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  1. Gents relax, u have nothing to be so proud about as yet, besides Oil revenues belongs to Somaliweyn not just Puntlanders.
  2. "the best in Somalia? Its clear u have never been to Mogadishu stadium.
  3. Excuse my ignorance but 'where are these Khatumo and Awdal lands'? apologies in advance if i offended any one.
  4. Valid point, not sure how workable it is though
  5. True said Kingo, the sister seems out of her depth
  6. Miskin

    How long

    my plan was for 5 yrs nearly 18 yrs ago. I no longer live in the west but i am not home either. I have a dream it will be within FEW yrs now. Insha-allah
  7. Who hates who is immaterial, the issue of race and racism can never be resolved. Its how the world is, so accept it and roll with it.
  8. Nuune, you hit the nail on the head chief
  9. Xaaji, All Somalis are interested in reuniting including many in the north west regions aka SL.
  10. To the Sharifs we belong should be th Somali anthem
  11. God help this foresaken land, we have seen the so called leaders and now the educated elite arguing on clan basis.
  12. Emperor, some of the names are in a different lingo sxb, those can't be in Somalia.
  13. Mad Mullah, if you had lived in KSA you wouldn't have defended it mate. Wrong to generalise but their justice system sucks.
  14. Aaliyah is right and not only Xamar but the whole country is better than it was few months ago, your Puntland jacayl is blinding you sxb