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  1. Remove her pictures. May Allah have mercy on her soul and grant her Jannah. Amiin Samir iyo iimaan to the family.
  2. Apophis;981804 wrote: Self hating westernised xalimos continue to sink lower and lower. No surprises here. **********EDITED****************
  3. Subhaannalah, Subhaanallah. The absolute horror these children went through, my god, it's too upsetting to think about.
  4. What about higher end designers, such as: www.dascollection.com www.alessandrarich.com It's great for timeless occassion wear.
  5. It sufficiently warrants yours.
  6. Shock horror, Somali christians. Boring right? Yep, still here. Hope all is well with you.
  7. I doubt this is a recent occurence. From what i know, there have always been Somali christians in Somalia. I could care less what anyone I don't know believes in.
  8. Catch a show in the west end. Go the the Jazz cafe.
  9. Somalis in the UK. tut tut tut. Especially those in London, some cannot string a decent sentence together. Absolutely abhorrent.
  10. LANDER;875165 wrote: A humanitarian and real Somalilander is what Edna is Mashallah. She doesn't make excuses for being a Somalilander unlike you which is quite unfortunate XX. When some random like Oba (who problably reads at a 5th grade level) disrespects one of our most prominent elders you manage to make excuses for her being a Somalilander? How about explaining to this reer konfureed that in Northern culture we don't talk so loosely about our elders especially ones to whom the nation owes a debt of gratitude. Wax kala danbeyn la yidha aya wadan keena jira. A nobody who's entire ancestory cannot hope to have accomplished a quarter of what Edna has done doesn't open his mouth and talk wrecklesslly where I come from. For he will be chastised by others. At the time of her speech Al-Shabab ruled most of Somalia and the most profitable business men of Somalia happened to be the Pirates, I suppose truth does hurt but that is not Edna's problem! Bahasha dhuuxa bey kaa gashey, ilaahey ha kuu caafiyo. Amiin dheh.
  11. Blackflash;864410 wrote: Indeed. I hold many trophies for the simple act of ejaculation. What a wonderful achievement! My neighbourhood must be the Vatican as I see many 'blessed' 15 year old girls. LOL
  12. Hamar. Inshallah I will live there in peace one day.
  13. Maanshallah she's very vivacious. AUN to the father.
  14. Subhannallah. May allah grant her Jannah.
  15. nuune;826185 wrote: I know a friend whom all his 3 brothers died, and they left three wives, one left actually 2 wives, while the other two left 2 wives, so in total, the dead 3 brothers left 4 wives, so the only remaining brother responsibility weyn ayaa sugeyso, he had a wife but had to divorce her to accommodate the 4 wives in waiting, and it happened, they all live in happily now. Dumaal is not after all uff and qurun, it is a remedy, a cure, a responsibility, a caring, a loving union, and after all, you are taking care your brother's fortress feeding his children, building the family where it was left. Huh? He divorced his wife and left his children's mother(assuming they had kids together), to marry and make way for his deceased brothers wives and kids. But what about the affect on his own children? Why does he need to break up his own family unit to be able to support his brothers kids? Where is the logic in all this?
  16. Cringeworthy. Loool at the cut plain paper being thrown at her. Disturbing but funny.
  17. ^^^^^^^ Donations are not going in the posters pockets are they? If someone's tone deters you from donating to dying somalis, then there really is something wrong with you.
  18. NGONGE;727647 wrote: Nonesense. The "good work" is what you think he did. He did not get the chance to finish it and Somalia is more or less what it was when he took over. Don't confuse "good will" and fact here. The man has the good will but if he chooses to fight a losing battle (and this one looks like being one) he will, sooner or later, also lose the good will. Lol...Of course he didn't get to "FINISH" the good work he started, because he hasn't been given the opportunity has he?...Glad we agree on the fact that he has done good work. The few months he was there he's contributed greatly, he's made sure that both the government workers and the soldiers are paid. Which is more than what the other simpletons prior to him have been able to do. I'll take more a few months for someone to implement their ideas and overhaul Somalia into viable state won't it. As for the Gibberish about good will. He has both good will and it is fact that he's made changes in Somalia which have been positive, hence the demo's in Mogadisho and the 101 programmes on Somali channels (lol).