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  1. The man in charge isnt even Barre himself.Some tigre somali.
  2. Originally posted by Somali_Friend: quote:Originally posted by Cindrella: Jijjiga,******ia?? I have no problem with that, but its only polite to call people by the name they chose for themselves. Jijiga is the state capital for Somali Regional State. They hate your kind in Jijiga.Stop making it seem like they support the regime in power,because they dont.
  3. Jijjiga,O.gadenia?? Why are you making it seem like somalis in the ****** region actually like Meles?
  4. Protesting is not going to do anything. Why should we go to the embassy of amxaaro like beggars when.they are bombing our people back home.If you decide to go burn down their embassy.
  5. Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: 12 You're joking,right?
  6. Islamic fighters dug in and promised a “new phase” in the war – a chilling pronouncement from a movement that has threatened suicide attacks Ahmed said his fighters are in tactical retreat in the face of superior Ethiopian firepower. But the military struggle has just begun, he added. “The war is entering a new phase,” Ahmed said from Mogadishu, the capital. “We will fight Ethiopia for a long, long time and we expect the war to go everyplace.” Ahmed declined to elaborate, but some Islamic leaders have threatened a guerrilla war to include suicide bombings in Addis Ababa. Could gurerilla warfore work in Somalia against the xabashi even if it means using suicide bombing.This tactic has been very successful against the superpowers.
  7. I say start now while you can.Those eggs are not going to last that long anyway.
  8. I though marrying a non-believer was considered crossing the line? I dont get somalis sometimes wallahi...
  9. I am suprise you have made it alive girl.Try doing that back home and see if its cool.
  10. Thanks for the artical.As Petro said ethiopia is making a grave danger by miscalculation the situation in Somalia.This war has entered a new phase.lets just happen for the best now.
  11. We just pray for peace abaayo. Somali brother blood are being spilled everydays. Not to mention the innocent thats caught in between.I am ashamed other somalis enjoying the death of another somali life.
  12. ^ many lives will be lost in the war may they all be granted jahhan.
  13. xaabashi..stop pretending to be a amxaaro who both know your fvcking azz is none other then a self hating somali.
  14. this is what we need to see more attacks on xabashi convoy aheading for somalia.The conflict that has been waged on this people still goes on..
  15. A somali pretending to be a xaabashi( i wonder what is your qabil).Remember you're surrounded by a sea of muslim.The majority of ethiopians are muslim they will not stand for their brothers in somalia be killed by you.I promise you that meles will end up living his entire life outside ethiopia once we somalis are done with the motherfvcker.