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  1. ^^ LoL.. By the Nicmah of Allah, my kids..
  2. Zafir

    Somali Sistaz

    What are you getting at? Concerned brother.
  3. There is an old black folk observation that goes something along the line of: If you’re white, you alright If you’re brown, we’ll keep you around If you’re black, stay back Could this particular outcome turned out the way it has if this kid was black?
  4. Zafir

    Its a Girl!

    Ooh how true. Well, if you look at it from a viewpoint it’s all proportioned. What a husband does for his wife’s family, his brother in-law does for his family. But what if there are no daughters in this family? Are the parents disaster-prone? Allahu Aclam. The men that share special bondage with their parents and their family values in this day and age are endangered. Allahayoo amuuraha noo sahal, allahayoo hooyo la’aan hana yeelin, allahayoo gabdho la’aan hana dhigin, allahayoo owlaadayada saalax nooga dhig. Aammiin aammiin
  5. I now feel Excellent! I gave some of my co-workers crap this morning; I don’t give a flying hoot about how their weekend went nor their obstacles to happiness in their homes. There is only so much you can put up with maaha? While they were talking, the thought of screaming one of Little Jon’s songs out loud went thru my head for some strange reason.
  6. ^^Am in shock for the fact that you were shocked, you seem to have a keen eye for the obvious, don’t you? Busy
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    Ooh you, who have caused such pain and despair, deserve what was said to/about you to last penny. Nonetheless I’d mush rather this person be severely sliced by razor and lemon or alcohol applied to their wounds, at this point I would like barbwire ( preferably one with spikes) tied around their neck and dragged on a damaged surface by a sports car.
  8. Gentlemen I thank you very much, I have been a fan of this website and its members for a very long time. Of all the websites I have seen or been an associate of, I would have to say I find most of the members here articulately resourceful and elegant. * What I think is the voice of Elvis Presley * I would like to say “Thank you, Thank you very muchâ€, am pleased to have joined such group of mature campers.
  9. welcome me my people!!!! I hope to have good discussions with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!