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  1. ppl are soo behind...the sheets are for public washrooms...thinner than paper...and very effective.. Mayonaisse! yuck! the smell will never leave ur hair....what works for me to take some hair food treatments mix it with extra light olive oil(extra light is odour less) a plastic bag and run it under hot water for 2 minutes....make a whole in the bag and run it down ur hair....for some reason the warmness of the mixture takes on better effect...leave it for 15mins and shampoo & condition for those of u who wear bowder...the best way to make it look as natural and even as possible is to use a one would ever think ur wearin anything.. how does one keep curls loose?....everytime i curl my hair... it shrink....ppl think i cut my hair...
  3. pearl

    Body image.

    why is body image connected to womens bodies?... what about them skinny *** , big heads, baldin, beer belly, stinky feeet creatures called MAN
  4. what about choppin serious why arent we bold enough to shave it all off? in any case..eatin a high protien diet helps..
  5. wondering if there is any updates on how ppl are livin with that...
  6. this topic is going no where....for one we all agree its halal....but thats not the issue here...the main cause for this whole topic is trying to remove our stand on preference.... the amount of effort that is put in by bother nur and those alike in trying to take away our god given right of personal choice is just ridiculous..... bothers let me say it for one last time..."stop forcing this down ur throats"
  7. this must be ur lucky day...cuz they just happen to be my nieghbours.. so what do u say... $10 grand says u'll get to meet the many beautiful daughters of the dhaqaxtuur family.......
  8. why is that obese ppl dont wear winter clothing?...isnt there specialty store with XXXX sizes?.... the other day the weather was like -30..and everyone is wearing layers and layers of clothing and still shivering and what do i obese person walking with just a shirt and jeans...notin more......i wasnt looking, i was staring...wishing i was her :mad: .....mind u i have seen this many times... come to find out that fat insulates the body from harsh colds.....this is about the only time I wish I was fat..real fat…
  9. ^^^^^ I do pity her man pity him! the only person who should be pitted is her...for she is very high class women who has a commoner husband.. "When a man steals your wife there is no better revenge than to let him keep her."
  10. great idea....but i would still like for them to give it a taste....c'mon...after all that hard labour...dont u think it would be desrespectful to the host to not at least give a try
  11. Nifty i'll give a go... the idea of dating carries sinful actions....i prefer to call it courtship then i looked in it up.. The act, process, or period of courting. Zoology: Specialized behavior in animals that leads to or initiates mating. n : a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage); "its was a brief and intense courtship" [syn: wooing, courting, suit] and am in no way refering to animal behaviour...remember we are HUMANS
  12. those back home should welcome him with plate full of FECES...breakfast, lunch and dinner...
  13. i felt like my heart stopped when i read pregnant wife and five children. i dont know how many of us could sacrifice soo much for the having doubts myself cuz if i was her her shoes i dont know how i would react to being a widowed mother of six and losing the love of my life....i cant even being to imagine the magnitude that it carries... walaalo thank u sooo much very sharing this with us...its was extremely encourageing..jazkalallahu akhair
  14. there is a fine line btw play fighting and abuse... sister get a grip...
  15. sheherazade: u ask .....i know it might be hard..but its well worth that doesn't guarantee what he says to be true...but u'll take his word for it...since there is notin to verify that say if u knew him when he was a teen and the type of women he dated..u pretty much have a good idea besides this is one of the times men dont have to lie about for once...since its praised in our culture
  16. nur 2. These women go the wrong way, again, that is the beginning of indecency in society, many married men are having extramarital affairs these days, because their wives wouldnt agree with a legitimate second wife, so when she refuses the second women to join the family, her husband is tempted and possibly falls as victim of his wifes fear. victim!....oh my lord...blaming the women for his sins...when its him running around sinning.... that doesnt seem to me or anyone with common sense to blame someone of something they had no part in..... the statement that"many married men are having extramarital affairs these days, because their wives wouldnt agree with a legitimate second wife"......bother stop generalizing for that is not true...there are many other major problems within the marriage that contribute to their extramarital affairs other than being refused to take a second wife.... the real problem is lack of being content with ones spouse...and personally if he is not content with me than neither am i with him..
  17. canadinized.. i see that u changed ur never pays to be aggressive.. If 72 of them are going to the fire(All muslims), When will they Unite, after or before they enter the fire? And Shall that one group who is safed from the fire unite with those who are not, taking a change of being influenced by them? i do know that they will unite say for example to defeat jews and islam will be the last religion standing...other than that as the rasool says "only one shall enter janah" do u know any of the speakers and their Creed, How do u know that these speakers are not from the 72 sects heading to the fire and also calling you to it? i have my suspicions of a few but no solid proof....and nor i do take everything that is being told to me as the truth...i wasnt born yesterday...i have the quran and hadith as a source but what i dont understand is that if u are soo against this convention and its speakers then why did u waste ur time and money if u already have a preconceived opinion about it being full of bidah and shirk?.....on the bidah part i do agree to some extent....but i have never seen any shirk being taught
  18. Tamina I know Sami Yusef and Hamza Yusef, those crazy Sufi, and your clear sufi so there is no much dicussion here walaal, u just jump the gun there...u dont have right to label ppl whom u dont know jack about.. The Ummah of Muhammad Will never UNite, And i say this In the Name of Allah, and those who seek Unity only seek the hell fire! Ahlul Sunnah wal jama'ah will never Unite with Ahlul Bid'ah, and how could this be, when the messenger of Allah says the following istaqfurallah...u and i both know that we all seek unity..the only way we'll ever gain back ur status as muslims back in this world is to unite.....walalo..seriously who has been brainwashing u?.... -x and tamina pretty much covered everything...but there is one thing i learned and which applies to u is that...allah says "give glad tiding to ppl when ur calling them to islam"....u shouldnt try to degrade them and make them out to be inferior than u...instead of labelling them as sufi or whatever...that only starts a "am better than u battle".....dont chase them away.....attract them to islam... on the other hand dont hesitate to warn them of their bad deeds...speak up..if u got a drug using brother warn him and invite him to do good -i was amazed to know that in sura 2-143...states that " thus have made of you an ummah justly balanced"....meaning that islam avoids all extravagances on either be on the middle road.....i knew that...but what really amazed me was ..the meaning of the verse and its location is that same!..subhanallah.. - there is a hadith that the rasool asks a sahabi to recite the quran and while reading the quran the sahabi came upon a verse in the quran that says that mohammed will be a witness against his ummah...such as in 2-143....the rasool asked him to stop reciting the quran cuz he was soo shaken and overwhelmed by the fact that he will be a witness against us......this hadith was a wakeup call...cuz there is no excuse to not follow islam once we have been told...
  19. now u wana desomalinize us...i resent that.. where all them daqaan lovin nomads!..
  20. pearl

    Choose A Book

    since that book is read only by girls.. i wonder if alchemist is a girly girly book.. what kind of book is it.. why of course...u know we only read about girly girl issues like makeup,clothing, and my all time favoriate boys..boys...boys... actually...i dont think there is a better suited person to read this book....this is ur ideal lifestyle...u would love it!
  21. are u ppl mad :rolleyes: its a holiday..and u wana read...damn...this is about the only time i want to take my books and burn them! :mad: