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  1. Dude you suck! I could pretty much taste her enthusiasm...and pretty fine it was, but why the video? WHY?
  2. AfricaOwn;909655 wrote: How did you fare out? Apparently everyone was getting sick, but nothing hit me (Thank God). Did you get the flu shot? Why would 'God' care whether you had flu or not? OMG!! Does it have something to do with your mumz xoxo?!?
  3. Malika do you not believe in an after life?
  4. guerilla

    Camel Hump

    Haatu;907047 wrote: "Religion (Islam) is not based on logic. If it were, we would wipe underneath the socks instead of on top during mashah (the alternative to washing the feet during ablution)" Ali bin Abi Talib We are muslims. We have believed and surrendered our will to Allah and we accept without questioning. This is what Islam is. Perhaps you can say that about the basic tenets of Islam. But these 'hadiths', how many were made up by someone on crack? You've got to question the sheer madness not to mention the pointlessness of some of them. You may think the Quran is infallible, but hadiths aren't so why is Alliyah going to stop wearing her hair in a phallic () shape without questioning the randomness of the hadith? I can almost see the chain of events that could've provoked such a weird restriction.. Young Abdalla shockingly finds himself tantalised by a camel hump, try as he might he can't escape the shame and his wife unwittingly mocks him with the latest 'do'....damn the woman! And a hadith is born
  5. I can remember my madrasa beatings vividly, it's a wonder many children didn't drop dead.
  6. guerilla

    Camel Hump

    I'm not banned from commenting, and I think I know what Apophis would like to say - stuff and nonsense. I don't mean to upset SOLers, but how anyone can think of worshipping a deity who's concerned about such trivial stuff is beyond me. I thought plucking facial hair was as bad as it got! Doesn't it seem odd that a woman should suffer for eternity over this, for wearing perfume, showing a strand of hair, not yielding to her husband whenever he's frisky.......? Oba, what do you think?
  7. I think it's a Somali thing, stepping way back. I can almost hear someone saying 'ka carar' or some such Like when dogs appear on the streets
  8. Somalia;889534 wrote: Clearly if a man shakes a woman's hand he will jizz in his pants....... wtf Didn't expect this in the thread!
  9. ^ He's my male alter ego, which one of me would you prefer to ravish you? Think carefully before answering
  10. The only Nabokov book I've read is Lolita, and his command of the English language matches Hardy & Dickens. Joseph Conrad books aren't easy reads, The Heart of Darkness cured me of ever touching another of his creations. Is Salman Rushdie considered a native English writer? His writing leaves a lot to be desired either way, likewise that fool Paolo Cuelho. A Grain of Wheat by Ngugi wa Thiongo is a well written, albeit slightly boring book
  11. Haatu;905072 wrote: I thought for a moment you was...ehem Sorry am I not your type?
  12. Haatu;905040 wrote: ^ I thought you were a guy, mise... :confused: Just a wayward woman I'm afraid. Why? What do you have in mind?
  13. Reeyo;900574 wrote: I've recently started this, read the Eye of the world and picking up the Great Hunt. I haven't read a fantasy for so long I actually feel like a teen reading Harry Potter for the first although the comparison is so wrong however lol. I've heard so much about the religious mythology/philosophical battles of Christian eschatology, Hinduism and Budhism's Nevada/ wheel of creation. Lakin 13 books with more to come! One long story. I am current reading the Life of Pi for the obvious reason. Must read the book before the movie. Forget Life of Pi! Robert Jordan has come close to replacing Miguel de Cervantes as my favourite story teller, I admit the Eye of the World took quite a while to pick up but you won't want to put down The Great Hunt. Of course there'll be people likening the stories to myths (religion included) and various philosophies, but the stories are more than that, it's about the characters, sword fights, harrowing adventures and wolves! I feel like I've discovered fantasy for the first time, there are so many lacking fantasy books out there, I can't believe I never heard of Robert Jordan till I stumbled on the Eye of the World in my local library..the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills Read young Reeyo and may the light be with you!
  14. I think it's brilliant, the amount of times I've had to fight my base urges, the struggles I've had with myself to not go around grabbing men and having my way with them on the very streets! This guy looks like he knows a thing or two about handsome men and oh how they make us forget we're human...