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  1. As reason is supperior to irrationality, so can non-rationality to reason. All matters are either Rational, Irrational or Non-Rational. Non-rationality is anything above and beyond the expanse (as in revealation)of logic and reason. Thus reason is my nature restricting and the sole dependence of it has similar effects as irrationality.
  2. BICC paper 39 External Actors in Stateless Somalia A War Economy and its Promoters by Sabrina Grosse-Kettler http://www.bicc.de/publications/papers/paper39/paper39.pdf Enjoy the read! PS: Its a long paper but also indepth and insightful. Worth the read, especially for Economics, Business and Dev. Studies students.
  3. Juma, the link you provided isn't working. Maybe you will provide us with a working link.
  4. “my wife is a partner, not a competitor in this hassling and wheeling World, and that is what I needed†That sums it up, brother.
  5. ^^^ Bambina lol I think going off-topic has become the new trend! Even the entirety of this section is now called: Off-Topic .
  6. Dawoco - sorry! I am talking to the guy
  7. Hey you, the dude with the nick: Qacbaro, I am talking to you, yes you! Why don't you speak for yourself rather than speaking on behalf of another person? Even though you share a suffix, still that does not make U an advocate for another man! The difference lies in the 'Bool' and not the 'baro'. You 'baro' guys seem to be a new breed of men that stoop to the levels of womanfolk! What happened? When did you abandon the manly protocols all-together? Get a grip men!
  8. According to Antonio Gramsci, anyone who 'knows' how to use a "yaambo" is an intellectual as much as I am an intellectual since I excel in the 'knowledge' of typing a response - however 'shallow' this may sound - to you.
  9. Dalni


    Originally posted by EzMaCiL: Thanks to Allah... That it is not a compulsory to marry more than one. I can't even find the one, let alone thinking of two or more. Any luck yet?
  10. Lets talk about Virtue again please. And this time, Farah, please indicate what type of virtue you ask whether it can be tought or mastered. Intellectual Virtue based on experiance and instruction or Moral Virtue based on the habitation of good practices.
  11. After reading the entire thread, I noticed a 'slight' contradiction. At the begining of this page, brother Lander wrote: "Yasmine,You do tend to write with a little too much emotion, this is not a contest of who can come up with snappy lines in order to belittle the opposition, if that was the case, Somalilanders would have lost long ago. Instead this is more about reasoning and realism, some traits the somaliweyn camp lack very much. " After Lander urged Yasmine to employ reason, rationality and logic in her arguements, sister African says: "Yasmine, Neither logic nor reasoning works to express your views in this forum. The currency is emotions and every time you use rational for exchange of ideas you will have more emotions thrown at your face." African, aren't you confusing Yasmine here. And it seems you have only read responses of your opponents, rather than both sides so that you could reach a reasonable conclusion. The reason why I think so is because you are contradicting what your fellow SLder (Lander) has written over the mix-up of emotion and reason in regard to Yasmine's responses. African, I think it is only fair to give opinions a fair judgement and consideration. But will phrases like; "After this thread I didn’t debate in this forum and I only recently contributed to two threads" merit you to say: "The base of my above response was brothers v sisters and how some brothers resort to “male chauvinism” when they cannot argue on merit. The two quotes I referred to were the only two I read on the Politics forum where the brothers started to belittle the sisters as a WOMAN rather then debating their cases." ..and make expect people to believe that you " really wanted to exchange ideas with my fellow Somali brothers whichever region they are from, but it seemed that hate consumes their daily lives and they cannot see beyond it"? The answer is reasonably no sister. "Sadly some of them came off the list for the simple reason of belittling their sisters". Yes its sad.