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  1. Thanks for all your suggestions! Especially the ones that involved thought Blessed ,Haatu, Juxa ,Apophis, Abwaan, Ibtisam and Jamelia! P.S. please don't blame me when your favourite weekend getaway has been invaded by Somali's!
  2. Bluelicious;879466 wrote: What happened to your other weekend thread? That wasn't about things to do...
  3. Che -Guevara;879463 wrote: What are you into horta? I'm into pretty much everything as long as its mentally stimulating really!
  4. Its the weekend in London and as a young Somali professional what is there to do? Apart from the ritual visits to Shisha cafe's what else is there? What do you guys do to Chillax ?
  5. I have to take a lift to the 11th floor everyday at work, It's generally a good time to think about the excuse I will give to my manager for being late!
  6. *Ibtisam;877976 wrote: The first Somali I saw falling drunk out of a bar in the West End was a girl from Holland, the first farah I saw swing a beer while dragging a white chick around at 4pm sat in Somali town was speaking in Swedish. First gay Somali I met was from Norway, the first girl I saw wearing a tightless mini boob-dress was a stylish Somali actor from Holland. So CHE I stand by my statement. Somali public disorder arrived with the Euro-trash- the rest of us were conservative and hide with vice if we had any , When they arrived, they were like- I doooooooontttttt care! With that said, the first Islamic extremist I met was from France. So I guess we got both sides. Ibtisam Spot on. Its the reason why their parents brought them over here from accross the diaspora in the first place, with the small hope that their euro trash children could be saved by the UK. But some people are beyond saving!
  7. Friday aaaaaah the end of the working week is a joyous occasion. Not only because you are released from your legal imprisonment for two whole days,or because you’ve managed to get through the week without being fired or because your manager won’t ask you about those 300 hundred emails you havent dealt with at the end of the day but because Friday is not just a normal day of the week, it’s more, Friday is a feeling.! Ever noticed people are more smiley, more understanding and generally decent human beings on a Friday. That’s because they’ve got the Friday feeling. On a Friday a person is able to do things that on any other day would be deemed unacceptable. You know that cute girl in the office, the one you’ve been having an imaginary relationship with for the past 3 months, you can smile at her and simply say ” Friday!” and she’ll smile back and say “I love you, take me right now!” OK, maybe she wont but the point is you can talk to her merely because of the day of the week it is and not only that but you are also guaranteed a positive response. You can make more offensive jokes( banter), colleagues will dismiss it as just blowing off steam acquired during the week, even if they get offended the thought of filling out complaint forms for the rest of the day will result in the proportional increase of their shit taking levels. You make a few mistakes that nearly bring about the destruction of the a third world country’s already crippling economy, that’s fine, remember its Friday. The worst thing about Friday is that the next working day is Monday which will mean the start of another 4 days trying not to get fired!
  8. Why is it the best? On a very simple level its a show about cops and drug dealers that isn’t actually about cops and drug dealers. Its a deeply layered visual novel that makes all other TV dramas seem so one dimensional .Its morally challenging making you think. Every character is highly developed, unique and equally important without any of the conventional good vs evil cliches. The depth and range of themes is genius from sociology, economics, justice, education, politics and the media. It looks at all Institutions within society and their systemic failures. In essence its a show about real people real lives and real problems. Imagine taking an X-ray of society and that’s the wire! Since watching it everything else seems underwhelming! What do you guys think?