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  1. This Is just a lil' sum'n I had on my chest.
  2. I see both ways and I react post haist~ I'm not the one for all that garbage but I recieve the most waiste~ I'm a man with no face and i'm band from most states~ I got the rhythm to rock `em but still a man of no place~ I'm given no praise and receive sand on a snow day~ I'm told to make a mold but they give me no clay~ They try to treat me like a child and im told to go play~ At times I feel lost and I see no way~ So I find a secluded room and I proceed to go pray~ God put a smile on my face, yeah that's a coldplay~ I pray for happiness turn around and split it 4 ways~ Plottin show dates cause I think i'm hot on a cold day~ Aint nothin could hold me just check the song main~ Like, only the lonely would keep phony homies~ my guys is real they'll ride and roll they~ grab the bull by the horns and then scream ole~
  3. Yo!!!!! Did you.....Knaw you couldnt have...I think you did try to diss me!!!!!! THIS CAT TRIED TO DISS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a flow wit a true thesis/ on the vurge of a different species/ see me bang with iron and watch you fold like two creases/ i bring the smog/ I smother plus I cover/ and i whoop *** like bruce and my grandmother/ nygga on the hush hush I crush and leave you stuck wit contusions/ and if I call my dogs man you know the conclusion/ I get around emcees in a revolution/ my style sales like prostitution/ I aggravate things and cause things and cause confusion/ no bluffin'/ on the last rap I packed the stuff in/ now im creasin' emcees with the rukus and put the cuff in/ I packs the rap utilities coming out on top of me has a low posibility/ yes check me/ ya style sounds messy/ i "BONE" hoes like lazy/ wit a style so sick even the barber couldnt fade me/you aint tall dig nyggas on some small sh!t/ I cant call it/ and the only 9 you probaly come close to is in ya wallet
  4. I dont need your putiful 24 hours/ i rip you into 24 sections in 24 seconds/ Ill give 24 lessons on how FIIFTY gone bless it/ Im the "bad boy" that P. Diddy wont mess wit/ this a critical message/ for bytches who test it/ Im the top choice/ your the one that others get left wit/ Im not a brag and boast emcee/ but jackin off to my picture is the only way you can "cum" close to me/ I just plum roast emcees/ this battle is a joke to me/ I keeps it "crackin' like a dealer charged wit distribution to the 1st degree/ you low down scoundral need to be drown/ my style is profound/ im hotter syphillis/ and your sittin' on top of my shytlist/ you get dismissed/ when im rappin like christmas gifts bytch/ and hittin sh!t to get bent like front ends in accidents/ you asked to miss the class/ to get pass the test of a whip azz lyricist and I bet ya bytch azz aint hearin this/ I done releaved the stress/ and I think its best/ if you not reply cause you'll find my foot in the back of your chest Check it out. Some nice traxxx. I produced.
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    Your weak son! You dont want none!
  6. Would like to battle me? You a nice EMCEE. The only worthy Comp on here!!!!