wasn't wrong for not loving, her love was for her to give and to be given so freely,by no one other than herself.(true).. o.k now that last part fliped me a lil' cuz she still loves him..How can she say Lest he broke my heart if she really didn't had a feelings for him before,but until he left............... That is a excellent piece up there. no see if you understand my part..from a apposite sex perspective always regret.. He wanted you to love him the way any would love other as if they were one.... But abvious as he was mystery he recieved, instead of the other reasoning with the abvious, previlages were held back,... ..lest he search for the abvious elsewhere now.... How can he love her? when she wants him to love her the way she would love her if she was him???? complicate it peices..can what a poet said be explained,? hardly think so.
  18. reply to the first..piece..."Always Regret" He wanted you to love him the way any would love other as if they were one.... But abvious as he was mystery he recieved, instead of the other reasoning with the abvious, previlages were held back,... ..lest he search for the abvious elsewhere now.... How can he love her? when she wants him to love her the way she would love her if she was him???? Awaiting reply, thanx,
  19. What Ever Happened! What ever happened to the greetings of What ever happened to "happily ever after"? Where all the sadness & pain turns to joy & laughter And Why on my way to the promise land, no one keeps their promises? Kind of ironic that destiny is concealed And only revealed through Revelations by theologists What's the cause of this global human suffering? Where lives are cut short While Technology keeps us buffering... It's tough enough working consistently to earn our way Without getting to enjoy the leisure each day to burn our pay And Why when we see the people needing help do we automatically turn away? Are we that defensive, that retentive, or that pretentious? That we in turn act offensive And compassionless to those neglected Who knows what's next in this world that has reached post-humanity Where even young children are killing their closest of family Sad to see the shape of the world where hatred is a given Since when did "happily ever after" change to "Hey, at least I'm living"? Peace=Salaam
  20. Picture my poetry 4me. reality check of ...then...And..NOW I'm your reminder,of not to take your life for granted.If you have heart that still has mercy than you'll feel for your brothers here dying in hunger striking each other for some odd reasons. now you prolly thinking -WHY-? With out thinking why not? Your prolly need to open ya eyes more focus Notice this ,it is what hope is while you just dinin' safe overseas your relatives killin for saxan bariis Families stand by each other as their bodies start dissolve and dissapear into midst air body just there Lack of food, cuzzing stir,life flashes flair,vissions blurr Guns and violence elderly need to be disciplined on how to share love, not hate it's kind Oh somalia when will you see the truth? Stop doubting ya self and listen to the youth. Changes need to take place,home isn't safe. Can you even call it home anymore?phrase is long gone faces looking long saddened by un-ending distruction and corruption.
  21. To be continued.... I wonder why when try to make why i get glimpse of a slide show Strange images start to attack close my eyes focus hard correct the surrat I'm back at it again,doing numbers this time find it obscene,fight it with my deen bissmillahi rahmani raheem, but than again how could you perfect it in the west with out walking a block and seeing a womans chest, Ignore it and pray i shall try i close my eyes these images is all I pry.... to be continued... Salaam alaykum..
  22. Very inspiring peice... I hope to see more of your writings in such way , That it is very moving and relatable to most like i...
  23. Maasha allah, may god make it blessing for every one and their loved ones to go to hajj. I've had the apportunity to take my mother this year allhamdullilah and is yet the best experience i've ever had.Mekka was just beautiful, mountains every where you look from left to right, the weather just perfect. When you walk in from the airport you will feel what is like to live at a place where islam is embraced. mekka & Madina the only two places where everyone is %100 muslim. non-muslims cannot go in to those two holly cities anytime of the year. Anyone who has never been there specialy the brothaz, i tell you it is worth if you taking your parents,wifes, sistaz or even your self.when you come come back you gonna plan your next trip right away just like i am now. assalaam.
  24. Man that was beautiful. Good flow all through out, the first one. I feel writing..Whew!!1 I gotta slow my role,I'm still @ hajj Roaming through Mecca & Medina i can't just write what i think my thoughts might mis direct me to realms that have no exits and no way to get back.. But until than.. salaams,