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  1. Just reminding my brothers and surely some sisters that this is the best time to quit smoking, as you will anyways not be smoking the time of the day in which you do it the most. I've laid this bad habit to rest for 3 months now and alhamdulilaah the health benefits are amazing. So just a little brotherly reminder from your resident Community Health worker here on SOl, Females patients are especially encouraged to PM me with any questions about quitting smoking or you just need a little mentoring from a person who've already taken up road. Home visits are possible if the schedule allows but PM me beforehand
  2. Lool JbB sxb hadaadan iga helin Ming Sing waxaad iga heli guryaha togga xigga ee markaad soo dhaaftid daarta state house ee xaafadda Shacabka, sheekadu waa qaraxsantahay.. Mr Somalia walle waxbaa kugu jaban ee jeex-jeexi maayo inadeer laakinse ogoow inaan wax walba ka socda meeshani aan la socdo sidii taxan taxan ah waxaana cadeeynaya,,,, Wacdaraha wax badan kama dambeyn JB inkastoo magacyo horey isoo mareen laakinse anigu 700 posts ma dhaafin kii aan ka dambeeyey dee waaba cadahay meeshey hadal; ka gaadhey I listen rather then rant continously like many others in here intaana Mr Somalia waa iga talo
  3. Miskiin Xuduud ku sheega aad ka hadleysid baaba cajaa'ib ah. So you dont recognise the borders of the Somali Republic, war ileen wax nala tus oo hadana noo laaban. Oo marku shariifku iibinayey baddu waad ku raacsaneyd laakin adigu waadba kaga dari lahayd oo all the border town baad bixin lahays. If this is in the hope creating a somali-weyn then your not inducing much hope to folks in Somali-galbeed nor NFD as they see your prepared to put into question all the boder-town somalia has with ethiopia forget about inta maqan. And they see too that you wouldnt care if Shariif unleashed ethiopians who where untouchable's a year ago as long as it doesnt happen Muqdishu to secure your position in Somalia's politics. And you talk about dad magac somali kula share garanaayo cajaa'ib but all the qash qashaadnimo iyo xasiidnimo you say stems from a deep-rooted feeling among all shariif supporters that they fought to get rid off Abdullahi Yusuf including the killing of thousands but employ still the same positions and tactics that they deemed unholy moments ago. For some it was clan support but for you miskiin and others its was hate for a shaqsi that people had to die. And now you call all of us who dont support this president of being xaasid for not letting you govern or something you cant utter but i will on your behalf of telling all those yusuf supporters to forget everything that happened and rally behind this government and to tha i reply sxb, once you loose your principles then any of your convictions in life are useless sxb so if thousands had to die to get this man in Villa Somalia and be no different then what he preached then for no qabiil and for no money would i suport that man.
  4. War isnt it amazin the effects of Riyaale Mugging vol.2 from having an opposition crying for an election and he played them into a position where they became the ones oppossing the elections. Cajiib gotta hold it down for Riyaale and UDUB Wuxuu Waraabe iyo Silaanyo ka dhigay sida carabtu odhan jirtey ya bintal sanduuqa khabaarak fi suuq
  5. JB lool war is yara qabooji sxb, Abdiqaasim is president too just like Abdullahi and when shariif departs he will still bear the name of president, laakin Mr Somalia waxbaa kugu jaban sxb JB war ninyow xagga safarkii naga maadan haqab-tirin xoogtii aanu ka sugeyney sabab, I'm on my way for a little detour through Hargeisa marka dee adba waad garaneysa PM me the info
  6. He remains a president eventhough in his case he's a former ya JB just the same way as other countries media or citizens refer their former presidents by his titel.
  7. Alah maxaa meesha ceeb ka dilaacay ma waxaad maanta keenteen hadii ey ethiopians gaaren Beled Weyn atleast there not killing us in Muqdishu yaa Mansa.. OO xiin ma sidaa bey ka cadahay in aad tirahdifd little incursions here and there are alright but the previous TFG decision which u called a full invasion wouldnt be acceptable but would be disowned by the somali people. I take note of the little clause of yours ending with that Shabaab couldnt be allowed to take over the country even if Sharif allows the ethiopians to enter the crown-jewel of Muqdishu and gets disowned by the fake religious and clan supporters of Shariif Sakiin. And finally Zack bal labo meel inoo cadee ileen sheekada weynu wada garaneynaa. 1. So Al-xaywaanin is fighting for no reason and dats the reason why amxaaro should be bck huh? Oo shaley miyey reason hayeen ama when Sharif supporters had their man in position did the Al-xaywaanins cause become void of a reason 2. The only languagage they understand is Axmaaro (I take it that your inclining on the use of force by the Ethiopian Army as they're doing it right now in beled-weyne) you say but like many of you used to trumpet human rights card when these so called Al-Xaywanin used to shell in residential areas and used to support religiously a man who used to tell the Mogadishu residents to 'adkeeysta ilaa aan 'cadowga' i.e Ethiopian Army ka saareyno wadanka and maanta maxaaro waad fasaxi lahayd cajiib. Ala maxaa ceeb ku jaban ragaan awal bey somaalidu tidhi Kadaroo dibi dhal maanta xaalada reer supporters of Shariif Sakiin waxaad dhasheen oo aad rabteen waa kaa ee bal sidaa ha idinku ahaato
  8. Keligii Muslim is at it again after a session of watching his Hip Hop Jihad videos. What amazes me is the level of hypocracy amongs some folks in here. We all knew what their views were when the Jowhar vs Muqdishu teams where played and when the government later moved on to Baydhabo. They the Maxaakim came and we knw what their views where then and we know of their hypocrazy today with their support of Shariif. They separate in two folks as Kashafa said clannist supporter who opposed AY because of clanish motives and those who've lacked something to trumpet and finally found Shariif as their little project and are basically attention seekers. I have respect for Kashafa however disgusting that may sound for his steadfastness of his convictions however if i was in battle in somalia today I wouldnt have shown him an ink of mercy,as he unlike most somalis back home has been fed, housed and educated since the get go he boarded that flight 13 plane bound to what he would call the biggest shaytaan in the world. But most of those kids who he calls mujahids are abducted children who's been forcefully snatched from their homes to fight or agoon kids who's been brainwashed at most like one of the many madrassas that take care of them( I'm not saying all of them as wallahi I've seen the good work with my own eyes that some of the islamic organisations do in somalia) and dont have any family or relatives who value their life. But all of these folks will be dealt with and if not in this world then hereafter inshalaah
  9. Xiin lool waa iskaga ogaa ineey Nuune ubaxdo mid kamid ah laba D mise odeyga iskaashatada Double D'da buu ku jirey Walle Nuune sxb iskaashatadaa waxeey kaliftey hadalka in far waa weyn dadku loogu wax sheego
  10. Nuune sxb intaa ka badan dhadhanba maba laha ee sidaa baan ku deyn I sometimes get amazed by newcomers who've been here a year or two or even less and has clocked thousand or more posts waxaa baa la yiraahda hadal jilicsan
  11. Allamagan sxb waxaan ka wadey ileen meeshaan magac qabiil lagama ogolee ee ninka qoraalka qorey wuxuu isu dhigey D clan to an M clan but hadii ruunta laga hadlo its either two D's or the jufooyinka ku dagaalamey. Any easier ya Allamagan
  12. Paragon waxaa la qaatey inuu Kashafa dhageyso siyaaradahaas intuu Hip Hop Jihaad isku mashquulin lahaa
  13. Layzie xishood inan baad tahay ee beenloow waa kalmad weyn. I know the family oo ey ka dhalay Qamar marka adna waxaad lasoo shir tagtey 80's. More than 20 yrs has passed from that what do you of the degrees she's attained since that time. Dumar baad tahey ee Women's sections ku ekoow walaal, as your one of the few if not the sole female posting on this section. Walle wax nala tus oo hadana noo laaban bey somaalidu tirahda cajiib.
  14. Nonsense and I find it hilarious that inuu isku barbar dhigo beel qowmiyad oo dhan iyo beel kale. Jufo iyo beel baa meesha ku diraray ee labo qowmiyado meesha kuma diririn.
  15. Alhamdulilah am not sending any money back home as i dont have that many realtives back there. And those that are there are doing quite good for themselves but i definetly need to do some cuts to dining-outs and coffe of which the latter is worse
  16. Layzie the women you're implying to have a Suuqa Xoolaha Shaahado is an Neurology Surgeon and with a second degree in Chemistry and been educated in France. She speaks fluently in 7 languages and I know parts of her family personally of which all of them are doctors maashalaah. Dont make assumptions pls and am not in anyway related to her but I admire her work she did with with Somali medical students in Russia and Ukraine. I wonder what made them change Oomar from the post as I see him more qualified then the one who he was replaced with.
  17. Fabregas baan la yaabay ba, kulahaa do you see anybody complaining loool. DO you think people can voice their minds there? Have you ever heard of anyone taking up a qareen under an Al Shabaab court? They all confess it seems and Al shabaab never apprehends and innocent person?
  18. Kool kat oo uma jeedid okiyaalaha lagu taagey shariif sakiin,,,,, Miskiin duqa sii khalad aa wax laga fahamsiiyey
  19. Fabregas loool ninku carab baa xumeeysey baan uu maleyn
  20. I though u broke the same news a year or two ago yaa JB, they havent still used the port?
  21. Think of this story next time you want to sit down for a khat session
  22. Hargeisa, 26 July 2009 (Somalilandpress) – In khat circles there is a well known argument that once a man finishes chewing he suddenly gets an uncontrollable urge to be with and around beautiful women (they call it the kac sii tuf theory). For most chewers, of course, this is a simple fantasy that is unlikely to ever be fulfilled. But for Ali BM things were different. In Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland as in many other parts of Africa, men that drive their own cars and are known to have a bit of money are always popular with the ladies. Ali BM was such a man. Today, like every day, he was chewing in his usual place. He looked at his bag of Khat and noticed that he was almost running out. He wanted to top up his khat and maybe stick around for an hour or two more. Alas he knew his reputation and good name would suffer if he were spotted still chewing at such a late time! After struggling with his thoughts and cravings for a few minutes he finally decided to give up and head home. Once home, he had a quick bath, changed into his nicest pair of trousers, put on his best shirt then showered himself with his most expensive bottle of perfume. Ali was planning to go out to dinner with a beautiful lady. Initially, It was not clear if this was due to the K.S.T theory or if Ali had planned this dinner in advance! However, once he was in his car and started to drive aimlessly around the Hargeisa streets, it became obvious that Ali was planning to randomly pick his queen tonight. This was Ali’s lucky night. It was dark, cloudy and rainy. People were scampering along the sidewalks and trying to get to their destinations as quickly as possible. Ali, on the other hand, was cruising and looking out for suitable prey. Since all the people were walking ahead of him and he had no chance to check out their faces on such a dark night, Ali had to adjust his criteria for choosing his lady tonight. ‘They’ll all have to be judged on the state of their bottoms’, he said to himself and started chuckling. The rain was a godsend and Ali had a perfect chance to assess all the candidates as they scurried to the nearest shelter. Some resembled flags fluttering in the wind. Others reminded him of wobbling jelly. Some bottoms looked like a couple of badminton shuttlecocks whilst others looked like a pair of satanic pumpkins! Finally, as he scanned the roads ahead and considered the various bottoms ambling about, Ali noticed a beautiful pair of bottoms gliding around in unison. They were beautifully similar and they moved to the beat of the hip-hop song Ali had blaring from his car sound system. Left, right, left right left. Left, right, left right left. It was beautifully mesmerising and Ali wondered if he was still slightly intoxicated from his earlier khat session. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him and that he was suffering from some sort of optical illusion. Surely nothing could be so perfectly round, so symmetrical and move with such grace. What’s more, it was not just one bottom but TWO! The hallucination was still continuing and Ali thought he spotted beauty, wisdom, virtue and intelligence in the way those two bottoms were bouncing around in the air as their owners distantly walked to their destination. Ali started to slow down as he drew parallel with the owners of the heavenly bottoms and shouted the words “inakeena aan roobka idinka sii qaadee”! One uttered an incomprehensible exclamation and, upon hearing her gruff voice, Ali got ready to hear some endless insults. Instead, she commenced to pray for him and praise him for being so kind and helpful. Ali was still uncomfortable with her husky voice and told her (and her friend) to hurry up and get in the car. He was looking in his rear-view mirror as the car doors opened and the two new passengers got in. Ali almost chocked on his own saliva! The heavenly bottoms had beards and what he thought were dresses and hijabs turned out to be white robes and head coverings! Ali took a real good look at both men then commenced to slam his hands against the steering wheel and laugh at his own foolishness. ‘Take us to the mosque at the end of the road, brother’, said one of the heavenly bottoms. Ali nodded his head and started the car as he carried on loudly chuckling to himself. This was a few years ago. Ali had proven that the K.S.T theory actually works but has not touched one stick of khat ever since. By: Rooble Mohamed Hargeisa, Somalilandpress.com