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  1. ^^ i couldnt believe it either but it has happened and according to my mother it used to happen back home too. Obviosly anyone who wants to take his own life for a faarax has serios issues.
  2. i dont think it is as simple as that, what if this attempt becomes fatal? After all life is not as simple as a movie?
  3. Hey fellow SOLers, I've noticed some benefits for attempting to commit suicide in Xalimos..... I have witnessed two attempted suicides with apparent benefits, first one was my 18 yrs old neighbor couple yrs ago. She was in love with the guy she was seeing and wanted to marry him. He was twenty and their parents thought they were too young and refused to let them get married. Well one summer night the girl drank one gallon of chlorox bleach (not completely sure) and she was found on the bathroom floor unconcious. After she got medical help and recovered she was allowed to marry :eek: The other attempted suicide occured fairly recently: a friend of a friend was dating a guy and he kept getting cold feet in moving their relationship forward or getting married. There were even rumors that he wanted to end their relationship. After an argument she overdosed on bills and him seeing how series she was about him commited to keep the relationship. So, is there really an apparent benefit in attempting suicide in Somalian girls? it is a way of getting attention and showing how serious they are? But we're muslims and i dont think that's a way to show their need for help.
  4. how old is this unlucky lady? Time to grow up?
  5. The strangest pick up line: "Girl U dropped something" I looked behind me and he says " it was ur number can i go and get it" Lol i thought it was helirious but it did not get him my number.
  6. Thank you Brother, May Allah reward you for this!
  7. I was wondering if anyone knows an online link for Sheik Hudayfa( I think that's how you spell his name} reading the Quran. He is has the most amazing/Beautiful voice Ma'sha' Allah. Happy Ramadan to all!
  8. i bought textbooks and a designer bag on ebay, my experienced have been good so far. i love the whole idea of betting and try to out bet others. i had no idea they had such nonesense as the things you mentioned above. i'll definetly think twice about using ebay from now on.
  9. How is Yasmine, Jazmin, and my favorite Jazmiine


    Originally posted by A_Ladiif: ^^^^^LOL. This sounds like one of those "your Momma" jokes ahaha. You sure you weren't listening to KDWB segment of your momma jokes this morning? Nah, these days i only listen to power 105.1 and hot 97


    maybe, am so fast that i u didnt have a chance to see if it was a "xaliimo" or not
  12. Seriously how do feel? i mean do you feel it was worth the money and time? [/qb] i feel great, lots of energy, and am toned. i didnt spend any money: i use the gym at my school or the great outdoors.
  13. i dont look that much different ( i was perfect to begin with), but have i gained strength, edurance, athletic body, and speed. Now a days, running 2 miles, and doing 200 sits a day is a piece of cakes


    Originally posted by A_Ladiif: Afronaut, she prolly makes 10 laps in her mind while she sitting by the lakes....hhahahaha Xaliimo making 10 laps, No cannot happen!! Just kidding you dont think i can run ten laps around lake calhoun because am a female? am telling u i aint no average xaliimo. p.s. remember i didnt say for how long
  15. i have tears in my eye, i am so proud of how somalia is rebuilding. the other day i was having an argument w/ my Jamacian friend that was making fun of Somalia 'cos she typed it Somalia in googles and all she got we're starving children and dying women. Wonder why only the most horrible pics made it to the internet? i put her in her place of course using pics from SOL As if Jamaica is any better :confused: , but they did have better pics on the net.