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  1. Enjoy and listen to BBC Radio 3 programme Axmed Xudeydi life and Music. Listened to it while going bck home from work today and it was a real stress reliever lol BBC Radio 3 page on Xudeydi Direct link to the programme
  2. Miskiin maxaad ii bartilmaadmaneysa I want to know why my reply was deleted sxb I stated a fact
  3. I can see my 2nd grandfather there among the names of the generals may they rest in peace all of them AUN
  4. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: quote:Originally posted by Gabbal: Even the leadership of the Shabaab agree the man must be avenged whoever is behind it. There are two possibilities being investigated but the most likely possibility being reported is there is an attempt by Madoobe group to force a confrontation between reer Gedo and the Shabaab. Sxb dont use the collective word of a whole region to describe a single clan. Dont feel any pity for a guy who was a killer and deserved the fate that was brough to him by Allah. People need to get a grip of when one clan and the other goes to Al-shabaab and tries to lap-dance for them in return of favours this will be their fate, and this guy and the group he represented just found out today.
  5. The swedes are always ahead in the world when it comes to infrastucture. And they've had those trains for years as i use to take them daily, the only difference being that the dubai ones are driver-less and the swedish ones arent.
  6. Allamagan walle hadaad garan lahayd Jibuuti amase tagi lahayd maba kala maarmaan qaadka iyo magaaladaasi. Wixii cunin qaadkaa walle jabuuti wey cunsiin
  7. Fabregas ma ila yaabtey sxb war bal xagee kasoo dhacayaan kuwaani atheistyada Sol'tii aan aqaaney walle meeshani maa aha, sidaa beyna noqon hadeysan mamulka wax ka hagaajin
  8. I'm a big fan on any titles from these two Swedish writers Henning Mankell and Jan Guillou.
  9. Salbalaar teedi wey dhamaatay laakin if Riyaale pulls this one off it will seriously nail the coffin on the so called Somaliland Project for good. I already see this exercise as the election of the Governor of Waqooyi Galbeed and not as a presidential one
  10. Originally posted by nuune: quote: On top of that Puntland actually is on it's way to become an opec member state while u other somalis eat your bananna and khat!!! War bal ka yaaca meeshaan OPEC'tii la sheegi jirey baa SOL timid
  11. War Moonlight war ninyow ma ramadaanki baa mashquul ka dhigay waa lagu waayey sxb. Soo Dhawoow. IBBI is the biggest scum of them all and the evidence is all there to be seen
  12. War odeygu waxey ka keenen Riyaale ha dhaco War JB hadii wasiir sidaa uu baqey dee adna is ilaali sxb, hadii kale adna Riyaale ha dhaco baa lagaa keeni
  13. Originally posted by Fu-Fu: ^^adiga Recession kuma so gaarin miyaa
  14. The guy is dope with the saafi tune mashallah brotha's got talent.
  15. Cajaa'ib only men and no women to be seen.... Officially my post isnt included because i had to convey this ovious message
  16. Hehe Salfudeeyd baad la timid baad istidhi, Dagaaladi sokeeye ma wax aanan jir-dil iyo gaajo mooyaane ma wax kale soo kordhiyaan. Sheekadu meel kale baad uu jaleecisey ee uu kaadi inadeer. Wadaad isku-sheeg dad jir-dila iyo laaya Soomaaliya baa lagu arkey uun cajaa'ib
  17. Mansa waa ramadan laakinse dagaaladii Somaliya soo martey waxyaabo aduunka kale ka dhicin baa ka dhacay marka ma nin cadaan miyeey uu daahayaan Nuune sxb ma ila aragtay nice bird walle, faraansisku diyaarad bey uu direen madaarka Aaden Cadde.
  18. Farancab belo baad aheyd oo maxaad implygreeneysa, ineey nimanku wadaado aheyn oon la isku haleyn karin
  19. Lol sxb bal isagaa imaan ee uu yara kaadi
  20. JB thats the holy-grail of which no ethiopians can enter but hey let them burn Beled-weyn and other border towns. Inkaar baa ku dhacday magaalada ee ilaahey ha ka saaro iyada iyo shicibkeeda AAMIN.
  21. Che I see Shangoole couldnt achieve your wet-dreams about re-taking Burtinle or smoking sheesha in Garoowe These days its seems people are betting their chips on Shariif for whole hosts of dreams
  22. The guy is new so give him some time he learn how to navigate on this site quick. One piece of advice from me is that it doesnt matter how many posts you've posted but the things you've talked about. Generally speaking if they've hit more than a 1000 in less than 2 years hmmmm, can you make up a correlation here NGONGE LMAOS at sidaa ugu dirtey Marx that quick Everyone takes a hit at him, but i still havent find a reason to raise his name in a post,,,, YET
  23. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: ^Boowe ka fiirso, the term 'is-qarxis' has different meanings to different folks...LOL Beenta maaha Baayo meesha ha isla wada qaraxdo Originally posted by Kool_Kat: ^Boowe ka fiirso, the term 'is-qarxis' has different meanings to different folks...LOL