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    Skin Foundation

    I hate last min shopping. My little sister's getting married tomorrow. Went to mac studio. Sidaan ugu wareegaayey and asking too many questions and trying different things. I've now got mac studio fix fluid and a mineral blush. Thanx ladies.
  2. Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: Is this a photoshoot who choreographed this. Isku si ee u gaardinooyaan. Right hand on boorso and left hand on shoulder or near face, nonetheless libiskaa i dilay.
  3. Looking for tips on buying the right foundation. Which one do you use and any tips to follow when buying them?
  4. ^Unhealthy iyo nus. Juxa, Ik veranderde dit.
  5. ^^ Lol , part time ey? Confession time, I was once let go from a job coz i slept at the till I atill don't know how some manage to get 3,4 or even 5 hours sleep!
  6. nuune,adeer kaftan ee kaa tahay aan muleeynaa, 3 hours? Is that a nap? As for me 7-8 hours it is.
  7. Why are the grass and trees photoshopped in?
  8. Does it not defeat the purpose of hijab if it gives the illusion of a wig?
  9. Abyan

    pm dramas

    Many many years ago, don't think they post here anymore...I got this peculiar pm one time, the sender leaving their nr# and asking to call them as they had been having some trouble lately.....Mind you it was the opposite sex and in the wee hours of the morningg......Marqaan.com
  10. How many more accounts... *shakes head* No, it can't be.....
  11. Photoshopped, No body is that disproportionate
  12. ^I thought SOL was a big family
  13. Thanks, this is really interestng ps,could you please give us the source aswell
  14. *Disappointed* what a $hitty ending
  15. Abyan


    ^My friend there have been conclusive evidence that I am not prince :mad: So stop this character assassination it is not fair :mad: or otherwise I'll have you reported.
  16. ^^Why are you giving the website more publicity. This reminds me of the danish cartoon incident in 2005 , getting emails from other muslims about website of the cartoons and how these gaaladaan are , when infact the website was getting more hits due to the amount of people visiting it.
  17. ^^Bashaal. Half wax la dhahaad goosanee....
  18. Abyan

    Online Dating

    Ngonge sheekadaada bullying weey dhaaftay. Dabagal iyo nus.
  19. Hahahaha can't stop laughing
  20. ^ Good question. Ive listened to his lectures before and it wasn't projecting anything radical.
  21. I concur ibtisameey. Im usually one that has a short concentration mode and anwar al awlakis style of lecture makes you want to listen more. I love the piece he did about the lives of the prophets! Sad to hear he's on a hit list
  22. You are against the health care reform , and you reside in a country that is supplying free health care to people. Hypocrite.