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  1. Sail the somali coast from ras kamboni all the way to jabouti, on my own boat where I am the captain and then do what chimera said
  2. Most of the times these girls do happen to residing in Arab countries and do hold citizenship there, somalia is also part of the Arab league so they can be in Miss Arab pageant
  3. You are forgetting the fact that not only Arabs live in the Middle East, anyone can par take in these contest, would you exclude brawanis from miss somalia
  4. What have you got against our Muslim brothers aka Arabs or our women competing along side them in this superficial contests
  5. Oba is the parliament building construction still going with turkey when will it be finished
  6. Mukulaashii warameysay waraabaa kalagooyay no idea what the song is about
  7. Although this day is not the real bday of most of us i still see it is mine, sharing a birthday with most somali imigrants gives you a sense of belonging and reminds you of who you really are every time I write it down thnxs abwaan Happy birthday in advance
  8. nuune;902416 wrote: According to Western istatistikis, there is 77 death in every 1000 born, good news for aid workers as they cash more. Somalia proper population is now heading towards 19.7 million, if we add NFD to that it will be 28.3 million, add to Somali Galbeed, and we have 32.2 million, now add to Djibouti and total we have 48 million Somaliweyn, don't forget to add Somalis in the diaspora, that makes it 57.3 million in total of all Somalis from all corners of the world. Source This is too funny
  9. Nin-Yaaban;902415 wrote: Yo let me ask you this, you are Somali Ethiopian right? Were you born there? Ever been to Somalia? What's your views/opinion about Somalis/Somalia? If this is little too personal, you dont have to answer it. I met few Somali Ethiopians in my life time (last one 2 months ago) and they all seemed cool peeps. You mean somalis under Ethiopian occupation
  10. 5;901575 wrote: Haha no somali philosopher, that wasn't my point at all! I edited the long rant into a short to-the-point sentence! Nothing wrong with Somali men, just maybe the worn-out jeans users, Al-Shabaab supporters who live in the West. i don't come across those often but yes they are the definition of as*holes
  11. even animals getting the appreciation they deserve. mogadishu coming up
  12. basically somali dudes are all as*holes according to SOL girls, there is a common theme here of farax bashing. ma anigaa mise ragii waa laga baxsanwaayay
  13. Alright enjoy post season I ll call when it gets close Peace
  14. It's rare to see nomads enjoy this beautiful game