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  1. ^^^^ you are sitting in erigavo , not dhahar , badhan , las qorey (or sanaag bari wich is the bigger part of sanaag).
  2. ^^^ dude somaliland is just like puntland, both part of somalia... why u acting like UN regonized you , till un do that you are still and will be part of somalia , same as puntland is part of federal somalia.
  3. Originally posted by Kashafa: quote: A necessary evil now! Now Ethiopia is a necessary evil for the Munafiqeen of the Peace Caravan. Yaaaa Salaaaaam. Waraa riwaayaad cajiib aa meeshaan ka socoto. When Cabdullahi Amxaar brought in the Ethiopians to occupy Somalia, the peaceniks raised hell. Treason, they yelled. Infamy, they cried. We will never forget, they proclaimed. SOL archives are filled to the brim with (empty) declarations of patriotism and 'Somalinimo'. Forward the clock three short years later, when Shariif Al-Khabeeth does the exact same thing(and even worse: selling off Somali sea & soil) and these erstwhile patriots suddenly transform into enthusiastic hypocrites a million times worser than Cabdullahi Amxaar. Say what you want about Abdullahi Yusuf(and u'll probably be right), but he was no hypocrite Our Sharifite peaceniks, on the other hand, have shown a mastery of the science of abject hypocrisy and servitude to the forces of imperialism(both Ethiopia and the West). To that end, they have employed the services of a select group of merchant-scholars, known as Gudiga Culamada, who baptized the TFG as a 'Dowlad Islaami ah'. With a few pen strokes, a Holy Fatwa was produced: Now the grave-worshipping Suufis, the Moooryaan warlords, and the Ethiopian army were all 'Islamic'ized', all their sins were forgiven. They were now all part of 'Ciidaan'ka Midnimo Qaran' and were to join hands in ridding the country from the dastardly evil of the 'fringe-lunatic terrorists'. When Sharif Al-Khabeeth hosted a farewell party for the commanding officer of the AMISOM Xasooq forces, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the 'Holy Scholars' was there to 'bless' the Ugandan baboon who has the blood of thousands of Somalis on his hand. Where is Faarax Brown, Sophist, Adam Zeyla and all the other 'neutral moderates' ? Do you still support the TFG, abtiyaal ? Are you still hedging, sitting on the fence of "We will wait and see" ? Are you still practicing the magical art of Is-Qancis ? What will it take you to sober up from your drunken stupor of IsQancis ? A written fatwa from your 'Holy Scholars' ? To see Ethiopian tanks in Mogadisho again ? Or maybe in Laas Caanood ? But wait, wait, wait, wait, if that happens, it'll be Al-Shabaab's fault, just like it was their fault for the Ethiopian invasion in 2006, right ? Pathetic, beyond pathetic. But it's aight, it's kool. Every man has his own learning curve, Let's see how long it takes you to emerge from the tunnel of defeat. For the first time i agree with kashafa... arent the ethiopia the same ethiopia they used to hate in abdullahi days? :confused: .. let the clan cheerleaders answer this quastion please... its clear their somalinimo was fake after all . :eek:
  4. i dont even know who is duke , so how i could be him? , dudes are tripping for real , becouse we are exposing lies of your beloved clanist websites , is that means we are one , geta grip dude.
  5. now lets see if clan cheerleaders will still have balls to defend shariif amxaar.
  6. dhusamareeb website is full of hate for the people of puntland , so its not the right source of news... this clan website hates the fact that federal system will not be good for them becouse they own no land .they wanna suck and live on other peple lands.
  7. http://www.gedoonlin
  8. jacaylbaro,is every thing happy in somaliland ?,i could go on and on talking about sland problems but i aint gonna go that low... why dont you give lil of your time to solve your own problem , instead of throwing stones at other person`s house ?
  9. Gaalkacyo: Madaxweyne Faroole oo xilkii ka qaaday G. gobalka Mudug & Gudoomiyaha oo ka jawaabay. 11. august 2009 Gaalkacyo(AllPuntlan d)- Madaxweynaha dowladda Puntland ee Soomaaliya C/rixmaan Maxamed Maxamuud ayaa shaqadii ka cayriyey gudoomiyaha gobalka Mudug Cabdi-Nuur Maxamed Diiriye (Geeseey), isagoo mudooyinkii ugu dambeeyey lugu eedaynayay in uu ku lug ku lahaa Mashaakilaad ka dhacay gobalka Mudug. Madaxweynaha dowladda Puntland ayaa ku sababeeyey xilka qaadistan in uu Geeseey maalmihii ugu dambeeyey ku jiray falal ka soo horjeeda dowladdiisa, wuxuuna cadeeyey in lugu eedeeyey gudoomiyaha gobalka Mudug in uu ka dambeyeey falal kala gedisan oo ku aadan hurinta colaad. Madaxweyne Faroole ayaa shaqada Gudoomiye-nimo si KMG ah ugu wareejiyey gudoomiye kuxigeenka koowaad ee gobalka Mudug Beyxaani Axmed Barre, isagoo ku amray in deg deg uu qabto shaqooyinka dowladda. Dhinaca kalena Gudoomiyaha shaqada laga qaaday C/Nuur Maxamed Diiriye ayaa soo dhaweeyey xil ka qaadista lugu sameeyey, isagoo beeniyey in uu wax lug ah ku leeyahay arintii lugu dilay Wasiirkii Warfaafinta ee dowladda Puntland Warsame Cabdi Shirwac oo ay Arbacadii Maleeshiyo hubeysan ku toogteen gudaha magaalada Gaalkacyo. F. C. Maxamed AllPuntland
  10. af-reyali and shabellenews are well know for their anti-puntland stand... we trust hiiraan , bbc,voa and so , do those trusty sites wrote that pland forces raped refugees women?
  11. thats from af-reyali website.. do u have any other sources?
  12. Taliyahii Ciidanka Booliska Puntland ayaa goor dhoweyd oo caawa ah is dilay, Taliyaha ayaan la aqoon sababta u isku dilay iyo waxa ka dambeya dilka u isku fuliyey taliyahu Taliyahan oo lagu magacaabi Jiray Muuse Axmed Joqoraafi ayaa la sheegay inu isku dilay magaalada Garoowe, Ciidanka Booliska ayaa gacanta ku dhigay askaartii Ilaalada ka heysay Tilaha kuwas oo sheegay inu Taliyahu iskagu is dilay Waxii Soo Kordha la soco Somalifans Online http://www.somalifan
  13. here is the link s.php?readmore=7379
  14. here is statement from sub clan wich the minster belonged ...they pointed out the name of the sub-clan wich killers came from... and they asked thier people to not take refenge. s.php?readmore=7379