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  1. Thanks for bringing us in the loop with this petition Duke. This is a little sumin befitting to this thread from way back. Wake up my people... Forge your future from your past. Embrace the lessons that U learned from life as your class. Past instructors leading by example, Bleeding by the handfuls, offering themselves as sacrifices. Assume the role of greatness that is genetically inside us, Hermetically sealed 2 define us as the Kings & Queens of our birthright. Our land is unmistakeably the center of Earth's might, Which is why we're the heartbeat of civilization. It's no coincidence that our culture is endeared by virtually every nation. As soon as we realize our potential, our excellence will be eminent. Wake up my people... Respect each other as equals. Cease the unnecessary clashes that decrease the strength of our masses. In this struggle, we need our warriors prepared 4 the battle. Capable of felling the enemy from his high-horse's saddle. Yet, my forces straggle from our side & continuously commit fratricide . They straddle enemy lines, empowering them mindlessly when another of our soldiers violently dies. We can only be mighty when we unite... Our solidarity will ensure our victory in the fight. The stability of our collective minds will expose the trickery 2 the light. Do what's right & cast away the trivial differences... Only then will we be able 2 concentrate on our true oppositions. Wake up my people... Silence the mouths, let our hearts be the mediums we speak through. Let those words reflect our oneness with ourselves & the Almighty... 4 ALLAH favors those who live righteously. Can U feel our Mother reaching out 2 us, calling 4 our return, Asking 2 teach our brothers & sisters at home all that we have learned? Let us be the factor which determines whether our nation survives... Let us be the factor that protects our nation from a slow demise. Wake up my people Unite.
  2. Thanks guys. Wordette is good 2 back sis, been hecka busy lately .
  3. On waves of serious seas my hull bashes white foam repeatedly Uncharted waters are seemingly decieving to me... seasonally I venture for an adventure with ears alert like a doberman pinchers... experience expands my sensors so that jagged coral reefs underneath mans grief does not wither my sails like a dying leaf. My belief is that ALLAH blows you with a wind that he designed for you to be in Not all boats are crafted to win races and sometimes losing races contorts faces Not all of us will sail to an island oasis...the strife in the world filled the cases for my basis The devil chases the weak out of the fleet cause stormy days and nights can beat a sail sheet to admit defeat. My boat is small and meek... and on my maiden voyage I have felt supreme heat the path to my current location has not been neat filled with hurricanes that tried to bend my frame and water sprites that tried to sink my ship at night ALLAH knows that I've constantly had a fight but as long as I make it to my final destination everything is gonna be aiight.... An ERA ends while another begins~~~~~~
  4. It is totaly wrong and irresponsible for for any 1 including dr badawi to tell our sisters to take of there hijab for whatever reason. The logic used here if I understand corectly is that becouse of the threat we as muslims face,we have to blend in and not stand out, in another words when in rome do as the romans do, hence our sisters should take of the hijab. How far are we willing to take this blending in ? If the curent situation persists or even gets worst, then will we expect our sisters to wear mini skirts becouse it will help them blend in even more? Where do we draw the line? If the situation was such that it was a mater of life and death , then I could understand were dr badawi was coming from , and it makes perfect sense that one should do what ever it takes to protect there life. It is very dangerous out there specialy for the sisters but we should not throw things out of proportion. This is a dangerous downhill slope and we should not be entertaining these kinds ideas, and most importantly we should not have to compramise on our deen .
  5. Love don't love nobody and hearts dont trust nobody unless spirits are uniting somebody otherwise you'll fall for anybody anyone anywhere and somewhere my "she" is there the one for I but Love dont Love nobody so until ALLAH bless me wit my "somebody" I continue the road less traveled as the wisdom unravels... Those "souls with holes" and "someone to hold" are headed for the bitter cold sooner than later because their Love is no greater than the outer can behold and the inner is necessary for the foundation to hold so u see... Love dont really Love nobody its equally decieving to everybody.... Cupid has no arrows Aphrodite is no Love Goddess wit golden sparrows There is no easy way to "Love" REAL Love PURE Love releasing the holds of the past on the wings of a dove Love dont love nobody because EVERYBODY needs to live n' learn the tales of the mistaken "anybody" EVERYBODY needs to YEARN to be SOMEBODY worth lovin in Love that is secure Love that is sure Love that is PURE Love cant love nobody it must be unbiased to shake and startle the minds of everybody so that when da one TRUE Love approaches you will know..."this is somebody" Love dont Love nobody but best believe when time is right and minds are tight and souls are in sight than Love may not Love nobody...but EVERYBODY will Love...LOVE
  6. Betta believe... Love don't love nobody I see you alone at the party but love don't love nobody in the distance you hear laughter thas hearty if this is the first time you heard this I'm sorry but you betta believe that love don't love nobody... How come it seems like those whose souls have holes and shadow stays cold have someone to hold and those who don't doze on the up and up mentally/spiritually moving up rows are froze by love's bitter bite Reminded of callous hearts at night troubled dreams causes pseudo-fights falling from great heights galvanized by gravity afflicted by causality demonized by mans duality equals a lovers fatality.... Has a rouge cupid's arrow rattled thee or is it just that there is no love to see the strongest force in the universe should easily be able to find thee but no what should be easy is a mystery that plauges your sanity "what's wrong with me" taller then the tallest tree with barren branches chilled from the wind thas wintery why should you keep doing good when dispair is as deep and black as the dead sea you ask "will true love ever find me?" or will I walk this path alone no one to share my home ....... I see it all written on your face as you look at two lovers with distaste but I also see love so strong so strong is your love to waste I see that and I see you please remember haste does not always win the race... Love don't love nobody I see you alone at the party but love don't love nobody in the distance you hear laughter thas hearty if this is the first time you heard this I'm sorry but you betta believe dat love don't love nobody... Hello somebody....
  7. I lick up lakes and abate debates as momentum translates into rhythm.. All my skills I pit them against mentalities that be like stick em ha hah stick em cause my youth Im trying to pick em up Life is ruff and tuff and stacked up against all of us derelict delinquents dine from dawn to dusk if your a jaat joe a chin check is a must.. I gots a lust for metaphors unlocking coridors in the center of the cerebral core.. I'll insert some ill adverbs on your nerves to put your reality on a slant and make you search for daylight like ramp.. My stamp of approval might sound unusual and I don't want to lose yall but I got the call of the wild that's why bufflo's stampeding is my greeting.. I set my sight on defeating the devil with words with no deleting and I still have to worry about him cheating and trying to rearrange my seating.. Sometimes when you get caught sleeping you slept your last sleep cause percussions of repercussions cut deep and on da ill creep comes the grim reap so don't play reality cheap....
  8. Thanks for peeping BOB, much love back at yah.
  9. been missing you been wrecklessly busy beyond the boundaries of my being I guess you could say I was losing my mind...time had me cornered threatening me with sweeping hands and striking chords that struck every minute... It's amazing that I'm still here... I haven't been able to stroke you play with you ...have that menage tois with our other friend in quite sometime. I've been neglecting you for too long now I'm ready to hold you again and begin making love, joy, harmony, and be happy with you 'til each shard of light exits the world and I sit in the dark...then all i'll be able to do is part my thoughts and grease in between the lines so our copulation is comfortable been missing you so long that another child I knew was murdered... nephew **** near died and I wanted to strike my own mortal blow.... and more kids are on the verge to fight another man's war again...for what? I've heard you calling my name beyond the cranial chaos and confusion the wind of the springtime is here / thank you... my pen... I've been missing you for a while and it's so good to feel you again.
  10. DeadlyVision' ''But, life goes he met a girl who got him a stone! Filled his pipe right, now dazed 'n' amazed* Feeling more twisted than the drunk, more high than the blazed! He got on the Ally-ways! No more shame days, he gone ugly but alive learned life plays... You don't get it, now they call him Ali-Dusty_ Meet the life of a somali custy!'' This could be the life story of many kids . You sometimes see Ali dusty on ur street and quitely say 'ALHAMDULILAH'for not ending up the same way. Fallen from birth, his life is a curse A troublesome boy, hittin` and runnin` Dreams of gurlz,money and gunnin` Little does he know he is his own grave digger, The shovel represented by his finger on the trigger, He hates the law, his enemies are the police, his friends are the gangsters, he prefers the streets, Out on the streetz he cold, but he`s free, Out on the road he`s as bad as can be, his friends are those that will take a life, Kill a fellow man for a very little price, The boy sells drugs and steals to survive, he does anything he can just to stay alive, No role model, no parent to show him the way, No one to tell him crime doesn`t pay, Father chewing his brains out, mum given up hope, A single stress out mother, and yet she still copes, Walking the streets, late at night, Walks into darkness, walks into a fight The boy meets his rivals, trouble has begun, Moments later his life is done, Friends at his funerl time to say goodbye, His mother heart-broken all she does is cry, He is now gone and buried, Buried six feet, He`s just another boy who fell victim to the street.
  11. NIN_NOOL


    Words can entangle, enwrap, envelope a poet's brain rendering the scribe insane With the words ever evolving, always revolving in the mind, solving A mystery, appreciating history, or resolving an unchallenged philosophy. Those letters, laced into words, syllables, strategically placed. Love Hate Fear Ignorance is not a bliss, if the words can't explain that kiss, that sensation of a creation of procreation in the mind got to let it out Got to release those words ever revolving ever evolving.... Do you feel what I'm saying? Words.....
  12. Beautifully done feeling the flow on this... The art of expression and being able to "express yourself freely"... A gift any poet is lucky to be blessed with...for we know no boundaries.. When I’m among acquaintances I like to be the one to make them laugh I mingle and merge like two oceans coming together But when Im alone.....I write........ I write for the lonely, I write for those who have no love I write for those who appreciate nature and the beauty God has given us I write for the ones who feel different from everyone else I write for the impaired so their imagination can take them places they’ll never see I write for those who hear a certain song, and get hit by memories I write for the angry, not liking how society is shaping I write for those who feel sad, when they see the children with babies in the making I write for those who regret things in the past, hate the present, but welcome the future I write for anyone who can’t stand this ****.. like a cripple on a pile of manure I write for anyone who’s ever had what they thought was forever...and lost it I write for those without a voice but have much to say I write for the people who fear night but welcome every new day I write for parents that have to struggle alone I write for people coming from work to an empty home I write...because **** ain’t fair I write to get rid of this despair I co-exist within every word and ryhme to elaborate on what’s on the the mind as I hold conversations between my soul and pen... I write because I find peace when talking into the wind...I write for love I write for hope...I write for peace... I write because it’s theraputic for me I write unfiltered truth.... because Im a poet and this is what we do
  13. NIN_NOOL


    Thanks for da rep sis, words are powerfull but as long as ppl realise that... it's all good. DV... My Words Got Me Like A Hostage! I Surrendered long ago- Mi old mucka i didn't know u was a rib tickla ....That was a nice ending. From da top of the dome To the corners filled with swirling paper I travel past the phonies and the fakers Trouble makers and loot takers Cause gingerbreadmen bakers Get melted by the cheese graters chillin on elevators Actin like haters Thinkin they are greater... What is going on? The congested pathways are filled with cats thinkin wrong Mentals dirty like water from a bong Bouncin over sad songs like ping pong for far too long Of a time...afraid of the lights shine so they climb da vine The eyes of strangers remind the line of malnourished minds That beast do not walk on their hind legs...and I dont do fights with handbags... and that a man that begs is more delicate then a dozen eggs In a room with unhappy feds runnin low on meds In these streets somali cats walk with dreds on their heads Breakdancing with keds and pumas from da sheds The dregs of this planet roam free unable to see Past the next day and it's a tragedy that the saddle be fallin off...leave'n souls as a casuality while the faculty tries to battle me... What is going on? All these fools scampering like ants in lil hong kong lookin $tupid like a midget with a giant dong Emeresed in a preverse visual starburst The durst is to stay away from the scurge of da day and keep them out my way or at least keep them at bay No matta what they say it's not ok to lay in eternal essense abduction is the devils construction What hun is the right one? What gun makes the most run? How dumb is one who chases hot buns no matter where they are from and how dumb is one who shakes hot buns to attract all...includin scum The streets that I run I don't see one I see infinity...
  14. NIN_NOOL


    This key board often acts as my window As I sit and look out as you look in Sometimes a musical phrase noted with a crescendo Come gushing from the tip of my pen Like an artillery piece I fire for effect Gauging my range and zooming on in The mistakes I've made I dutifully correct Assuming responsibility for all of my sin The looseness of my tongue, it has brought In the past again and again When I was unconcerned about the destruction I wrought And immature just spitting in the wind Not knowing of the great blessing I possess Nor the weapon I wield in my hand Yes I must openly confess I was too dumb to even comprehend Now I know responsibility goes with what I write And I prepare now when I'm ready to send Phrases out into the bright day And the darkness of the mystical night See me in my window, I'm thinking of you, my friend And my enemy for you there's vicious fight These words they are powerful beyond end They travel on far beyond unlimited sight They maim and kill and they also mend I can't just carelessly put them into flight I now know...... My words will witness for or against me in the end .
  15. Changes are taking place At a well designed change taking pace The earth is taking on a new face New directions for the whole human race Folks can't alwayz see from whence it came Those into gaming continue to game But the reality evolves; things don't stay the same A part of this all is the evolution in name Look through history's pages it's easy to understand The names evolve also with the changes in land The ones controlling the naming have earthly power in hand They and their names fade away like the sifting of sand Resistance is alwayz there to any revolution Though it appears to be a problem it is part of the solution To aid and add strength to the inevitable evolution As the old ways and thinking give way in absolution Gradually the changes come upon the earth With some pain as alwayz in the bringing of new birth But all things of value are really surely worth The trials and hardships and accompanying dearth The new day on the horizon is not clear to all Some cling to the old day dreading its fall The prophets and seers continue their call As the writing becomes clearer and clearer on the wall.