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  1. I digged the lines, really well. metaphorical/yet subliminal sadness is what i felt? seatle skies remain gray my sight ain't bad,i've just seen what you said rain so much thou your hills decay what more can i say i feel like edgar allan poe nevermore, nevermore shalll i return to thee everbored,everbored seatle..........
  2. I'm glad femm'fatale has posted this,Mahdy is amazing cool and yet very artistic with his work. I had the chance to meet him back in 2003 spring, in his inside studio in seatle where me and 3friends were doing the 1 nation tour going to schools talking with young somalis about the importance of our culture and religions and many other topics i can't recollect at this moment. Mahdy is very inspirational,i once again met him here in minneapolis @ Safari Restuarant.Where we exchanged ideas and so on.Anywho i better stop the tatlin, If many of you haven't had the chance to catch it here in minneapolis his showing it here in mpls again it will be at the riverview theatre if you don't know how about getting there there is always mapquest to the rescue or simply just pm me.Make sure you all see it...
  3. Nin Nool. Nicely done, "I write for anyone who can’t stand this shyt.. like a cripple on a pile of manure" nice phrase... Expressive minsets release all tention... forget and sieze to mention... you might get locked in silent dimention.. NinNool"" The art of expression and being able to "express yourself freely"... A gift any poet is lucky to be blessed with...for we know no boundaries.. Couldn't said it any better..
  4. Asalamu alaykum,My beautiful cuzzin,i love your poem. jog alska dig..i don't even know if i'm sayin it right. welcome back..
  5. intresting Quantem you still taking in part saving everyone in this was kind of nice..He said telecommunication is well organized emails and cell phones and that most somalis are literate..good thing right.. one question though, what is this 2003 chevy tahoe doin in somalia..?on top left..
  6. Instinct.Poet


    i dig the whole thing....seriously.. as is..don't edit.. Yo DV..what the F..ha ha ha.. last lines... Baby don't be shaddy open real wide, am nasty no need to ask me am freaky, Make u leak a lake while u jamming to Freek-a-Leek* you crazy...
  7. Originally posted by Shayma: Have we deserted our conscience to maintain a fake crown?... I believe so,cuz every time i hold smile it turns upside down I feel like a sad clown,i ain't Entertainin this life i maintain in is kinda eazy to sustain the pain, kill my spine i get up with crane, like tylenoll i numb the strain, pain is nothing call me Ibobrofen, Instinct is pain proven Why...i don't know,i just Improvin' lit me with flame and propain, i walk around litted like cigar in ya mouth an', Aaaaaaaaaahhhh.... sit back this how i feel.. even so i keep it in hard shell, never prepared to fail, the devil wishes my soul for sale, my conscience sets for bail, see the good in me is hard to beat, My good deeds kept me out of defeat, ask around i ain't never been known to back out or retreat, i take all heat like oven, handle all pain and still movin'..
  8. Thats Nice...Piece.. I dig the last pieces last line. good job man...i don't even get the chance to write anymore.. I've gone all
  9. How i feel.. Diffrent from Eight Minute ago,10,000 people have died i don't even know,Thoughts like this is what haunts me,constantly and i can't help it, i sleep less,i confess,my life is like test.... so how you feel..
  10. How i feel? Confuced Kinda complicate it,Thoughts in my head,I can't explain it,I feel old aging from stress at young age, this world is so raw and cold clinchin in rage,can't see glimpse of me,i feel strange,my thoughts enrage,really i think i'm insane i belong in cage.... so how you feel...
  11. true...I agree with section sixer on that. Gaal Iyo Gaal isma dhaamaan, but vote for the one who carries the regulation that mostly copcerned you. Second time i ever voted.Wise decition..who knowz.. plus start to apprecitae bush, cauze he will be your president for the next four yrs, that is if you reside here...(USA).. Ps.BUSH promised this yr to turn things around for poor and middle class people, also said in quote(Economy will be stronger by making stricker rules for companies that have or trying to relocate on diffrent country for cheaper labor).. Only one way to find out,"we shall wait and see". I thought you might wanna know,I voted for Bush he met my personal intrests. I decline and i don't favor homo's And less taxes for bussiness and homeownerships Abortions is another factor.. And simply least i don't favor kerry rules.. I'd gone and voted for nader,whats the use he won't win,i'd rather stay home..I'm more into Humaterian i like the green party,but than again they won't win.
  12. Jalaqsan, u must be wetodit bekawz u downt anderstaan wat i sayd, let me reqoute my self for ya. This was a crazy decition making,because both presidents had something they were in favor of that i didn't like so i had to make tough decition which one will effect more on people like us somalis and bussiness owners. the topic sayz who voted today? mahadsanid for fahmidtaani
  13. Salaamz, and ramadan karim to each and everyone of you.As many of you all know today was he big election day for the STATES, and great day i guess to make diffrence in politics.I went and voted this morning to great decition i hope.However, i want it to know how many of you went out and voted? This was a crazy decition making,because both presidents had something they were in favor of that i didn't like so i had to make tough decition which one will effect more on people like us somalis and bussiness owners.Somalis In Minnesota are mosty all in favor of kerry campaing.But which one are you?
  14. I had seen alot of troubles lately sorrounding my people,whats goin on what do they all want from us. Our rights have been voilated over and over,but this one will end up in court for sure if non others would. check this story out.... ps.don't ask the question why these grown men are not fasten...what are they doin at starbucks on day time in ramadan...for i will not know the answer... the whole story please..
  15. ha ha at the earlier post.. Well me, I ain't much of a brokenman more of made man man of steel if you would like superman I remain at ease mostly when others are on their knees See I Ain't so complicate it to understand give me 2 of your minutes to see where i stand i intro my self before hand so i cannot be misunderstood for a fool keep it really collected calm and cool .. feel me...
  16. Well, hey is gonna be a good experience for you sinse it's your first time.. I've voted nov-2000 for the first time and i guess i've made bad choice for the person i've voted for. Aigh't it was Bush save you the time to guess, sinse it was my first time i'm registered as a republican,nothing i've really chosen at that moment. I was in islamic group that handled political affairs for concerns in the muslim communty,at the time bush has met some of the criteria that has sorrounded us..Not anymore however.. I'm not really in favor of john kerry as well this year, so i'll be on the sideline with the green party, go with ralph nader...
  17. I knew that....Need i say more...
  18. DV~ I've been Enjoyin this lyrical joint.. Mad probs to the lates one as well as rest of'em b4. one.
  19. I'm glad that finally somali restaurant can get the attention it really deserves.To be the first African restaurant on Star Tribune, I guess it will make a diffrence not only in the community but also great introductory to others that somali food is more than typical exotic Goat & Rice. The Menu is quite impresive... I'm just sad however,that my favorite dish haven't been mentioned... The Chicken Fantasic dish, Anyone familiar?
  20. Well, there are people of all colors and ethnicity who do weird shyt on this planet. But hey, i also witnessed some sick shyt commited by somalis as well. Such I shall not mention, However iwill mention this weird incident that had accured In minneapolis. Since there is so much interacial marrieges happening now a days in out Community, It took place about 2months ago,when rescently married somali sista and Afro-American Brotha(was muslim) happen to came by on nice sunday afternoon at somali mall, The sista had seen a cuzzin of hers, she hadn't seen for a while or so,You know how we somalis Hug up kiss on both cheeks,the brotha just did that, and,"iska waran,(mentioning the sista'z name) see tahay" before the next sentence the afro-american brotha took step back punch the somali guy so hard he went right to sleep, shocked the girl did nothing,Other somali guys who happen to be around jumped in whoop the afro-american brotha up,the brotha left got with his click came back fought some others and so and so on,well hey. Thats why Ussually recomend staying with your own race is better for many reasons. cuz we have culture not even a man with phd could accomblish on understanding way we work and how we go about on livin the daily life. I got another story,that just happen to me in about to weeks ago,damn, just makes me clinch my fist remmembering it..but i'll share next time..
  21. I guess, Everyone now days goes and reads At the Nomad Expression poetry club Maybe you should too.. But only if your in Minneapolis...
  22. Nicely done.. And thats how a poetry should be written Excellent start beginning to end.
  23. Great weekend has it been to really do appreciate the one who brought as well and looked out for us only wanted the best for her youngsters. Great weekend has it been,Every morning seeing your face was like seeing the rays from the shining sun. With out you god knows what path awaited me, Your knowledge and your good whiping got me thinking deeply of who i really i was. I luv you for that.moms. Now that i left under your wings,great responsibilty awaits for me, but than I see darker roads this isn't like the world i was prepared for. So much hate and anger,everywhere i turn ponder and wonder why,why,why,whats goin on? i can't make out reason why, I wanna turn my back on it, But i can't, i'ma man with a bleeding heart i feel mercy even for the one with coldest heart My face tells you no lies, all you see is innocense confusion, but my inner is filled stories so much like the ones every one who has seen oppression.. To be continued..
  24. Much Upz...To Everyone, i see somaliaonline getting bigger this is one family,I'm really liking this. Hey, This is Another invitation to everyone that doesn'r know about the poetry club we have here in mpls @ Eat street Cafe' Be really nice if you can show up here and really share it with us.. Make your words come to life.... Much love from brotha J
  25. Another Odd one... Many of you didn't hear about this..but go a head and read on.. In Minneapolis Bank teller wouldn't take robber's note Maybe this robber watched the wrong movie or missed the instructional video on how to hold up a bank.Chck this out.. It was nearing 3 p.m. Monday when a man walked into the Wells fargo bank @ frankling ave and handed a teller a note saying that he was robbing the bank. To his surprise, the teller handed the piece of paper back. “The woman looked at the note and politely slid it back to him and said, 'I can’t accept this,’ ” said police spokesman Tommy Kullman. The man slid the note back again. “This time, she picked it up, balled it up and threw it back at him,’’ Kullman said. The man picked up the note and walked out of the bank and down west on frankling ave wondering what had went wrong Bank employees called police. While the teller’s actions foiled the robber’s plan, Kullman said police don’t recommend such a response. “We don’t want anyone to get hurt,’’ he said. The man is described as dark complexion,with a thick accent might be somali about 5 feet 7 inches tall and about 130 pounds. He was wearing a black jacket and yellow pants. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Minneapolis Crime Line at (888) LOCK-U-UP --------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm loughing my azz off.. You tell me what you think.. I think i'm gonna just watch from now one so many funny things pass by.. Actions cuzzed by Dumb people..