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  1. On the money malika, right on the money. Mahadsanid. Farax Brawn could definitely use few pointers (what am I saying?? a whole lot of pointers from you)you did us proud Msabu. Where are Nuune, MMA, Johny B, Cara, Val, KK, Naden, Castro when you need them? Needless to say, You all are dead to me, DEAD. :mad:
  2. I need help in translating these Somali lullabies ( I personally think some aren't AF-Somali at all) into English. Samoowa samoow samoowa Samow sarar iyo legoowa Sitaac iyo wagaradowa Samoolaadkii gu’goowa Siyaado an baaqanowa Sagaalaadka arafowa Sidaan doonahayayoowa Sidii mid an aabbe korinnin Ayeeyoyin isu dhiibin Abaartii subag la siinin Ameer dhalay loo lisaynin Abaydimiyooy la oranin Sidiisii baad u oyday Dhiboya dhiboy dhibooyaa Dhiboy gabar dooni maayo Dhibteeda iyo dhiga xirkeedaa Dhibaad soo doonadkeedaa Ninkii ma dharaaranteedaa Help if you can please. Thanks in advance.
  3. ^^Waaryee, The man is as old as water, maxaa weeye this basal-eater nonsense aad la daba dhigatay, afka hagaajiso huuno. Waa sax maaha. As for the topic, hit your local marfishes and take up dabaka-eri yaa akhii.
  4. North, ma dabadayda oo dhar ku waran yihiin baad dooneysaa in ey jaadh koo idil daawadaan. :rolleyes:
  5. Speaking of qarxis, makiinada qalajisa dharka baa iga qaraxday.
  6. JB, I happen to think you owe Abtigiis a sincere apology, enough with the condescending replies please.
  7. Zafir

    Today I....

    ^I believe you. Yesterday I got a ticket for Jaywalking. Our eyes rested on each other and the little witch on the bicycle says to me "Don't you think it's stupidh to do it in front of me" to which I replied "who the bloody hell might you be" and things just transcended from there on.
  8. ^Alright alright, All Reer Xamar guys like butterings things.
  9. O’oh Ms.Double D, Listen listen me, Some men are mouse (like the narrator of Lion’s son’s wedding ), some are lions (rudy), some like buttering things ( abtigiis), some are like me (maskiniin), some are like wildfire dominating everything and everyone in front of them and some are like the Canadian Niagara Falls (However: studies have shown the ladder have either grown up with five sisters or been breast fed until four). Iam hoping and crossing my fingers that this doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but all of my mentioning are found in reer Xamar guys. :rolleyes: :mad:
  10. Truth is always the safest lie.
  11. Firstly, Wlc back Castro. Secondly, Your implications with the under table drinking was absurdly uncalled for sire.
  12. Zafir

    french kiss

    ^^And to think of all these years living in the dark ages, misinterpreting "Shumic" for "french kiss" what a loser! Thank you MMA for showing me the light, and thanks to you from now on I know exactly what to do.
  13. Zafir

    french kiss

    fatboy, Will you stop posting stuff like this if we asked Rudyand Val to show you an educational demonstration>
  14. Nomads Vacationing, now that is sight.
  15. ^^Bas Karo Shona ...Enough with the Bollywood folks.
  16. Originally posted by Ibtisam: Underdog, education changes mind, attitudes and perspectives in life. It will affect your compatibility. Education shows the mind different attitudes and perspectives in life. Hence, it only effects your companionabilty to your suiting, if you were a knucklehead before education there is a good chance you might remain a knucklehead after. *speaking for both genders*
  17. ^ and you believe this "old" woman duceysane??
  18. Pravo Faheema. Off topic. UD, Dude, I have been meaning to tell you that I have finally purchased George Forman’s grill, it’s the most excellent investment I have made since my electrical drill. I Love the damn thing so bloody much it’s becoming unbearable, wooohoo! I am getting excited just thinking about it and I have even boycotted bariis and baasto because they are ungrillable.
  19. This story took place: Friday, 8 December 2006. JB must having been googling the word "Condom" to have stumbled on to this article.hehe Originally posted by Afromantic GirL: LooooooooooooooooooooL@Feynuus Somali man Kulahaa i heard somali man aa 3 LUGOODLayaal LOL.
  20. LOL@Fcuk you black girl! Ha Ha Ha.
  21. ^Hello Val. Ngonge, I thought you might enjoy this Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas and This Chura Liya hai