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  1. burahadeer;977988 wrote: Africans saved Somalia and will reap the harvest...more intermarriages needed to cement eva lasting friendship. so long as they are muslims....why not?
  2. Carafaat;977725 wrote: There are enough Somali laborers, why hire Kenyans? There are no enough skilled laborers in somalia.
  3. ^Xiin-amiin for the ducaa.... LST Indeed the entire city of mpls and st paul along with rochester./mankato came to pray and honor our brother. He will be missed. May allah grant him Jannah- Indeed he was a good man who championed for the immigrant course.
  4. Salaam Aleykum, i 've not seen one mention of the word "Alxamdulilah" in your entire achievements. Walaalo, horta ilaahey baa awood leh; ku mahad naq.
  5. nuune;967892 wrote: Just had Suxuur now, had the usual stuff, qooleey madaxeyd, iyo qaxwo Inaalilaah! LMAO. How the heck was 16hrs of fasting baba
  6. N.O.R.F;967876 wrote: Lol I will be flying to Burco on Sat for a few weeks iA. The Kingdom wont be long term saxib. It has its draw backs. ...Burco - I cant say much about it. But, may allah make it safer for you. Koleyba waa wakhti xagay ah,so it will be cooler than normal.
  7. N.O.R.F;967871 wrote: I think they are close to breaking their fast FBrown. I on the other over ate. Not good. they are too frail to even log in to sol ....we shall await to hear from them.... Ya know I've always wondered how it is to fast in the Kingdom......are you staying @ the Kingdom of S.A? the entire saum>? Niyow, yaad ka duceeysatay?
  8. Reer UK, Have you broken the fast? If so, update?
  9. xiinfaniin;943095 wrote: Fred Matiang'i (Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), Henry K. Rotich (The National Treasury) James Wainaina Macharia (Health) Amb Amina Mohamed (Foreign Affairs) Adan Mohammed (Industrialisation) another Somali ? Ann Waiguru (Devolution and Planning) Davis Chirchir (Energy and Petroleum) Amb. Raychelle Omamo (Defence) Eng. Michael Kamau (Transport and Infrastructure) Phyllis Chepkosgey (East African affairs, Commerce and Tourism) Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi (Education) Felix Kosgey (Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries) Prof. Judy Wakhungu (Environment Water and Natural Resources) Dr. Hassan Wario (Sports, Culture and Arts) a Somali ? Najib Balala (Mining) from Mombosa? Charity Ngilu (Lands, Housing and Urban Development) Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services (Vacant) Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government (Vacant) This might be belated but Adan is a NFDian from Mandera. Wario is a Orma/wardey from the banks of tana river and of course Amina is from Kakamega,western Kenya/ Najib Balala of course is from coast as you know Oh and kenya muslims dont account for 40%but only 11%- Yes you heard me right, we are only 11%.
  10. nuune;967684 wrote: ^^ They are not fit to fly Abti, the fact that no authority controls these planes is itself a disaster. Exactly- by the grace of allah ayey ku socdaan
  11. Nin-Yaaban;967506 wrote: There is always risks with flying and there is always more that can be done to improve safety (and especially in Somalia). But having said that, i dont think there's been any fatal accident in recent memory involving Somalis. The near mishaps is a disaster in waiting- Case in point, the president's plane.
  12. Nin-Yaaban;967495 wrote: Seems like air travel is becoming a normal thing in the Horn of Africa and much of Africa. In the next 5-10yrs as the African middle class grows, and the infrastructure gets better, flying should be like driving. Lakini,they need to improve on safety bro.
  13. OK, so the kid wants a job>? I couldnt be bothered to read past this line...."Brain Bowden ayaa la xididay Somaliland isago"
  14. ^Has it been usually more rambunctious than this? Ramadan Kareem to all you(I could be wrong but this could be my first post on this thread...if not for a long period)
  15. The Pearl of Africa, is the brand they go by mooho? Salan Nuna, Uncle
  16. Juuxa iyo Val, Inshallah. But, ilaahow na gaarsii. Ramadan Karim!
  17. Che -Guevara;966806 wrote: Nice. how is the weather back in your home town
  18. 95degrees in minneapolis. Ya Rab!-nasteexo
  19. underdog;963998 wrote: 16hr fasts. Yay! I guess suxuur will be lots of whole grains and water. Its gonna be something bro!
  20. Too soon to speak about Suxuur? -
  21. xiinfaniin;963151 wrote: In Gaalkacyo there was a famous man who named his children after Arab strongmen/kufaars: Fircoon, Haamaan, and Abu Jahal. Today some of those sons are leaving in the west with Somali names. Ma Jaahilnima beey ka aheed or he was just being a galkacyaawi?-
  22. Nin-Yaaban;963128 wrote: Naa neys uga dhig. Mohamed aka Mo Feysal aka Fey Shirwac aka Shyster IWM.... waa kaa.
  23. I know a family that has kids with english names, but they are all nick names.(They have official Somali names,) laakin everyone calls them by the nick names. one of them for instance goes by James, another one goes by John) In any case, i have seen Somalis calling dark skin jareer looking like somalis as "JOHN". or those that have middle eastern features as "Arab"..so what the Hey, name him/her whatever that rocks your boat man. (xaa ka rabtaa !!!).
  24. Libaax-Sankataabte;957942 wrote: Just tweeted a short message to the 4000+ SOL followers on twitter. https://twitter.com/somaliaonline Has this faded away?- The social media,minnesota malls was a buzz with this story.
  25. The thing i love most about the Somali is his/her RESILIENCE .In the face of adversity, calamity and obstacles, he/she manages a smile and makes a living. In Kenya-The Somalis set up businesses,despite the harsh Kenyan authorities and made huge gains. In North America- The Somalis settled in the coldest of places(MN, Ohio and Ontario) and made a home, educated their kids and set up businesses. In Europe, -The Somali settled among xenophobes and still thrives In Somalia- The Somali makes a living with no fear even as his country is ruled by warlords, crazy Islamist and foreign armies. In South Africa- They still live and work and earn a living even in the face of inhuman Barbarians.(Nacala!) Day in day out- They risk their lives,crossing deserts, rivers, oceans, mountains and forests all to make a living, not for himself or herself but "to feed his reer"- I dont care what anyone says, the Somali is the toughest most resilient human. Period. May Allah make Somalia peaceful.