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  1. ^^ Maya maan soo dhumin Ms DD, ee waan is helay.
  2. Sheh, If I know Ibti, and I think I do, she is trying to eliminate the competition. Dheg ha udhigine'e ku wad kaluunka iyo tukaha.
  3. Zafir

    A Single Rose

    By Mustafa Ahmed.
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    Hi Cara. LOL.Here is more of David
  5. by the way i need to lock my Penis since you are threating to roast . Dude, kindly step away from that vacuum.
  6. Xiin, My sources confirm Galeydh is out.
  7. ^Dacaayad baa la sheegaa bay maqleen, malaha??
  8. Runta hadii la isku sheego Maslax nin amaan iyo wax u dhow leh ma aha Soomaliyeey.
  9. ^^Obviously she'snt an adult who makes decisions for her self, it must the the parents at fault. AL shabaab and their logistics in logic, if it is any consolation Rudy is accompanying her. Val, Nabad ku tag, oo ku dalxiis, kuna soo noqo walaaal. Best of luck to you and hope you really enjoy your journey in good health. Ps: Farax B, garadh Vietnamese ah oo arrange marriage ogol bal u soo raadi, hadii uu waqti kuu saamaxo.
  10. Blessed and Urban, The young Jamal and Samir had to endured the tragic parts in the scenes. Hence, why they would seem better in their acting(which they really were). I just didn't like the ending of the movie, they made it too hollywood/bollywood. over all it was a good(not great) movie. I have also seen Seven Pounds, though it was Okey movie I found Will Smith's acting really improved.
  11. In my understanding the historical event should only pertain to America, and the progress it has made. I fail to understand how this effects these black Arabs in Iraq or anywhere for that matter. These damn media outlets take stuff and run with it to no avail.
  12. You know who looks like Obama, Farax Brawn! just the other day I was telling him "hey, you look like Obama".
  13. After reading this topic and the responses, the thought of having this conversation with my other half surfaced, which quick let to this DVD playing in my head: “Babe, what would you do if I ever cheated on you? Would you forgive me? Cheating is rooted in value.” W: “What?? What do you mean?” Me: “I mean if it were to happen, how would you deal with the situation?” W: “Listen, if you have something to say to me say it, don't patronize me.” Me: “You're jumping the gun here, I mean, if you cheated on me, I would give you a chance to explain yourself. I would than analyze the circumstance and might even forgive you.” W: “What is there to analyze, it happened. And that all that matters” Me: “Say, I am on my deathbed, and my only cure was to eat this apple. Theses apples are only in the hands this guy who owns this farm, and he tells you he would only give them to you if you sleep with him.” W: “Why would it even get that far? I would throw rocks at his farm and he in return would throw apples. (And chuckles at her wit)” Me: Now you are just being silly. W: I am being silly?? (With slight irritation) You’re a peace of work, you know that. Me: I would forgive you. W: Listen man, I don’t know where you’re going with all this. But, if something happened at least have decency and be a man about it. Me: “I cheated. (Long pause) with time, I mean”. And I continued “You remember last week when I said I would be working late. Well, I wasn’t I went to smoke Shiisha.” W: “Heh. Friday when you said you were going to play soccer, I know you didn’t because you came back smelling like Shiisha, Saturday you went again. What is this an addiction?? You have to stop this Zafir, you have to. When you came home late that night and I asked you were out smoking Shiisha, do you remember what you said to me? “ Me: what ever it was I didn’t mean it babe. W: “you said [When people go crazy, they don’t just wake up one morning naked and start to chase normal people in the streets. They show symptoms, and that I was being paranoid.] You had me second guessing my smell and sanity.” And she added “Please put a stop to this Shiisha habit, I hate the smell, I hate it.” Me: At this point I am short for breath; my neurons are in overdrive to come up with reasonably justifiable response for a rebuttal. I echoed, “Yes, I cheated. She was this blonde chick with a round bum that works in Happy up.” In one sentence, thinking, at least Shiisha was now salvaged. I didn’t even wait for the outcome; I quickly pressed Eject and deleted the content permanently. Relieved, that this conversation would never ever take place in real life, I went to blow off some steam and flavored smoke.
  14. KK, good call, it's terrible out there. Yaa medium double double ii keena.
  15. ^You wear a vintage 1940's coat?
  16. ^Sorry I forgot it earlier, anyhow, here it is [ ] It freaking rhymed.
  17. ^^It is Not Shock or Shame, it is Sheherazade!
  18. Zafir

    My Jan/Feb trip

    Ms.DD, My only advice to you will be to master the art of [sida kadaloobsiga loogu istajoodooilet seats ]. Most of these the small towns don't have the luxury of toilets seats, and in most times the bathrooms are located 50 Km from the muduls. Now, tell me who in their right mind would go their to pee in the middle of night?
  19. When I read the words "Indhoyar and ear rapture" the only person that came to mind was Pucca. I am afraid for her now, more than I ever was.
  20. ^^ As long as +F is holding the bag I shall be jolly.
  21. Originally posted by Faarax-Brawn: quote:Originally posted by +Faheema: ^LoL, I thought we closed this case, maxaad la soo fur furaysaan Lily, dhag ha u dhigin, You would be one of the first ones to know when that happens So,just to be catagorically clear(yaah ),Is you gonna be the loaded Dwarf's baby mommaa or is you not gonna be? Warka cadee,Sala calaa nabi What do you, work for Fox News now? The term baby mama (also baby-mama and baby-mother) is a mother who is not married to her child's father. The Oxford English Dictionary defines baby mama as "the mother of a man's child, who is not his wife or (in most cases) his current or exclusive partner". +F, This is so unlike you and what you as an individual stand for, to deny our holly matrimony for the mere sake of heckles. For all the concerned, Yes! We shall have babies and they shall be tall!
  22. ^Chlorine baad ka soo dharagtay malaha?