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  1. Ya Allaah! This is really funny. Subxanallaah. Ciyaalasuuqiin dheh, xitta gogoshi wey ka xadeen.
  2. Walle Indhagaraad baanu ahay anigu, ninkan mar haro ayaan arkay, dabadeedna waxaan iska goostay in aanin mar dambe aan lahadlin kana quusto, illeyn wax fiicaan maka soo socodaane! Waxaan ku tallin lahaa in aan la isku daalinin farahana laga qaado! Wabillaahi tacaala towfiiq,
  3. Bah! I already live in a villa like that Maashaallaah, Ilaahay ha ku barakeeyo sister! However keep in mind, that this world of ours is only temporary and I hope that god-willinlgy, you'll own a house in al-jannah, this a sincere ducaa coming from me! Help and give a small amount as charity towards a mosque project and inshaallaah Allaah the glorified will build you a hous in paradise. Secondly sister, I'd urge you to build yourself a house back home because the UK isn't our home and nothing is guranteed, they can kick us out anytime from their country, even supposing we own their passports, this would us only make british, english on paper but not in reality! I'd only dream of owning one back home, if there were decent schools. Thirdly why do you think that there aren't no decent schools back home? There are plenty, believe me! Without intriguing and indulging too much in your private life and privacy, I believe that "your children", would go to a standard public school here in the UK or to a religious school! If you'll send them to public school, you children would most definately not get a "decent" education, the only education they would get at a modern secondary school and primary school is how to commit crimes and become a gangster. Their isn't much education, that would be very beneficial certainly not when children are in their teens and very young. Atleast back home, children are more dedicated in their studies unlike so many minors and youngsters in here, who have to be begged to attend some sort of schooling. On the other hand Religious schools are also not up to standard and they learn as much ill behaviours and manners at their school yard in their break time as they would learn, if they would attend a public school run by the local education authority! Atleast you can send them back home and they'll get an excellend education in religion, manners, decent behaviour, respect etc. they'll also memorise the holy quran at a very young age and learn new languages, which they'll become fluent in! The only thing the kids in here will grow is stomach size! They will be morally corrupt. E.g. Kids in here think, that a family unit consists of mother, father, brothers and sisters, two grandmothers and dads and maybe some cousins. On the other hand, they don't know that the siblings brethren of their grandmother/father is also their grandmother/father, they really get confused! So I'll suggest not to knock the education system back home unless you got sufficient evidence to support that the education is indeed indecent! Faults will always be found in the systme, the same with the UK education system but I wouldn't certainly go as far as saying "there are no decent schools" back home in the motherland of ours, beautiful Somalia!
  4. Why is Africa poor? Bad governance, leaders and leadership skills, I say!
  5. Very bleak indeed! Duke don't let yourself be "fooled" by Hassan Daahir Aweys and the so-called Maxkamadaha! They're good for nothing, on the other hand the "warlords" are also up to nothing good, so who suffer's? Yes you guessed it right its the ordinary individual, who works day and night to make a living for himself, who is been killed in the cross fire. I say this, this murderous, minded and wicked people must be stopped both of the warrying parties aren't representing what they say they're representing. They both claim to be people who have good "intentions" for the country, whilst accussing each other of being supported by a "third party"! They both didn't came out "good" in that interview, there was simply chaos accussations and counteraccussations in such a kind environment a constructive diologue or debate is not possible! Alla illaahiyo sahal! Wabillaahi tacaala towfiiq,
  6. Let's merge the Politics and General sections of this fora, this is a sincere proposal and I hope the admin takes it into account! The politics section is great, especially when there is big news filtering through! Big news could be anything e.g. presidential elections etc but there ain't a bigger news than war! I remember in Autuum/fall 2004, when the politics section was at it's height! Daily posts cut and paste articles about the fightings in the lower jubba for the control of Kismayo city! Morgan was advancing towards the city and we were hoping for a swift victory but we were disappointed! However back to the main point, I believe that the politics section becomes a cinema like theatre, when there are wars takin place in the motherland, I couldn't think of a more "exciting" place to be than actually be a "participant" of the actual hostilities! On the other hand I'd like admin to create some sort of virtual city (courtesy of sayyid) with places like a mosque, sports/soccer pitches, restaurants etc. A interactive city would suit this site best! Try it, certainly I believe this site needs a drastic restructuring of a kind, i.e. let's create a virtual interactive community that lives in a city!
  7. Wildcat, this is not a criticism towards you, so don't take it personally sister. However why would you bother giving him a free translation, when I believe that he ain't even Somali. Mark my words, I was aware of that fact a long time ago and in fact I was exposing it to the rest of the naives, who still think that guy is Somali, he ain't! We got an imposter among us!
  8. It is quite clear that we've some devout and dedicated "communists" among us. I can't see what is wrong with this shopping complex soon to be build in Gaalkacyo! Investments is always good and there is already a "shopping" mall, although it is nothing like the one proposed by this thread nevertheless the demand is there! Gaalkacyo is a strategic location and there is already a hotel, that is above the standard! Taar city hotel to the road to Garoowe is a big hotel, which has a conference hall and other fecilities such as a communal hall, where the guests can watch sports, news and other movies on a cinema like big screen! So the question is to naden and the other communists excluding the blessed one ofcourse, why they are against that development and why they would think that the shopping mall complex would be sub-standard, when the houses are top and above standard. Would the two communists and the blessed one decline this villa, which is located in Gaalkacyo if they would be offered to live there permanently if they stop discrediting it? Come'on, no one in their real mind would decline such an offer btw what's wrong with investment if you got the assests! Halaal money and the best thing is you work for your country bring in revenue, jobs to the people and government!
  9. It's a bit "patronising", don't you think so good Jibis? Have you ever thought that maybe "driving" across London is like a nightmare, hence people commute to far off places, that are more easy to access by "tube" or train? Just be "happy", that you don't live in a big city like London, where driving to the nearest mall is a bit like a "nightmare"!
  10. Adeer, Rejoice in your "supposed" and imaginary victory over me, for as once I will not be the one, who will "disturb" the peace in here! On the other side what is the point "discussing" with someone, who is clearly fired up and in the progress of ill-intent and to "ride" riot in this our peaceful section of the Sol fora! Chill Oodweeyne. I really can't see the "benefit" of discussing with someone over proven historical facts other then asking for a wild (bush-like) outburst on the behalf of a Mr. Oodweyne! Anyway why would I want to discuss with someone, who has a dumb signature like this one: "Question: Who Are The Somalilanders? Answer: They are The Ones In Whose Honoured Sacrifice In The Battlefield Of Political History, The Bells Of Victory Had Tolled The Most Times For....And To Whom The Destiny's Verdict Is Theirs To Rendered It... I really can't see, why I should even bother giving him the "honour" of "discussing" with me as it is clearly evident that he likes clearly to distort historical facts as I said earlier in order to tailor it for his hearts and disillusioned minds content and satisfaction! At least you took my advice adeer, for reducing your chunk and for that I thank you adeer! Well done and next time you come against me please be more civil because we don't want you coming all shaky and quoting what you have been told at your new inauguration into the "Salvation Army", in your nearby green county where you live as a "local" agent for the "ruufyaans" and poor, wicked people who you get your advice from to your way to your local Salvation army run-down headquarters, where you'll get your dusty, old uniform from in order to beg for money at your local "Sainsbury's" Supermarket in order to help to sustain the wicked, dirty institutions were you live in, in other words the church of the Salvation Army!
  11. Alright, I stick to the topic. "The body or the mind" was the question. I'd say none especially if you don't have a "license" for them!
  12. Yahoo, no one is hating on Yaxya but he has to understand that he isn't conversing with his friend "Anders", when he's posting his "saqajanimo" in here! I didn't know whether to laugh or be angry at his remarks! What can you do to someone, who comes to an islamic forum with god-fearing muslims as participants and to confess to all of them, that he indeed is a zaani? Should we laugh or get angry? It's just shameless and luducrious and totally unnecesary, we don't want to know what he gets up too! Keep it private, we used to people who used to hide their shortcomings and faults but nowadays we have people, who are proud of having committed an illegal act. Fornication and Adultary is haraam and not permitted and people who do their illegal acts in the "darkness" and out of the sight of the righteous people because out of respect, shame and feel of guilt towards their creator maybe forgiven but someone who galleries up his mistakes and faults, it's just inacceptable considering this forum is a islamic one run by muslims! It's really bizarre and I am speechless!
  13. Baashi is from a little tuulo between Gabiley and Boorama called Calanley! That's quite clear for the rest of the Soler's in here because he has named that tuulo numerous times as a proove of where he comes from, maybe you should check out his past posts for more clarification on that matter!
  14. Whatever you say, it must be "true" that she ain't very intelligent otherwise she wouldn't hang around you! At the begining , i diden´t realize this becouse my X was a hell of a beautiful mind.( it is my fault that she is gone becouse i cheated on her ) Miyaadan isku xishoonin Yaxya? Caku iyo meesha aad ka timid! Ilaahaga kabaq kana yaab, illeyn nin zinaysado khayr mayeeladee. Now we accept such ackward and backward people to have discussions with us about "Islam" and other religious virtues! Alla illaahiyo ceebtayada astur.
  15. OODweyne, for the civil peace to be uphold in this section, I've to decline engaging you in any arguments (discussions) because I can sense a possible "disturbance" of the peace, therefore I'll have to leave it to you! It's all good writing all "fancy" essay article's, which have little "substance" or real thought put to them other then the typing of diverted arguments and "not" so intellectually put forward so-called "historical" facts, who have been "tailored" to yours imaginary content and to satisfy your never tiring appetite for writing "nonsense" and distored varifiable historical accounts, so the difference between you and other not so bright people is that you like to do it in chunks!