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  1. worrying development indeed. reer awdal must be the most peace-loving somalis on the planet and they definetly dont need a war. Ilaahey hakala qaboojiyo
  2. qorta bey ka jareen mid wala xowla wala quwata ilah bilaah.. kuwaani waaba xaywaaanin nacalad korkoodu ha ahaate. alaha ha uu naxariisto kuwa dhintay
  3. Kuli shey ee fidna waa UN weligoodna ma rabaan iney dowlad ka dhismato Somalia
  4. Not worth mentioning summons up the fact that they're excluded from your assumptions of a M Society. Your arguments of a M society have always been portrayed from the stand point of a x specific clan. As when you metioning the warlords of M society and other arguments dont include as those founders of Xamar didnt have any warlords nor anyone to protect them. And when you often denie the incovinient truth shown to by others you hit back with the clan cuqdad card and you know the rest. And we both know that the illusional cuqdad would be directed to those whom you share kinship and that excludes those who descent from the founders of those coastal cities. But I take that you've backtracked on the notion of recycled 'myths' as it only offends depply to those people whom those act where directed to and all Somalis in general
  5. Meiji pls spare us your effort of downplaying things that are so clear to even the most ignorant person. Contesting the facts of gross abuse of human rights of many clans in Shabeeloyinka and the founders of Muqdishu who you always exclude from the M society as you call it is just disgusting. The people who founded that city and many other coastal cities are not all 'cleansed' as some M Society folks would wish and many live till this day to recall what happened
  6. I dont know about the somaliland article but I know the guy came to the states in 1998 and became the head of the US-African Chamber of Commerce, and use to be to governor of the Somali Commercial Bank back in the days. Here's the source
  7. If those places wre not contested and was in shariifs control then why are the people fleeing?
  8. This guy's caused more problems then most somali politicians. Kuli shey fidna waa walad
  9. Miskiin let him claim Pashtu if he wants all i know is that this guy got a serious identity crisis
  10. You smile on that you face an identity crisis in that you dont know where you from and rather occupied with when wacdaraha is going to hit the clan button huh loool. I know where you want it to divert this too so that you can rant that puntlanders hate a specific clan. I just take you as a lost soul who've found pashtu's as a magical forefather. I know at least the majority of your kinsfolk dont share your new march of contructed lineage
  11. I couldnt care less whether you hate my clan as hate stems from throughly-bred jealousy. My clan is steemed with history since day when people united under the name of somali. Marka adigu hadaadan **** lahayn iyo meeshad ka timid aadan aqoon dee iskaga abtirso pashtu iyo afghan. Being delusional about your identity doesnt make me tempted to insult a whole clan just because you happen to be a member of it. [ June 06, 2009, 02:53 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  12. There really is sick perverted people out there
  13. You still cant tempt me to insult the clan you hail from as it renders me to sink to the level your at. Laakin fikrad keligaa-muslim aad wadatid sxb doesnt go well with when you insult the people whom the religion of islam reached first, ee ayeeyda iyo islaamo ku dhali kara ku mushquul sidaad maryo adag uu xidhi lahayd
  14. Kashafa i'm not in the business of insulting clans sxb because if I did then you probably wouldnt have any self-decency nor any family history
  15. They're killing innocent culimas,, so much for the islamic government and introducing shariah
  16. USACC to the UN: 'Give Me A Break - Somali People Can Solve their Own Problems' The USACC is the leading advocacy organization for U.S. African relations and emerging African markets. Washington, DC (Vocus) June 5, 2009 -- The U.S. African Chamber of Commerce asked the U.N. to "stop creating more political misery and instability in Somalia for their fund-raising game and UN job creation." "Who is running this country, Somali people or Ahmed Ould-Abdallah reintroducing the Somali Warlords again? Give me a break," said Martin Mohammed, President of the U.S. African Chamber of Commerce. Former Somali senior military officials will convene on the 4 and 5 of June in Washington DC at a meeting organized by the United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS) under the auspices of the Somali Ministry of Defence. The meeting will serve as a preparatory forum that will solicit support and participation from prominent Somali military leaders with follow-up meetings expected to be held in late July. In keeping with the Djibouti Agreement and the Government's commitment to build up security institutions, the meeting will look at the structures of Somalia's military before the collapse of the state and the best ways to address the current and future security needs. "We are expecting this to be the first of several fruitful meetings," UN Special Representative for Somalia Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah said. "The senior military officials that will participate in this meeting are respected for their past professional experience during a period in Somalia's history when it was called upon to help train soldiers from other African nations." During the meeting, the participants will discuss best practices and the way forward for security sector development. "This is a great opportunity for Somalis to find within their past some solutions to their future," Mr. Ould-Abdallah said. The USACC is the leading advocacy organization for U.S. African relations and emerging African markets. The USACC is the umbrella organization for African chambers of commerce and professional trade and business associations throughout the United States and abroad ### U.S. African Chamber of Commerce Martin Mohammed 202-465-0778
  17. Sherban yours or mine's personal promises wont change anything on the ground but you need to look closer into what you support