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Found 2 results

  1. wow It solidifies the image Nigerians have of hussling. I was always wondering how the Somali have not captured this country. Eritreans are weak. Libyans have some mayors, but not much else. Albanians are not among the trusty ones. This is something out of George Orwell.
  2. I was reading the Kenya Nation newspaper's online version and one thing caught my eye, all the Somali people cited carried the name: ABDI, what explains the extraordinary popularity of this name among Somalis ? I'm not even talking about Abdi with a suffix such Abdi-khaliq, Abdishakur, Abdirizaq, etc but just straight up Abdi without any other name at the end. Somalis are the only Muslim community that use this weird name too. I cringe when I hear our people call each other Abdi. Somali N word perhaps I will be adding examples as I come across them.