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  1. Remove her pictures. May Allah have mercy on her soul and grant her Jannah. Amiin Samir iyo iimaan to the family.
  2. Apophis;981804 wrote: Self hating westernised xalimos continue to sink lower and lower. No surprises here. **********EDITED****************
  3. Subhaannalah, Subhaanallah. The absolute horror these children went through, my god, it's too upsetting to think about.
  4. What about higher end designers, such as: www.dascollection.com www.alessandrarich.com It's great for timeless occassion wear.
  5. It sufficiently warrants yours.
  6. Shock horror, Somali christians. Boring right? Yep, still here. Hope all is well with you.
  7. I doubt this is a recent occurence. From what i know, there have always been Somali christians in Somalia. I could care less what anyone I don't know believes in.
  8. Catch a show in the west end. Go the the Jazz cafe.
  9. Somalis in the UK. tut tut tut. Especially those in London, some cannot string a decent sentence together. Absolutely abhorrent.