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  1. *************************this individual is banned from somalia online********************************
  2. Xudeedi, how goes the clan rivalry in the Galgala hills, bro?
  3. The Zack;685649 wrote: Duke is stating the truth when he said Somalilanders have very few number of their community in the US. Just like in Somalia, there aren't that many Khaldaanis in this country. However, Somalina has a point and Duke is dead wrong on claiming Puntlanders are the majority here. If anyone argues about those facts, I will come back and kick their *** with figures and official data. LOL. Zack, I hope you don't plan on considering the Ethiopian caanobooreyaal of San Diego in your "official data"! lol The issue at hand here is, are there more Puntlanders than there are marfashlanders in the US of A? And it is without any doubt that Puntlanders are more numerous. So if you have figures that are contrary to that, then bring them forth!
  4. ^ They are only mad because not enough canbuulo was sold at the Garowe stadium where the tournament was held. Maybe next year when the tournament is held again, we will be better stocked. In the meantime, we just gonna have to put up with qarastooda!
  5. ^ LOL May I suggest a little self-immolation for the young man-- it will solve most of his problems, especially the debilitating envy he is suffering from.
  6. ^ Ngonge--I won't waste time indulging your nonsense; however, I will delight in wasting time pointing out what a joke you are. Even though an elderly man such as yourselves should know his own mother-tongue(talk about being thick, eh!) without any excuses, it is still never too late to learn...And NO! wax fahan and dee naga daaya will not suffice.
  7. ^ And so this, I assume, contrasts with you, who's ancestor's evident habarhood was confirmed and fully certified by the late Sayyid, eh? Ayoub, historical facts are SUCH pesky and annoying little things, aren't they?
  8. ^ lol... N.O.R.F;685445 wrote: This is getting silly now. Waar ma maraakiib baa la waayay? I am sorry your feelings are getting frustrated, Norf, but you gonna have to do better than that hombre. Marfashland's sordid collusion with Al Shabab has been confirmed, and there shall be a day of reckoning very soon. Methinks, it's time you invested in another fighter jet made out of cardboard, to erect in the center of Burco....ha ha ha!