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  1. BlueEpocha

    Love Lost

    Forever In A Pink Moon Can you feel me My raging river of blood My drumming pulse My clenching jaw My will Not to let you in I've laid next to you My flesh exposed For you to love Like my soul But it wasn't enough And I've been left As a mere indiscretion And Although there is no forever In being with you I felt forever Wrapped in a split second And time was never time I can't be your verb As you can't be mine And we don't need To be told twice In all your fragility You have reduced me In the name of rationality Making you a killer Twice And now you write lines To encapsulate your understanding But you have no idea You can't let yourself love So where do you draw the sadness I for loving you or you not letting yourself? I can't be your green eyes The rock upon which you stand Nor the sea upon which you float But you could be happy With the infinite sadness With the many reasons With the sense buried in you With the spirit in you Finding forever in a pink moon Never seemed so simple I guess we are all among the many trying to find forever in a pink moon...I digged your work brother, spoke to me in a caressing way and thats why I thought I would share my piece which I thought was a lil befitting...
  2. Freedom is faith and faith is love as love is faith "Freedom only exists when love is present. The person who feels freest is the person who loves wholeheartedly. The true experience of freedom: having the most important thing in the world without owning it" Paulo Coelho
  3. You've laced together a hidden message while you pointed directly to a hidden message, so I sit here trying to diverge each word to see which will divulge the messege...I could read into it what I want to hear but I'll let you tell it like it is...Welcome back homie
  4. I did part was the everyday summer day feeling! here are some of my favourite parts! I absolutely loved the overlapping bridge roads truly majestic! Yup TEXAS is On THA MAP! So CRUNK!!! By the Ocean Side in Galveston! Summer Days! N Palm Trees
  5. Sorry you know I haven't been on this thing in a while :rolleyes: but next time inshallah I promise!
  6. Originally posted by Castro: ^^^^ Are those native Indian kids sitting in front of a Mac's? That second picture is downtown Toronto, right? Spadina? My favorite street. Blue, you started this thread 4 days after I joined SOL and I too love this thread. Here's a tribute to you on "center stage". I took this picture a few weeks ago at the International Festival. Salaam Castro! how are you? I hope your doing well...and I'm so glad to hear that! crazy isnt it! N thank you I don't think I deserve a tribute lool but I appreciate it nonetheless... As for your question yes they are native indians, there is a large population in my new city...the second picture however is not from Toronto its actually from Houston TX
  7. LooL thats sad! The way I see it imperfection is beauty and relative happiness is absolute!!
  8. Hey Val!! I'm waiting for the Brisbane Pics!!
  9. BlueEpocha


    You You might just find me missing you like I would miss my own skin I would tear it apart into small chunks just to be inhaling you You You would make me bleed just to keep your honour I And I would let you paper cut me so I could be free Floating away to become the butterfly that would love you And you You would love me if only You learnt to stand firm like the mountains
  10. These Streets ==============
  11. I must say that I've grown fond of this thread and I can't believe its been almost 2yrs since I first posted it!! But I love coming back to it and seeing just how much I grew with it! and inshallah will grow with! so be on the look out lool
  12. Trevor yes its been a while... Kid I do know what I want out if it and that is to have people find comfort in understanding it...
  13. BlueEpocha

    My Love!

    I look towards his direction Sensing the extent of his hurt Wanting to offer my protection I wait for the sun to rise To take him through the cries The words of a broken man Can be found scripted intricately But I know with the downpour of rain Each grain will unwind to feel again As I slip him the letter she wrote As it read "I'm truly sorry but don't give up on love"
  14. Well then can you tell my internet was acting up Hmmmm sooo someone wanna rate me
  15. ) Bob I'm alright, just haven't been around this way in a while how are you and are you married now? if so how recent and CONGRATULATIONS!