Xaaji Xunjuf

Somali youth and gangs

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IMHO, Somali youth are bored, the Somali identity and what it means to be a Somali has evolved and in the ever-changing phases prospered in many parts of the developed world. While also taking on those problems that come with the developed world. The Somali youth living in these sporadic places in the west is surely full of those places home problems and adapted the social norms of said places like gang turfs, opioid addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and etc. However, adapting has been a key asset survival to a nomad. Sometimes we take the best of cultures and excel in life assimilating and progress. Other times, we risk of losing ourselves the deeper we adapt and assimilate and the lines become obsolete. The question really is, what do we do now and where do we go from here?

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6 hours ago, gooni said:

They should focus why families breaking up.

educate the father before the kids.

Somalis have a dull intellect and never developed a culture that can regulate their emotions. Islam does not help them. Somalia/Somaliland will not come out of their dead state. The place is beyond repair which makes it venerable to colonisation once again.

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