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Dear Mogadishu,

I am saddened to learn another horror visited upon you the other day in the heart of your once beautiful downtown. I have a fond recollection of the area — Cinema Centrale, Croce Del Sud, Ufficio Governo, and the classic fashion shops. I understand it was going through renovations and witnessing a renewed sense of hope and revitalized spirits.

I am sorry about what the merchants of death and destruction have brought to you. In their twisted, evil logic, they benefit from the atrocity and the violence they foist on you; their survival lies in keeping you in a perpetual cycle of death and destruction. I know your residents are a tough, resilient lot; they braved through so many calamities, but I do not think, for a minute, it is the West that is behind your misfortune. You are just a blip in the West's radar. The culprit is in the midst of the poor, honest, hardworking folks of yours. It is another Somali — a coward, a depraved soul, bereft of morals, hiding behind a variety of masks. He has poisoned your culture and ethics, destroyed your honor and dignity, brainwashed your children, and soiled your reputation. But let me tell you, he is on a borrowed time. Your people are becoming aware and exposed to the outside world, and your youth, ever more educated, restless, believing and demanding a better future.

Dear Mogadishu, keep the faith and hope alive, your people will triumph soon and take good care of you!


A.Nur Bidar-

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8 hours ago, Instinct.Poet said:

I'm lacking on how to attach photo's

 wanted to share these awesome shots i took while in Mogadishu this past month:-/


You can use image hosting sites like or, then upload them to SOL.

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      i want to talk about a sensitive topic which is racism in the somali community which is diasppointing because the people who are discriminated because they a bit darker and kinky hair is really disappointing i mean like what the hell they fucking burned a human being alive because he was from a clan who have more of what they call african features. for those who dont know why he was burned alive is beacuase he married from a person from another clan and the people from that clan said how could a jareer an adoon marry a women from our clan. how could you burn someone alive, how could you burn a fellow somali alive even even if you dont consider him somali or some one equal to you how could you burn a muslim alive  a muslim even if he was not muslim( which he wasnt he was muslim) how could you burn a human alive he had a mother a father people who loved him just like you. just so you know here is a picture of him. here is a link to great man talking about racism(

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      first of all i wanna say that i was born and raised in hargeisa, growing i always hated how some of our people tried so hard to be arabs but what they dont know is that arabs hate somalis. i personally experienced this when i when to saudi arabia as somali people are constantly called african go back to your country. one time a friend told me about a story of him that happened to him, he came late to prayer so some him and his freinds decided to do jamac on their own and this arab guy said he would lead, so he lead but it turns his quran was poor and and the somali guy exited prayer and told him let me lead instead but the arab guy told him that he is african and cant lead him. theres more examples which i would rather not talk about enough of that and back to somaliland i think that our flag doesn't represent somali people why it looks too arab as theres the arabic language all over it instead of our own language even on our emblems its arabic and english and no somali which is very embaressing. which i wish would be changed and am not saying that we should take the shahada of the flag but what am saying is we should write it in our language or use the emblem that is on other muslim countries flags like pakistan and turkey.... i would like you to post alternative flags somaliland should use. here is mine 
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      Security Council Press Statement on Elections in Somalia
      The members of the Security Council noted the progress made in the preparations for the holding of national elections in late 2020 or early 2021 in Somalia, and welcomed the role of the Federal Government of Somalia, the Somali Federal Parliament and the National Independent Election Commission (NIEC) in this regard.
      The members of the Security Council reaffirmed their respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and unity of Somalia.
      The members of the Security Council reiterated its expectation that one–person-one-vote elections which are peaceful, transparent, timely, credible and inclusive, allowing as many citizens to vote as possible, must be held by late 2020 or early 2021, in accordance with the Provisional Federal Constitution of Somalia. The members of the Security Council noted that any delay to elections could pose risks and that holding of timely elections is important for Somalia’s political stability.
      The members of the Security Council welcomed the enactment of the Electoral Law but noted that essential issues need resolving. In this regard, the members of the Security Council called on the Somali Federal Parliament, in collaboration with NIEC and in consultation with the Federal Government of Somalia, Federal Member States, and other stakeholders, to take urgent action to clarify these issues to enable implementation of the Electoral Law, such as: the definition of constituencies; allocation of seats to constituencies; how the 30 percent quota of seats for women, to which Somalia has committed, will be implemented; and management of seats for Benadir and Somaliland.
      The members of the Security Council expressed regret that the NIEC is unable to operate freely in all Federal Member States. The members of the Security Council further encouraged the Somali authorities at all levels to create a conducive political and security climate for inclusive elections.
      The Security Council emphasised the importance of full cooperation between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States, and expressed its concern that, in the absence of such cooperation, progress will stall on key national priorities, including: the implementation of the National Security Architecture; the delivery of the Somali-led Transition Plan; delivery of further financial reforms; the review of the Constitution; and implementation of timely elections. In this regard, the Security Council called for broad-based consultations and consensus-building between the Federal Government of Somalia and all Federal Member States. The members of the Security Council called on actors at all levels to refrain from increasing tensions and taking actions likely to make dialogue more difficult, including those against the letter or spirit of the Provisional Federal Constitution of Somalia.
      The members of the Security Council reiterated their strong support for the Special Representative of the Secretary General in Somalia, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS), and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), commended their efforts to support the Somali authorities, the Somali Federal Parliament, and the NIEC in their preparations for elections due by late 2020 or early 2021, their efforts to support Somalia in ensuring security for the people of Somalia, and welcomed efforts to further deepen the relationship between the Federal Government of Somalia and the United Nations.
      The members of the Security Council recognised that the coming weeks and months will be a crucial period for Somalia and noted they would continue to keep the situation under review and follow the implementation of elections closely. The members of the Security Council further underlined its support for peace, stability and development in Somalia.
      28 February 2020
      Spokesperson’s website: